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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
Kodi "master" is now based on Leia, or Kodi 18. See this thread for Kodi 17 (Krypton) testbuilds, and this thread for Kodi 19.

Fair Warning

Kodi 18 is currently alpha and there is likely to be a lot of activity in the coming weeks/months. There will be some breakage.

In addition, these are "bleeding edge" builds - they often contain cherry-picked commits that require early testing prior to merging upstream, and which won't be found in regular nightlies until after they have been merged.

Please continue to report issues in this thread, but as I'm often not responsible for bugs and regressions (unless it's build related) don't expect personal replies or for me to file any upstream bug reports on your behalf. The best you can hope for is that the developer responsible is monitoring this thread and responds appropriately. If you want to progress an issue, identify when the issue first appeared as that may help suggest the pull request (PR) responsible, then post a comment on the relevant github PR or - if it's VideoPlayer related, or you don't know which PR is responsible - on

Bug reports

Please include a debug log with all bug reports as this greatly increases your chances of anyone taking an interest in your issue.

Best way to do this:
  1. Enable debug logging: Settings > System > Logging > Enable debug logging
  2. Reboot
  3. Reproduce the issue
  4. Upload the log: Settings > LibreELEC > System > Submit Log > Upload latest Kodi log
  5. Post the URL in the forum with a description of the problem
In the case of Kodi crashing use the Upload latest Kodi crash log option.

Bug reports without a suitable log will often be ignored - no debug log, no issue - or at best will take much longer to be investigated.

Skin Usage

By all means use third party skins with these builds (if the skins are compatible), but please do not report problems that cannot be reproduced while using the stock Estuary skin that is included with every build.

If a problem is not reproducible with stock Estuary then it's most likely to be a third-party skin problem, in which case contact the skin maintainer.


You need a working LibreELEC system in order to install a test build. If you are starting from scratch, use an official LibreELEC disk image to create a USB disk installer and with that a working system on your SSD/HDD. Once you have a working system, install the test build by copying the tar file into your Update folder and reboot.

Recent builds (see next post for older builds):
  • #0415, 15-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (cmake: update to cmake-3.14.2; packages: remove some unneeded patch files with changed
  • #0414, 14-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0413, 13-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (CEGLImage: don't add modifiers if they are just linear)
  • #0412, 12-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Initialize timer info tag with first available timer type from client)
  • #0411, 11-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (systemd: update to systemd-242; mesa: update to mesa-19.0.2)
  • #0410, 10-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (libva/libva-utils: update to 2.4.1; [LinuxRendererGLES] Fix pixelstore usage; [Music]Fix art loading for music located on server)
  • #0409, 09-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (dav1d: updated to 0.2.1 / added meson opts to disable tools & tests)
  • #0408, 08-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.9.6; make Estuary elements conditional)
  • #0407, 07-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.7 kernel; music lib export/import songs playback history on separate thread from GUI; nano: add syntax highlighting)
  • #0405, 05-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix VAAPI post-processing of PAFF video; enable uvcvideo driver as kernel module)
  • #0404, 04-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post ([cleanup] remove ifdefs)
  • #0403, 03-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.6 kernel with libelf updates; samba: MacOS Finder support; libtool, libxkbcommon, xkeyboard-config, cmake, llvm, nano updates)
  • #0402, 02-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add pvr.waipu addon)
  • #0401, 01-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (addon settings - inherit settings level)
  • #0331, 31-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (No changes!)
  • #0330, 30-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (No changes!)
  • #0329, 29-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (connman: update to connman-1.37)
  • #0328, 28-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (wireless-regdb: update to wireless-regdb-2019.03.01; util-linux: update to util-linux-2.33.1 + lscpu; updates: notify user if custom url is not accessible (service.libreelec.settings))
  • #0327, 27-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.5 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.0.1; [le10] v4l-utils: add keymap for Zotac remote)
  • #0326, 26-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Music]Prompt skip artist or album nfo files and refresh from remote sites)
  • #0325, 25-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Fix]Export all art types for albums and artists, not just thumb and fanart; CThreads: Reacquire Lock after WaitForThreadExit has finished; fix missing flags, cleanup textures (service.libreelec.settings))
  • #0324, 24-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (improve Xbox DVD remote response)
  • #0323, 23-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.4 kernel; fix duplicate bluetooth devices (service.libreelec.settings); fixes for connman module (service.libreelec.settings))
  • #0322, 22-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0321, 21-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fixed RTL8723BS detecting bluetooth devices; xf86-video-amd/intel: updates 19.0.1/6afed33; [Music]Show artist disambiguation text when picking which one to scrape; fix waiting for window close animation blocking JSON requests after SetFullScreen)
  • #0320, 20-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Updated SIGTERM patch; move libcurl symbols out of namespace)
  • #0319, 19-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.3 kernel; bump connman to HEAD to test ntp fix; AESinkALSA: fix enumeration of cards without front devices; fix curl build with linux 5.1-rc1; reload channels and tune async connection (pvr.vuplus); RetroPlayer: Move rendering calls to initialize/deinitialize methods)
  • #0318, 19-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Revert "Handle signals by setting atomic flag instead of pop-up thread" (kodi) - needs fix)
  • #0317, 17-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0316, 16-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0315, 15-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (dvb addon updates - enable crazycat, dvb-latest)
  • #0314, 14-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (add PIN lock option to LE Settings)
  • #0313, 14-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.2 kernel; reintroduce 5.0 wifi firmware dropped after switching from 4.19.x to 5.0.x; mesa-19.0.0; log CRenderSystemGL::InitRenderSystem with NOTICE not ERROR)
  • #0312, 12-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.1 kernel, hopefully improved AMD GPU support; latest AMD GPU firmware 18.50; samba: update to samba-4.9.5; fix live video seek issues with curl)
  • #0311, 11-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.28 kernel; ffmpeg-4.0.3-Leia-18.2; [VideoPlayer] Ensure video queue is not in intermediate state when flushing)
  • #0310b, 11-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (busybox/init: cleanup; [PVR] Rework PVR component inter-dependencies; [PVR] Speedup first open of Guide window)
  • #0309, 09-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Music]Fix listing scraped artist art when choose art on Artist Info dialog; fix localised "various arists" missing from some artist lists)
  • #0308, 08-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Guide window: Fix gap tags information.)
  • #0307, 07-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Speedup close of Guide window; [videoplayer][pvr] Use audio stream to determine start time of programs with no video)
  • #0306, 06-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minor log changes (kodi))
  • #0305, 05-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.27 kernel)
  • #0304, 04-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Async connection (pvr.vuplus); [curl] Accept all supported content encodings by default)
  • #0303, 03-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0302, 03-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (openssl: update to 1.1.1b)
  • #0301, 01-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (Packages: Miscellaneous package bumps to new minor versions; crash on addon start, fixes #191)
  • #0228, 01-Mar-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.26 kernel; Python3-3.7.2, llvm-7.0.2; x11/print/devel package updates)
  • #0227, 27-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (gcc: update to gcc-8.3.0; assign video library NFO thumb without aspect as poster; 4.4.15: demuxer timeshift improvements (pvr.hts); videoPlayer: set demuxer speed other than pause and normal)
  • #0226, 26-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix refclock calculation; [videodb]fix: Return empty InfoTag when looking up non-existent music video)
  • #0225, 25-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix TCP buffer parsing to find JSON statements to correctly)
  • #0224, 24-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0223, 24-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.25 kernel; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-410.104; add http2 support for curl + kodi)
  • #0222, 22-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (buildsystem: use isolated sysroot for installation; [json]: - added Player.SetViewMode/GetViewmode method to the json interface; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-418.43)
  • #0221, 21-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.24 kernel; [Music]Fix delay of playback on switching song in party mode; [skins] prefer poster over thumb to match design)
  • #0220, 20-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (kodi: fix addon platform tag; pvr.dvblink: Added: support for PVR_RECORDING.iChannelUid)
  • #0219, 19-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa-18.3.4)
  • #0218, 18-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (openssh: drop support for ssh-dss keys; CrazyCat TBS 5520SE fix)
  • #0217, 17-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 18.2rc1)
  • #0216, 16-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0215, 16-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.23 kernel; fixed: NFO/tag loading for http/https sources was broken; [Windowing] Build complete strmode for RES_DESKTOP)
  • #0214, 14-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0213, 13-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0212, 12-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.21 kernel, updated Vega20 firmware from 18.50; libnfs-4.0.0)
  • #0211, 11-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 18.1-rc1; kodi: cleanup Lircmap.xml patch; wake on access: fix crash on startup)
  • #0210, 10-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (LibreELEC 9.1; [VideoPlayer] Flush streamplayers if abort is requested)
  • #0209, 09-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minor buildsystem fixes)
  • #0208, 09-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Updated amdgpu, vega20 and Intel Bluetooth firmwares; add date to the log records)
  • #0207, 07-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post ([sqlite] Use extended result codes; [PVR] Ignore very first 'server not reachable' notification.; [guiinfo] Fix ListitemAbsolute and ListItemPosition; Crash loop fix (pvr.vuplus))
  • #0206, 06-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.20 kernel; update SSL CA trust store; [PVR] Fix CPVRTimers::GetRecordingTimerForRecording to respect timer'; [python] fix usage of line-breaks in ok dialog)
  • #0205, 05-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Handle empty vertex buffers in GUIFontTTFGL; renderCapture: Fix wrong printout; [modernize] use std:: instead of using namespace std)
  • #0204, 04-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR][settings] Reintroduce setting "Close channel OSD after switchin; Fix binary add-on symbol stripping)
  • #0203, 04-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Switch to multi-threaded build system; updated devel packages; fix Zotac IR remotes; VideoSync: Fixup vsync clock)
  • #0202, 02-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (Remove ARB postfix from GL functions)
  • #0201, 01-Feb-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa-18.3.3, libva/libva-utils 2.4.0; [PVR][videoplayer] Fix PVR input stream creation ...; [Resolution] Check current mode if whitelist doesn't match)
  • #0131, 31-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.19 kernel)
  • #0130, 30-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0129, 29-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (bump to v18.1 RC1; [Estuary] videoinfo - add movieset button; [Estuary] make mediainfo list focusable; optimize locking in ApplicationMessenger)
  • #0128, 28-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 18.0 Final!; [Fix]Avoid attempt to load music info for smartplaylists; [JSON]Speed up Player and Playlist operations; optimize locking in ApplicationMessenger)
  • #0127, 27-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.vuplus: Recording EDL support)
  • #0126, 27-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.18 kernel; [File] use dynpath for mime-type detection; [Music]Fix slow random artist and albums home screen widgets; fix absurd Announcement Manager locking)
  • #0125, 26-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0124, 24-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (LibreELEC Settings addon: update available builds when button selected; [JSON]Fix AudioLibrary.GetGenres return of empty "sourceid")
  • #0123, 24-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.17 kernel; [GUI] refresh debug overlay if smartredraw is activated)
  • #0122, 22-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0121, 21-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Audiobook fixes; kodi/openssl: fix crash using vfs.sftp)
  • #0120, 20-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Nothing!)
  • #0119, 19-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-18.3.2; fix party mode slowness on MySQL)
  • #0118, 18-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0117, 17-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.16 kernel; fix artist discography for MySQL)
  • #0116, 16-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0115, 16-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0114, 14-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0113, 13-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.15 kernel)
  • #0112, 12-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi VideoDB v116; kodi 18 RC5-rev2; ffmpeg 4.0.3-Leia-RC5)
  • #0111, 12-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Revert PR:15200; pvr.vuplus testing fixes)
  • #0110, 10-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0109, 09-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.14 kernel; language option in first run wizard)
  • #0108, 08-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (qemu: update to qemu-3.1.0; alsa: update 1.1.8, fixes alsaucm)
  • #0107, 07-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0106, 06-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0105, 05-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minor (libnfs bump added to kodi-next PR))
  • #0104, 04-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post ([database] Make season_view and tvshow_view SQL ANSI92-compliant; libnfs: nfsv3: skip commit if the file has not changed; pvr.vuplus: move nlohmann-json to depends)
  • #0103, 03-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (Replace CREATE TABLE [] AS SELECT []; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-410.93)
  • #0102, 02-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post ([skin] Bump GUI ABI to 5.14.0)
  • #0101, 01-Jan-2019: Generic -- Release post (zstd: update to 1.3.8; PVRClient: Do not overwrite arbitrary memory fixes #15157; rendererVDPAU: Do not use memset on non-trivial type)
  • #1231, 31-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1230, 30-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (cmake-3.13.2, busybox-1.30.0; TexturePacker: Fix memory / resource leak the ugly way)
  • #1229, 29-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.13 kernel; kodi-18.0rc5-Leia; fix airtunes/shairplay not working on linux; [JSON]Add OnRefresh announcement to the schema)
  • #1228, 28-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (reorganize about section (service.libreelec.settings); scroll GUIListLabel on focus only when enabled)
  • #1227, 28-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (libjpeg-turbo-2.0.1; kodi: service addon wrapper call fix; ncurses: improvements; v4l-utils: simplify 70-infrared.rules)
  • #1226, 26-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (X11: make make on vblank in SwapBuffers an advanced setting; libnfs updates)
  • #1225, 25-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1224, 24-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1223, 23-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (image: add PROJECT to /etc/os-release; stats improvements (service.libreelec.settings))
  • #1222, 22-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (libcec-4.0.4; fix path for looking up external subtitles)
  • #1221, 21-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.12 kernel; libshairplay: update to 096b61a)
  • #1220, 20-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (samba-4.9.4; kodi: Do not list non-repo add-ons as "unavailable" in info dialog; kodi: Inhibit screensaver in a later initialization stage; update LibreELEC Settings addon)
  • #1219, 19-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.11 kernel; fix watched items in plugins after updating Kodi)
  • #1218, 18-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1217, 18-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (kodi: Log ID instead of name for insecure repository add-ons)
  • #1216, 17-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.10 kernel; kodi 18.0 rc4; ffmpeg: DSF: Upstream picks; buildsystem: centralise package sourcing)
  • #1215, 15-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (tvheadend42: rebuild gnutls missing from previous build)
  • #1214, 15-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Update AMD CPU microcode, Vega 10/Vega 12 firmware to 18.50 release; tvheadend42: fix missing
  • #1213, 13-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.9 kernel; udevil: don't change permissions of mounted filesystems)
  • #1212, 12-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post ([settings] Hide episode thumb if unseen (core wise); mesa-18.3.1; ffmpegx: disable nonfree)
  • #1211, 11-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (dvb-latest: update to 2018-12-07)
  • #1210, 10-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (intel-vaapi-driver-2.3.0; [ResetRenderSystem] exit early if RenderSystem hasn't been initialized; libinput: add support for absolute pointer motion)
  • #1209, 09-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1208, 08-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.8 kernel; PR15020 fixes PR15010; [Settings] Fix regression for time oldformat setting)
  • #1207, 07-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (openssh-7.9p1; openssl-1.0.2q; mesa-18.3.0; Settings addon: add ssh passwd change to wizard; Kodi: Fix ninja; Resolution: Don't add half refreshrates by default)
  • #1206, 06-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Update: libass/sqlite/libpng/libmicrohttpd/curl; switch from yasm to nasm; add support for more bluetooth devices; LibreELEC Settings: move "updates" section to "Updates" menu/tab)
  • #1205, 05-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.7 kernel)
  • #1204, 04-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1203, 03-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (bump to v18.0 rc3; fix libcec and Samsung TVs)
  • #1202, 02-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post ([linux] powermanagement: change logind detection to also use Dbus)
  • #1201, 01-Dec-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.19.6 kernel; fix .config/firmware handling; ssh: allow setting of default libreelec password; pvr.vuplus: Load config if enabled, plus extra logging)

Feature Requests:
I will not be adding extra add-hoc packages to these builds as that is not their purpose, which is to help test bug fixes and enhancements for existing features/packages/drivers in stock LibreELEC. New functionality may be included for testing purposes if it is considered both beneficial and highly likely to be merged upstream in the near future, and is available as a github pull request or commit.

I have no desire to create builds with unique features upon which someone becomes dependent, as this benefits nobody in the long term not even those using the unique features once I stop creating new builds. In theory, when I stop creating new builds you should all be able to seamlessly switch back to official LibreELEC builds which by then should be including most if not all of the enhancements originally tested in these builds.

If you care about long term support for your favourite package, feature or driver and want to see it included in a LibreELEC build, contact the LibreELEC developers on github or post on the forum requesting the addition of support in the base LibreELEC build (or better yet, create a Pull Request with patch). That way everyone building or using a LibreELEC derived system "wins".

Additional Testing Notes:
  1. Build references

    When reporting issues, refer to builds using only the published build codes, ie. #0215, #0216 etc. The build code is visible on the boot screen, and by typing "lsb_release".

    Do NOT use any other reference, as these are often meaningless. For instance, the LibreELEC github revision identifier, 20272, 20281 etc. can be used by more than one build if nothing changes in LibreELEC between successive builds meaning such references could identify multiple builds, rendering it useless as a unique reference.

    Anyone using the wrong reference will be ignored by me, possibly others, as I'm just not interested in working out which build you may or may not be referring to.

  2. Usage information

    Starting with build #0529(2014), very limited usage information will be collected during the first boot of each newly installed build. The information collected is: build# and build type (Generic). No IP or personal information is collected!

    If you wish to opt out of data collection, run the following command:
    touch /storage/.config/milhouse.dnt
    The purpose of this data collection is really just to get an idea of how much testing is being carried out and on what hardware, and would otherwise be achieved via non-opt out server logs if such logs were available (which they're not).

  3. (Intentionally left blank)

  4. Builds since early Dec 2014 include crashlog support

    In the event of a crash, the file /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog_<ccyymmddhhmmss>.log will be created. The symbolic link "/storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log" will always point to the latest crashlog. Upload one of these files to a paste site and post details on the forum.

    Debug builds are occasionally uploaded to the debug folder. Debug builds will usually include more detailed crashlog information, but require a larger System partition (at least 384MB) and more RAM.

    Use the following command to upload the most recent crashlog:
    cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log | pastebinit

  5. Resizing partitions for debug-enabled builds (or undersized partitions that result in "CHECKING SIZE: FAILED" errors)

    The default FAT partitition created by a disk-image installation (prior to OpenELEC 6.0.1) is too small for a debug-enabled build (and even some of the more experimental non-debug builds depending on what features are included), and will need to be increased in size to 512MB using some of the free space allocated to the second ext4 partition.

    To resize the FAT and ext4 partitions of an existing installation:
    • Linux: use gparted to resize FAT/ext4 partitions
    • Windows: use MiniTool Partition Wizard. See this post for more details - unfortunately partition move/resize is not supported by MiniTool for ext4 filesystems so backup, delete/recreate ext4, then restore to resize the Storage partition
    • Windows: An alternative solution is to boot a Linux "LiveCD" and then use gparted

    Starting with OpenELEC 6.0.1 (and all LE release) disk image installations will now create a 512MB FAT partition although this will wipe all existing data - use the backup/restore procedure to save existing data.

  6. Amazon Prime / Netflix / inputstream.adaptive
    Amazon is working working (as of 03 July 2017)
    Netflix is currently working (as of 29 Jun 2017)

    These builds include the inputstream.adaptive addon, which is enabled by default.

    With inputstream.adaptive it is possible to view Netflix and Amazon Prime content.

    Amazon Prime addons (valid Amazon Prime account required):

    If the Amazon addons do not support the Inputstream Helper addon then you may have to install libwidevine manually - this is an unsupported method, contact the Amazon addon maintainers if it doesn't work:
    curl -Ls | bash

    Netflix addon (valid Netflix account required):

    The Netflix addon with Inputstream Helper can be installed from the Kodinerds Netflix repository - once the repository is installed you can install the Netflix addon, and when a video is watched if the libwidevine library needs to be installed you will be prompted to do so.

    Netflix support:

  7. LibreELEC Settings add-on Development Updates
    For these builds since #0612, enter a URL into a Custom Channel, selecting from the following URLs based on your hardware:
    RPi Zero/RPi1:
    Generic (x86):
    then select "Milhouse-9.1" as the Update Channel.

  8. Clean builds - what are they?
    There are two ways to build LE: a "clean" build, where everything (every package) is built from scratch - this takes 2.5 to 3 hours - or there's an "incremental" build where only the packages that have changed from the last build are re-built - this is much quicker, usually 10-15 minutes depending on the number of packages that have changed.

    Obviously "incremental" builds are the preferred method since they're so much quicker, however there are consequences when packages have inter-dependencies and only some of those packages are changed (and thus rebuilt) which may result in unpredictable results at run-time. For this reason, every now and again it's a good idea to "clean build". Also, when there are a large number of core packages being updated/bumped it's also a good idea to "clean build" since the likelihood/risk of inter-dependency is so much greater.

    I'll sometimes make a point of mentioning in the build highlights when a build is of the "clean build" variety, mainly so that I remember this if/when I come back to this build for any reason in another 6 months time... Note that I won't always do this as I'll sometimes forget to mention it, so the lack of any reference to "clean build" should not be taken as confirmation that the build is incremental.

  9. Uploading debug logs
    Without a debug log there's often no way to investigate a problem, and you can expect your bug report to be ignored as a result. This is the easiest way to upload a debug log:
    1. Enable debug logging. If this is not possible in the GUI (because Kodi is crashing) then add the following to /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:
    2. Reboot, so that debug logging is in effect from the very start of Kodi
    3. Reproduce the problem
    4. Using ssh connect to LibreELEC (username: root, password: libreelec)
    5. Execute the command:
      cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | pastebinit
      then paste the resulting url to the forum

    Debug logging is enabled in Settings > System Settings > Logging > Enable debug log. Sometimes component-specific logging may be useful depending on the issue.

    Do NOT upload the log itself to the forum! Always us a pastebin-type site (or dropbox/googledrive if you have to compress the log).

  10. Game Emulators
    Access games via Internet Archive ROM Launcher (IARL):
    1. Download Zach Morris Repo and install from zip (don't use "Install from zip file" Home screen widget - use Add-ons > Add-on browser > Install from zip file)
    2. Install from repository > Zach Morris Add-ons > Game add-ons > Game providers > Internet Archive ROM Launcher
    3. Within IARL, install emulators, launch games etc.

  11. Odds and sods
    1. A selection of addons are available here
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
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