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(2015-07-18, 23:59)levi.baker88 Wrote: Nope, don't have [H/W], probably due to what you quoted above. May need to await a response from a Dev to see if it is DX11 related otherwise this issue may need to be moved to it's own thread.
It's not DX11 related issue. Please wait 16 alpha1 to be released to check this again.

(2015-07-19, 18:22)Robotica Wrote: DX11 offers multithreading but as I understand such features currently aren't implemented. Any plans on doing that? And DX12 brings asynchronous shaders, which allow other compute tasks to run in parallel with graphics. Seems like a nice upgrade as well.

Or aren't such performance features interesting at all for Kodi on Windows?
Which features currently not implemented?
DX12 available only on Win10. We have no plans to drop support Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 I don't think what dx12 will bring us to new level of performance. Don't trust marketing, they were saying same about dx11.

(2015-07-19, 19:06)nille02 Wrote: So, i downgraded my Laptop back to Win 7 and with this, he can use Feature Level 9.3 through DX11.1 and DXVA Works.
Thank you for your feedback.
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