MediaPortal crashing Kodi 15 alpha 1
(2015-03-11, 20:31)margro Wrote: Debug log and crash log please...

What did you do to let it crash?

I want to know if it is the same issue as this one
That one is related to this recent addition in Kodi: PR6306.
This crash bug was for all non-Windows platforms and the fix (hopefully) was yesterday accepted (see my PR#2)


I simply sideloaded 15a1 to my rooted AFTV and immediately configured Live TV and MediaPortal PVR. 15a1 then loads the channels and epg info as normal. Once done, I went to TV then channels and selected a channel to preview/play. 15a1 then immediately crashes back into the AFTV desktop and has to be relaunched. Tried it using several channels to make sure it wasn't something as stupid as a bad channel and the it happens no matter what channel is selected.

Sideloaded 14.x and SPMC and tested using those and both work without issue.

I just tested 15a1 and MediaPortal PVR on my laptop while here at work. Forwarded port 9596 thru my router at home to the MediaPortal backend and configured PVR plugin on 15a1 to hit my domain name on 9596 using server credentials. Setup VPN from my laptop to my server (2012 r2 Essentials) to see the MediaPortal shares. Worked fine other than buffering a ton, but that's probably due to crappy internet here at the moment.

Looks like it is possibly an issue with non-windows OS's.

I'll try to get logs off the AFTV posted up asap.



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