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Full Version: WWEN - A WWE Network Plugin
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This is a release of a plugin to watch WWE Network content through Kodi. There isn't much error handling, well none at all really, so it could blow up, but I used it to watch Battleground last night successfully. You need an active WWE Network subscription for it to work and it might still have a few bugs but it plays the live stream and plays all VOD content.

NOTE: Make sure to fill in your login information and quality settings in the configuration menu before using or you will see errors.

Things still to do:
  • Automatic Quality

Known issues:
  • Error when trying to play videos too quickly

Download link: https://github.com/mjpbaywolf/plugin.vid...master.zip

Previous Version: http://speedy.sh/VNM3W/plugin.video.wwen-master.zip

Source link: https://github.com/mjpbaywolf/plugin.video.wwen

Donation link:
Excellent, will test later tonight or tomorrow!
Holy crap! This works great. I was having terrible problems using the FireTV app. Freezing, buffering, and terrible quality. I installed your add on for Kodi on my Fire TV and have no buffering issues and a better picture quality. Also works great on my Win 7 HTPC.

How is it that the Kodi add on works way better than the official andoid app?
Wow! Great job!

The only thing I was thinking of is there a way to show original air dates for the old episodes of RAW/Smackdown/etc?
(2015-07-23, 13:33)dblaron419 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! Great job!

The only thing I was thinking of is there a way to show original air dates for the old episodes of RAW/Smackdown/etc?

I was just coming here to ask the same thing. It'd be great if we could get the dates shown and also the sections sorted by air date. At the moment I think they are alphabetical, which means that sections like the Raw replays and SmackDown! replays get all muddled up because of episode titles.

Other than that, this is perfect! Thank you very much!
Why do i get a Sign-on Restriction Error?
Great work!

Maybe you could post it here too, so more people see it: http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=154
awesome...so glad to see this addon

any chance you or someone else would consider making an addon for ufc fight pass?
Loving this... great work!!!

Installed with no issues...

Live stream fails to start for me, but the VOD stuff all works well.. been able to bounce in and out of different streams etc.

Quick update... on 2 separate boxes... 1 test and 1 production I found the live stream didn't work till I watched something from VOD.... possibly pure coincidence... but all working great!
I posted it to the video addons section. And I will look into including the air date on episodes that need it. I've gotten a bit busy with a few work things but should get some time to work on it in the near future.
Works a treat... very smooth!

Have tested over the last couple of days, any issues you get seem to be down to doing anything to quick. if you come out of the app and go straight back in you will get a authentication error... this is feature on wwe side. To stop multiple logons.

If you skip between PPV's etc... just give it a few seconds before you pick the next one... and its all good!
Top man bay_wolf, working brilliant for me on 13.2 (iPhone), 14.2 (M8 box), 15.0 (Win 7 laptop). Long overdue for an add-on to work this well for WWE Network.
Hey man, nice to see someone picked up the torch ! Thanks for the mention and glad if it helped you a bit Smile

I feel a little stupid about not getting the VOD to work, seeing your solution. Your code is a lot cleaner than my mess, too :p

Here's some stuff I'd improve (If you don't get to them before uploading to Github, I may try to work on them and send you a pull request.)
  • Handle the empty login. It should raise a login prompt when the login field in the settings are empty. (Might need to build a dialog for this... Alternatively, you could prevent the script from running and throw a dialog asking to enter login info)
  • Localize your strings. I was going to do this later on my addon. It's required in order to get on the official repositories and it's generally a nice thing to have for international users Smile
  • Get as much metadata off the JSON as you can. Love that you kept the TV view (Add-ons that only have a regular view and don't use any metadata drive me nuts :p ). I'd try to get the sorting working (To be able to sort the episodes by date) and add HD ClearLogos for the show and other optionnal stuff (Put them in a subdirectory of the add-on or try to get them off of Fanart.tv. Artwork Downloader actually works with the items in the addon, it just needs proper metadata to find the shows.)

Good luck and looking forward to the Github Smile
Can i start by saying this addon is stunning and a breath of fresh air on ps4 laptops amazon fire you name it i got freezing and buffering all the time and this works like a dream no freezing AT ALL!! i dont understand that but i like it! just one question is there any way of adding pause and fast forward and rewind to the live section or is that too hard and a step too far lol?
Another (small?) request would be the ability to access our watchlist, currently watching, etc. sections. Would this be at all possible?
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