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[ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an actresses PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

As many members have already noticed, i experiment a lot with modding skinning .xml in skins. My main focus on my projects is creating possibilities to show more artwork/images in kodi. Maybe you could also be interested in this:
if you want Character Art also for movies (like characterart for TvShows in fanart.tv) where the costume and mask affiliated to specific movie/franchise character then check out my other offer
-> [ARTWORK PACK] Characterart PNG's for Movies/Moviesets 342468 (thread)
if you want uniform Character Poster Sets for movies check out my other offer
-> [ARTWORK PROJECT] Character Poster Sets 345299 (thread)
if you want Director Thumbs for movies in your movie container directors then check out my other offer
-> [THUMBNAIL ADDON] Movie Director Thumbs resource addon 342720 (thread)
Addon is now growing to final stage with reaching 500+ resources, jumping to version 1.0.0 and getting it's final name "RED CARPET"
Most credits go to @manfeed who believed in the project and created approximately 90% of current resource content!
There exist a install problem with special characters! All files in repo or zip all fine but on install the special characters get falsified (regardless if install from repo or zip)
It's not an addon problem, more a problem of kodi core addon install.
This concerns for example the following names: Beyoncé Knowles, Chloë Grace Moretz, Eiza González, Jessica Paré, Malin Åkerman, Penélope Cruz, Renée Zellweger, Sofía Vergara, Zoë Kravitz, ...
If you want them to work, they must be renamed again, either manually, or much easier just exchange the "resources" folder from the ZIP with the "resources" folder in the already installed addon.
Unfortunately there is currently no better solution for this minor problem, but at least then all is working.

Addon is avaiable in official Kodi now (only in Leia & Matrix repository cause new addons are only allowed to publish on newest kodi)
- Addon in Kodi Add-on repository -> Look and feel -> Image collections -> Red Carpet
- Addon in Kodi website manual ZIP download -> link
- Addon in my own ZIP download offer -> link 
(There are no differences between my and the kodi download except on my version also actor links to TheMovieDB are in the resources)

Cause only 1 image per actress is possible it's hard to dicide of more good image content is available. I tried my best for the best image but as always it's a pure matter of taste.
You can also handcraft your own resources to your own pleasure. Please note to backup your own modifications cause if you ever push the install/update button everything goes back to vanilla.
Here you can search and rummage for the current, old exchanged or never used image content:
- Just type an actress in the thread search on top right and maybe you get 1 or more results in thread posts.
- After some time linked image thread content may go offline so i provide also an image Content Collection my own RAR download offer -> link
- A backup on DeviantArt -> link
- Cou can also browse it on Pinterest but the source go back to DeviantArt -> link

It's also available over the KyraDB API -> https://www.kyradb.com
If you are interested in an implementation or to experiment with it please contact @rschiks or visit KyraDB.com - A free site for animated gifs, character art and more (with API)


Supported Skins List
...for a manual integration see integration examples below!

@latts9923 AEON MQ 7 Krypton Mod & AEON MQ 7 Leia Mod & AEON MQ 8 Mod
@mikeSiLVO AEON Nox: SilVO
@bsoriano Amber for Leia/Matrix

For support please ask in the related skin threads!
If you want to see this eyecandy also in your favourite skin please request it to the skin author!  Cool
Integration Example AEON TAJO


Currently +500 (most common) actresses are included:


Do you want to help me to complete?
Here are a few "conventions":
  • simple look at the screenshot above
  • It must be a transparent png.
  • There is no restriction on resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Above, left and right should not be cut off, only below. (The graphics should be placed on an edge or seperator line/texture similar to clearart (as showed in my video) to make it look good, or on top bottom)
  • Cut the picture top, left and right as close as possible but center body or face. (Skin makes the centering)
  • Most pictures are the body up to the knees maximum. The feet are almost always cut away.
  • The edges should flow smoothly with the transparency. This is most noticeable in hair. The best are therefore real render graphics.
  • If possible, don't use movie role images, like scarlett johansson in her avengers suite, that doesn't look good in other appearences, use more "civilian looking clothing" (but sexy) images..
  • New convention: All images have now the same height of 1000 pixels. Aspect ratio and width remain variable ( thanks @manfeed for unofficial introduction of the convention, now official).
  • New convention: Max allowed image file size is now exactly 1mb = 1024kb (Please prevent file sizes under 300kb).
  • New convention: As fa as possible the image should fit in 2:3 aspect ratio (poster size)
Skin Implementation (examples for Skinners or advanced user)

There are currently 2 common implementations for this addon.
1st is for the cast scroll list in DialogVideoInfo. Code is very short and functional with Kodi internal standard skin engine
2st is for a multiimage sideshow (everywhere possible, DialogVideoInfo & Views). Code is a bit longer but also quite simple, but Embuary Helper is a requirement.

In this preview video you can see both possible implementations see beside functional:

Implementation 1 - Cast Scroll List in DialogVideoInfo

How to implement in KODI default skin Estuary (DialogVideoInfo)

It will look like this:

  • Install resource addon from zip or repo (note the red marked "attention!" paragraph)
  • In OS Windows paste/copy the DialogVideoInfo.xml on following downloads to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\addons\skin.estuary\xml\
(I recommend to backup the original! Also when you update the skin via repo the modification is gone)
When use Estuary (latest Skin version 1.9.16) on Kodi 17 Krypton just paste/copy the DialogVideoInfo.xml in the following download link over it.
When use Estuary (latest Skin version 2.0.22) on Kodi 18 Leia just paste/copy the DialogVideoInfo.xml in the following download link over it.

  • Install resource addon from zip or repo (note the red marked "attention!" paragraph)
  • In OS Windows go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\addons\skin.estuary\xml\DialogVideoInfo.xml
  • Open DialogVideoInfo.xml with notepad++
  • Go there to bottom
Instert between
            <control type="image">
                <aspectratio align="bottom" aligny="bottom">keep</aspectratio>    
                <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.actorart/,.png]</texture>
                <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="300">Visible</animation>
                <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="300">Hidden</animation>
                <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="0">WindowClose</animation>                    
How to implement in other Skins you use? (DialogVideoInfo)
  • Install resource addon from zip or repo (note the red marked "attention!" paragraph)
  • Then edit the DialogVideoInfo.xml with notepad+ in the skin similar to the following example (here in the Aeon MQ Skins):
(You can place the code very bottom on DialogVideoInfo.xml code)

            <control type="image">
<!--left position of image -->
<!--top position of image -->
<!--max with of image -->
<!--max height of image -->
<!--to keep the image aspect ratio, and place the image always on bottom -->
                <aspectratio align="bottom" aligny="bottom">keep</aspectratio>
<!--this is the main code needed, see below -->    
                <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.actorart/,.png]</texture>     
<!--this is that the image appear smooth and not just popping up -->               
                <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="500" delay="0">Visible</animation>
                <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="500" delay="0">Hidden</animation>                  

This is the main code you have to find out if it's similar or the same in your skin:
                <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.actorart/,.png]</texture> 
Container(50).ListItem.Label = The container list of the actors -> This you have to find out how it's working in your skin
resource://resource.images.actorart/,.png = The resource addon

Implementation 2 - Multiimage Sideshow (functional everywhere)  + Embuary Helper is needed


        <control type="group">    
            <visible>Container.Content(movies) + String.IsEqual(skin.string(art_toggle),Actress) + !Control.Hasfocus(50) + Control.Hasfocus(149)</visible>    
            <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="500" delay="0">Visible</animation>
            <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="500" delay="0">Hidden</animation>
            <control type="list" id="123">
            <control type="image">
                <aspectratio align="center" aligny="bottom">keep</aspectratio>
                <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(123).ListItem.Icon]</texture>            
            <control type="image">                                
                <aspectratio align="center" aligny="center">stretch</aspectratio>
            <control type="textbox">


Variable for your variables.xml (for example IncludesVariables.xml)

    <variable name="getDBIDcontent">
    <value condition="!String.IsEmpty(ListItem.DBID) + [String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,movie) | String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,tvshow) | String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,episode)]">plugin://script.embuary.helper?info=getbydbid&type=$INFO[ListItem.DBType]&dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]</value>

In your view.xml

            <control type="group"> 
                <visible>Container.Content(movies) + String.IsEqual(Skin.String(characterart_toggle),Actress) + !String.IsEqual(Skin.string(characterart_toggle),Off)</visible>
                <control type="list" id="344">
                <control type="list" id="345">
                <control type="image">
                    <aspectratio aligny="bottom">keep</aspectratio>    
                    <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(345).ListItem.Icon]</texture>                
                    <animation type="Conditional" reversible="true" condition="Control.HasFocus(9915)">
                    <effect type="slide" start="0,0" end="-150,0" time="300" tween="cubic" easing="out" />
                    <effect type="fade" start="100" end="0" time="200" />
Example Screenshots

- Addon jump to final stage giving it also an own brand, renaming to RED CARPET.
- Changed addon icon.png due to new brand name RED CARPET.
- Due to this jump also from v0.0.8 to 1.0.0.
- New convention: Width remain variable but image should fit into 2:3 aspect ratio.
- 60+ actresses added bringing it to a count of 500+ actresses.
- 10+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- 10+ actresses exchanged to reduce sexuality, still hot but not salacious or provocative.
- Changed addon icon.png.
- 90 actresses added.
- 30+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- 60 actresses added.
- 5+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- New convention: All images have now the same height of 1000 pixels. Aspect ratio and width remain variable.
- New convention: Max allowed image file size is now exactly 1mb = 1024kb (Please prevent file sizes under 300kb).
- EXIF data of all images removed/cleaned.
- Addon fanart added.
- 35+ actresses added.
- 5+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- 35+ actresses added.
- 10+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- 80 actresses added.
- Fix - Special characters in names were falsified when packing to zip.
- 5+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- 25 actresses added.
- 5+ actresses exchanged cause better quality and uniformity.
- Changed download file from .rar to .zip.
- Added addon icon.png.
- 20 actresses added.
- Base pack of 100 actresses.

Actress List of version 1.0.0 with 507 Actresses:

Abbie Cornish.png
Abigail Breslin.png
Adria Arjona.png
Adriana Ugarte.png
Adrianne Palicki.png
AJ Michalka.png
Alexa PenaVega.png
Alexandra Breckenridge.png
Alexandra Daddario.png
Alexandra Maria Lara.png
Alexandra Shipp.png
Alexia Fast.png
Alexis Bledel.png
Ali Larter.png
Alice Eve.png
Alicia Silverstone.png
Alicia Vikander.png
Alison Brie.png
Alison Doody.png
Alison Sudol.png
Allison Williams.png
Ally Sheedy.png
Aly Michalka.png
Alycia Debnam-Carey.png
Alyson Hannigan.png
Amanda Bynes.png
Amanda Crew.png
Amanda Seyfried.png
Amber Heard.png
America Ferrera.png
Amy Adams.png
Amy Schumer.png
Ana de Armas.png
Andrea Riseborough.png
Ane Dahl Torp.png
Angela Sarafyan.png
Angelina Jolie.png
Angourie Rice.png
Anna Camp.png
Anna Faris.png
Anna Friel.png
Anna Kendrick.png
Anna Paquin.png
AnnaSophia Robb.png
Anne Hathaway.png
Anya Taylor-Joy.png
Ariana Grande.png
Ashley Benson.png
Ashley Grace.png
Ashley Greene.png
Ashley Hinshaw.png
Ashley Johnson.png
Ashley Judd.png
Ashley Tisdale.png
Audrey Hepburn.png
Aunjanue Ellis.png
Bailee Madison.png
Barbara Palvin.png
Bel Powley.png
Bella Heathcote.png
Bella Thorne.png
Bérénice Bejo.png
Betty Gilpin.png
Beyoncé Knowles.png
Billie Lourd.png
Billie Piper.png
Blake Lively.png
Brandy Ledford.png
Brec Bassinger.png
Bridget Moynahan.png
Brie Larson.png
Brit Marling.png
Britt Robertson.png
Brittany Snow.png
Brooklyn Decker.png
Bryce Dallas Howard.png
Cailee Spaeny.png
Caitlin Carver.png
Caitlin Stasey.png
Caitriona Balfe.png
Callie Hernandez.png
Cameron Diaz.png
Camila Mendes.png
Camila Morrone.png
Camilla Belle.png
Candice King.png
Cara Delevingne.png
Cara Gee.png
Carey Mulligan.png
Carice van Houten.png
Carla Gugino.png
Carmen Electra.png
Carrie Fisher.png
Carrie-Anne Moss.png
Cate Blanchett.png
Catherine Keener.png
Catherine Zeta-Jones.png
Charlize Theron.png
Chloe Bennet.png
Chloë Grace Moretz.png
Christina Aguilera.png
Christina Hendricks.png
Christina Ricci.png
Christine Marzano.png
Claire Danes.png
Claire Foy.png
Claire Holt.png
Clea DuVall.png
Cleopatra Coleman.png
Cobie Smulders.png
Connie Nielsen.png
Corinne Foxx.png
Courteney Cox.png
Cynthy Wu.png
Daisy Ridley.png
Dakota Fanning.png
Dakota Johnson.png
Danai Gurira.png
Danielle Campbell.png
Danielle Panabaker.png
Danika Yarosh.png
Daryl Hannah.png
Debby Ryan.png
Deborah Ann Woll.png
Debra Messing.png
Deepika Padukone.png
Demi Lovato.png
Denise Richards.png
Devin Kelley.png
Diane Kruger.png
Diane Lane.png
Dianna Agron.png
Dominique Tipper.png
Dove Cameron.png
Drew Barrymore.png
Eiza González.png
Eleanor Tomlinson.png
Elena Kampouris.png
Elisabeth Moss.png
Elisha Cuthbert.png
Eliza Taylor.png
Elizabeth Banks.png
Elizabeth Debicki.png
Elizabeth Gillies.png
Elizabeth Mitchell.png
Elizabeth Olsen.png
Ella Purnell.png
Elle Fanning.png
Ellen Page.png
Ellie Bamber.png
Embeth Davidtz.png
Emilia Clarke.png
Emilie de Ravin.png
Emily Baldoni.png
Emily Berrington.png
Emily Bett Rickards.png
Emily Blunt.png
Emily Browning.png
Emily Ratajkowski.png
Emily VanCamp.png
Emily Watson.png
Emily Wickersham.png
Emma Bell.png
Emma Greenwell.png
Emma Rigby.png
Emma Roberts.png
Emma Stone.png
Emma Thompson.png
Emma Watson.png
Emmy Rossum.png
Erin Moriarty.png
Erin Richards.png
Eva Green.png
Eva Longoria.png
Eva Mendes.png
Evan Rachel Wood.png
Evangeline Lilly.png
Eve Hewson.png
Famke Janssen.png
Fan Bingbing.png
Felicity Jones.png
Florence Faivre.png
Florence Pugh.png
Frankie Adams.png
Freida Pinto.png
Gabriella Wilde.png
Gabrielle Union.png
Gal Gadot.png
Gemma Arterton.png
Gemma Chan.png
Genevieve Gaunt.png
Georgia Moffett.png
Gillian Anderson.png
Gillian Jacobs.png
Gina Carano.png
Gugu Mbatha-Raw.png
Gwyneth Paltrow.png
Hailee Steinfeld.png
Haley Bennett.png
Haley Lu Richardson.png
Halle Berry.png
Halston Sage.png
Hannah John-Kamen.png
Hannah Spearritt.png
Hattie Morahan.png
Hayden Panettiere.png
Hayley Atwell.png
Heather Morris.png
Helena Bonham Carter.png
Hera Hilmar.png
Hilarie Burton.png
Hilary Duff.png
Hilary Swank.png
Holland Roden.png
Holliday Grainger.png
Isabela Moner.png
Isabelle Fuhrman.png
Isla Fisher.png
Izabella Scorupco.png
Jada Pinkett Smith.png
Jaime King.png
Jamie Chung.png
Jane Levy.png
January Jones.png
Jena Malone.png
Jenna Coleman.png
Jenna Dewan.png
Jennifer Aniston.png
Jennifer Connelly.png
Jennifer Garner.png
Jennifer Lawrence.png
Jennifer Lopez.png
Jennifer Love Hewitt.png
Jeri Ryan.png
Jessica Alba.png
Jessica Barden.png
Jessica Biel.png
Jessica Brown Findlay.png
Jessica Chastain.png
Jessica McNamee.png
Jessica Paré.png
Jessica Rothe.png
Jessica Simpson.png
Jessica-Jane Clement.png
Jessie Buckley.png
Jillian Bell.png
Jing Tian.png
Jodie Foster.png
Jodie Whittaker.png
Joey King.png
Jordana Brewster.png
Judy Greer.png
Julia Jones.png
Julia Roberts.png
Julia Stiles.png
Julianne Hough.png
Julianne Moore.png
Julie Gonzalo.png
Juliette Binoche.png
Juno Temple.png
Kaley Cuoco.png
Karen Gillan.png
Karolina Wydra.png
Kat Dennings.png
Kate Beckinsale.png
Kate del Castillo.png
Kate Hudson.png
Kate Mara.png
Kate McKinnon.png
Kate Winslet.png
Katherine Heigl.png
Katherine McNamara.png
Katherine Waterston.png
Katheryn Winnick.png
Kathryn Newton.png
Katie Cassidy.png
Katie Holmes.png
Kaya Scodelario.png
Keira Knightley.png
Kelly Brook.png
Kelly Rohrbach.png
Keri Russell.png
Kerry Bishé.png
Kim Basinger.png
Kirsten Dunst.png
Kristanna Loken.png
Kristen Bell.png
Kristen Hager.png
Kristen Stewart.png
Kristen Wiig.png
Krysten Ritter.png
Lacey Chabert.png
Lady Gaga.png
Lali Espósito.png
Lana Condor.png
Lara Flynn Boyle.png
Lara Pulver.png
Laura Dern.png
Laura Haddock.png
Laura Prepon.png
Lauren Cohan.png
Lea Michele.png
Léa Seydoux.png
Lea Thompson.png
Leah Remini.png
Leighton Meester.png
Leila George.png
Lena Headey.png
Li Bingbing.png
Lili Reinhart.png
Lily Collins.png
Lily James.png
Lily Rabe.png
Lily Sullivan.png
Linda Cardellini.png
Linda Fiorentino.png
Lindsay Lohan.png
Lisa Kudrow.png
Liv Tyler.png
Lizzy Caplan.png
Lucy Boynton.png
Lucy Fry.png
Lucy Hale.png
Lucy Lawless.png
Lucy Liu.png
Lynn Collins.png
Mackenzie Davis.png
Mackenzie Foy.png
Madeleine Stowe.png
Maggie Grace.png
Maggie Gyllenhaal.png
Maika Monroe.png
Maisie Williams.png
Malin Åkerman.png
Mandy Moore.png
Margaret Qualley.png
Margot Robbie.png
Maria Bello.png
Maria Thelma Smáradóttir.png
Marie Avgeropoulos.png
Marion Cotillard.png
Marisa Tomei.png
Martha Higareda.png
Mary Elizabeth Winstead.png
Medalion Rahimi.png
Meg Ryan.png
Megan Fox.png
Meghan Markle.png
Melanie Griffith.png
Mélanie Laurent.png
Melia Kreiling.png
Melissa Benoist.png
Mia Goth.png
Mia Wasikowska.png
Michaela Watkins.png
Michelle Monaghan.png
Michelle Pfeiffer.png
Michelle Rodriguez.png
Michelle Williams.png
Mila Kunis.png
Miley Cyrus.png
Milla Jovovich.png
Minka Kelly.png
Minnie Driver.png
Mira Sorvino.png
Miranda Cosgrove.png
Miranda Kerr.png
Missy Peregrym.png
Molly Ringwald.png
Monica Bellucci.png
Morena Baccarin.png
Naomi Scott.png
Naomi Watts.png
Naomie Harris.png
Natalie Dormer.png
Natalie Portman.png
Natassia Malthe.png
Nathalie Emmanuel.png
Neve Campbell.png
Nicole Beharie.png
Nicole Kidman.png
Nicole Scherzinger.png
Nikki Reed.png
Nina Dobrev.png
Noomi Rapace.png
Odette Annable.png
Odeya Rush.png
Olga Fonda.png
Olga Kurylenko.png
Olivia Cooke.png
Olivia Munn.png
Olivia Wilde.png
Pamela Anderson.png
Paris Jackson.png
Paula Beer.png
Penélope Cruz.png
Perdita Weeks.png
Peyton List.png
Phoebe Fox.png
Phoebe Waller-Bridge.png
Piper Perabo.png
Pom Klementieff.png
Poppy Drayton.png
Priyanka Chopra.png
Q'orianka Kilcher.png
Quinn Shephard.png
Rachael Taylor.png
Rachel Bilson.png
Rachel Boston.png
Rachel Gordon.png
Rachel McAdams.png
Rachel Nichols.png
Rachel Weisz.png
Rachelle Lefevre.png
Radha Mitchell.png
Rashida Jones.png
Rebecca Ferguson.png
Rebecca Hall.png
Rebel Wilson.png
Reese Witherspoon.png
Renée Zellweger.png
Rhona Mitra.png
Ronda Rousey.png
Rooney Mara.png
Rosa Salazar.png
Rosamund Pike.png
Rosario Dawson.png
Rose Byrne.png
Rose Leslie.png
Rose McGowan.png
Rosemarie DeWitt.png
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.png
Ruby Rose.png
Ruth Bradley.png
Ruth Kearney.png
Sally Hawkins.png
Salma Hayek.png
Samaire Armstrong.png
Sanaa Lathan.png
Sandra Bullock.png
Sanya Malhotra.png
Saoirse Ronan.png
Sara Mitich.png
Sarah Gadon.png
Sarah Michelle Gellar.png
Sarah Paulson.png
Sarah Silverman.png
Sasha Luss.png
Scarlett Johansson.png
Selena Gomez.png
Shailene Woodley.png
Sharon Stone.png
Shay Mitchell.png
Shelley Conn.png
Shelley Hennig.png
Shin Hye-sun.png
Sienna Miller.png
Sigourney Weaver.png
Sofia Black-D'Elia.png
Sofia Boutella.png
Sofía Vergara.png
Sonequa Martin-Green.png
Sonoya Mizuno.png
Sophia Bush.png
Sophie Cookson.png
Sophie Monk.png
Sophie Turner.png
Stacy Martin.png
Summer Glau.png
Taissa Farmiga.png
Talulah Riley.png
Tamzin Merchant.png
Tang Wei.png
Tara Reid.png
Tatiana Maslany.png
Taylor Momsen.png
Taylor Swift.png
Teresa Palmer.png
Tessa Thompson.png
Thandie Newton.png
Theodora Miranne.png
Tiera Skovbye.png
Tina Fey.png
Tricia Helfer.png
Uma Thurman.png
Vanessa Hudgens.png
Vanessa Kirby.png
Vera Farmiga.png
Victoria Justice.png
Virginia Gardner.png
Winona Ryder.png
Yvonne Strahovski.png
Zazie Beetz.png
Zhang Ziyi.png
Zhou Dongyu.png
Zoe Kazan.png
Zoë Kravitz.png
Zoe Saldana.png
Zoey Deutch.png
Zooey Deschanel.png
Zuleikha Robinson.png

I wish you a lot of fun with this addon and eyecandy Wink 
plz give feedback and replies

Great thanks and credits for contributing content especially to @manfeed  & also @Captain_Pike

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - docwra - 2019-03-25

Very cool Smile

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - manfeed - 2019-03-25

I think this was an unforgivable omission... Lily James  Rofl


RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 18:06)manfeed Wrote: I think this was an unforgivable omission... Lily James  Rofl

Haha, how could I just forget about Lilly James?  Big Grin
The current content of addon is far far away to claim to completeness of all is cute and pretty in hollywood *gg*
And great thanks, this png fully complies with the requirements the content should be.  Nod

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - manfeed - 2019-03-25

Another of my favorite ones... Aly Michalka  Wink


RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 18:38)manfeed Wrote: Another of my favorite ones... Aly Michalka  Wink

Hot girl, perfect quality! 

I have not had much experience with your Aeon TAJO skin, just recently snooping around in your .xml's to find out how you implemented extrafanart ArtworkBeef/ArtworkHelper.
Can not really remember the design of your DialogVideoInfo, maybe you can post an example screenshot how the resource png's looking in your Skin in DialogVideoInfo.

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - brazen1 - 2019-03-25

Do you have a video example or some screenshots?

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - manfeed - 2019-03-25

...and of course... Gemma Arterton  Nod

I have not implemented this in my skin yet, but already thinking in how to do it... thanks for your work!


RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 18:53)brazen1 Wrote: Do you have a video example or some screenshots?

On the top of the first post is a youtube video embedded  Wink (Skin is Aeon MQ7)

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - brazen1 - 2019-03-25

I figured as much but I see nothing?
All I see is "So that you can imagine more below, here is a small video showcase:"
And nothing else.

Never mind.  Doesn't work using IE.  Edge does.

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 19:09)brazen1 Wrote: I figured as much but I see nothing?
All I see is "So that you can imagine more below, here is a small video showcase:"
And nothing else.

Then something is wrong with your browser:

Here a seperate link: 

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - brazen1 - 2019-03-25

Now I see what you've added.  Pretty nifty.  Curious, I've always wanted to use my own actor/actress artwork in addition to what gets scraped.  In other words, your mod shows your custom artwork when 'focusing' on an actress.  I'm also interested in adding artwork to the actor/actress bios page when you select one and you see the additional pictures.  Are you familiar with any of this?

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - manfeed - 2019-03-25

...and of course Bella Thorne...


RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 19:29)brazen1 Wrote: actor/actress bios page
With the bios page you mean add-on ExtendedInfo Script? I have never tinkered and played around on codes with the script.
But the script also displays clearlogo and studio logos white from my local sources. Should not be a big difficulty.
If anyone knows something, post here please  Angel

RE: Actor/Actress PNG's resource addon - chrissix - 2019-03-25

(2019-03-25, 19:34)manfeed Wrote: ...and of course Bella Thorne...

I did not knew her (for whatever reason), but she was on my watch out list, but thought she's more of a pornstar^^ ... ok no, she's a real actress  Rofl

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