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Full Version: Weblate registrations
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Dear Kodi team managers, reviewers and translators.

The moment is there to move to an even more optimal translation service for our application.
Ultimately we have chosen Weblate, and its service will be hosted at https://kodi.weblate.cloud/ .

This is done to optimize our workflow and to allow easy inclusion of all add-ons in the official Kodi add-on repository.

The transition has taken its time during at least the last year, so if you have made any requests for new languages or team additions in that period, we're sorry we couldn't implement them.

All current translations have been transferred to Weblate, and we would like to thank you for all your efforts in making Kodi the multi-lingual success it is. 
We hope you will join us in our revived efforts to make Kodi accessible to even more languages using Weblate.

For now, our most current resources at Transifex will be locked, meaning translators will no longer have access.
The final switch over to Weblate is planned for the 14th July, 2021.
We hope to see you all there.

Please sign up at Weblate here:

And please write in this thread which language team you would like access to, and if you were previously a reviewer/coordinator at Transifex for that language.

Best regards,
The Kodi Translations Team
User 'sveinki' will translate Icelandic
Fantastic, I added you to the Icelandic translation team.
user "Nanomani" (Github) for the French Translate
Thanks Smile
Hi ellega.

I added you to the French (France) language team.

User ksooo for German, please.
User lyubomirv for Bulgarian, please.
Thanks a lot.

Ksooo added to the German language team.
lyubomirv added to the Bulgarian language team.
User Zapata11 for Lithuanian. Previously coordinator of Lithuanian translations on Transifex. Thanks
(2021-07-01, 13:19)Zapata11 Wrote: [ -> ]User Zapata11 for Lithuanian.

You should be added now. I'm not yet sure how to create/attach the coordination part for you in Weblate, but we'll get there... (It's a learning curve)
(2021-07-01, 13:19)Zapata11 Wrote: [ -> ]User Zapata11 for Lithuanian. Previously coordinator of Lithuanian translations on Transifex. Thanks

Hi @Zapata11

I added you to Weblate as Lithianian coordinator/reviewer.

Hi everybody, my nickname on Weblate is gresy88, I previously worked on Italian translations on Transifex, and I'd continue helping on the new platform Smile

Hi @Simograndi
Thanks so much for your interest in this project.

I have added you to the Italian language team.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


user - campos.wanilton

Portuguese (Brazil)
@Wanilton You have been added to the "Language team: Portuguese (Brazil)". Smile
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