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v19 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 19.0)
Kodi "master" is now based on Matrix, or Kodi 19. See this thread for Kodi 18 (Leia) testbuilds.

Fair Warning

Kodi 19 is currently alpha and there is likely to be a lot of activity in the coming weeks/months. There will be some breakage.

In addition, these are "bleeding edge" builds - they often contain cherry-picked commits that require early testing prior to merging upstream, and which won't be found in regular nightlies until after they have been merged.

Please continue to report issues in this thread, but as I'm often not responsible for bugs and regressions (unless it's build related) don't expect personal replies or for me to file any upstream bug reports on your behalf. The best you can hope for is that the developer responsible is monitoring this thread and responds appropriately. If you want to progress an issue, identify when the issue first appeared as that may help suggest the pull request (PR) responsible, then post a comment on the relevant github PR or open an issue on Kodi github.

Bug reports

Please include a debug log with all bug reports as this greatly increases your chances of anyone taking an interest in your issue.

Best way to do this:
  1. Enable debug logging: Settings > System > Logging > Enable debug logging
  2. Reboot
  3. Reproduce the issue
  4. Upload the log: Settings > LibreELEC > System > Submit Log > Upload latest Kodi log
  5. Post the URL in the forum with a description of the problem
In the case of Kodi crashing use the Upload latest Kodi crash log option.

Bug reports without a suitable log will often be ignored - no debug log, no issue - or at best will take much longer to be investigated.

Skin Usage

By all means use third party skins with these builds (if the skins are compatible), but please do not report problems that cannot be reproduced while using the stock Estuary skin that is included with every build.

If a problem is not reproducible with stock Estuary then it's most likely to be a third-party skin problem, in which case contact the skin maintainer.


You need a working LibreELEC system in order to install a test build. If you are starting from scratch, use an official LibreELEC disk image to create a USB disk installer and with that a working system on your SSD/HDD. Once you have a working system, install the test build by copying the tar file into your Update folder and reboot.

Recent builds (see next post for older builds):
  • #0717, 18-Jul-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.7.6 kernel; gcc: update to 10.1.0; ffmpeg-4.3-Matrix-Alpha1)
  • #0626, 26-Jun-2020: Generic -- Release post (Package updates; mesa-20.1.2)
  • #0617, 17-Jun-2020: Generic -- Release post (Updated intel-ucode; new 5.7.2 kernel; wait-time-sync: new package; [Matrix] change to new C++ PVR interface way)
  • #0609, 09-Jun-2020: Generic -- Release post (Update Intel microcode; new 5.7.0 kernel; update: v4l-utils-1.20.0, mesa-20.1.0)
  • #0601, 02-Jun-2020: Generic -- Release post (Remove expired cert)
  • #0527, 27-May-2020: Generic -- Release post (libnfs, pvr addon updates)
  • #0519, 19-May-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.13 kernel; updated iwlwifi-firmware; PVR API update; inputstream.adaptive update)
  • #0511, 12-May-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.12 kernel)
  • #0430, 01-May-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.8 kernel; wireless-regdb-2020.04.29; mesa-20.0.6; kodi: PVR API updates; kodi: [python] drop xbmc.abortRequested flag)
  • #0429, 29-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0428, 28-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.12.2)
  • #0427, 27-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (libcec: update to libcec-5.0.0)
  • #0426, 26-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (kodi: [Addons] Ensure addon installation order when migrating to matrix; kodi: Network: Simplify the bind logic)
  • #0425, 26-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (libcec: packaging updates; inputstream.adaptive: update to 2.5.6)
  • #0424, 24-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.7 kernel; kodi: Inputstream API 2.3.0; kodi: PVR, addon and JSON updates)
  • #0422, 23-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-20.0.5; kodi: Fix crash on startup)
  • #0421, 22-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.6 kernel; kodi: Fix crash on exit.; kodi: [settings] don't load setting values twice; kodi: Revert PR causing startup crash)
  • #0420, 20-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post kodi: Remove onAbortRequested python callback functionality; kodi: [VP] Postpone DMX_SPECIALID_STREAMCHANGE until player is started)
  • #0419, 19-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (kodi: Correct on-screen keyboard behaviour for Arabic characters; kodi: add-on install bug fixes (2nd attempt))
  • #0418, 18-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (kodi: disable testing; libva: update to libva-2.7.1)
  • #0417, 17-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.5 kernel (with latest amdgpu 20.10 firmwares); [GUI] bump xbmc.gui to 5.15.0; use spdlog for logging)
  • #0415, 15-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (busybox: update to busybox-9aa751b; enable tac; iptables: fix helper script; various PVR add-on updates)
  • #0414, 14-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (LibreELEC Settings: mask PIN input; cleanup PIN entry logic)
  • #0413, 13-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Wireguard updates; fix potential divide by zero errors; kodi: Various gbm, DRMPRIME and DMA updates)
  • #0412, 12-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post ([addons][network] "C" ABI cleanups and clang cleanups; allow internetstream video sources in a LAN to look for exernal subtitle files.)
  • #0411, 11-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive: [ISM] support HEVC; drop PR17579 (addon updates))
  • #0410, 10-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Added additional RTL8821 devices; added the option to pass arguments to add-on menu callbacks)
  • #0409, 09-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (inputstream adaptive and ffmpegdirect updates)
  • #0408, 08-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Inputstream API update, and updated inputstream addons)
  • #0407, 07-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.12.1; RTL8812AU: add extra devices; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-440.82)
  • #0406, 06-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New package libudfread - fixes broken BD ISO playback; open python scripts in binary mode)
  • #0405, 05-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Fix wait for network timeout type conversion error)
  • #0404, 04-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0403, 03-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (mesa-20.0.4; [VideoPlayer] move buffer classes to Buffers directory)
  • #0402, 02-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.2 kernel; libva: update to libva-2.7.0; mesa: update to mesa-20.0.3; update libcec)
  • #0401, 01-Apr-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.1 kernel; gnutls, openssl, libcec updates)

Feature Requests:
I will not be adding extra add-hoc packages to these builds as that is not their purpose, which is to help test bug fixes and enhancements for existing features/packages/drivers in stock LibreELEC. New functionality may be included for testing purposes if it is considered both beneficial and highly likely to be merged upstream in the near future, and is available as a github pull request or commit.

I have no desire to create builds with unique features upon which someone becomes dependent, as this benefits nobody in the long term not even those using the unique features once I stop creating new builds. In theory, when I stop creating new builds you should all be able to seamlessly switch back to official LibreELEC builds which by then should be including most if not all of the enhancements originally tested in these builds.

If you care about long term support for your favourite package, feature or driver and want to see it included in a LibreELEC build, contact the LibreELEC developers on github or post on the LibreELEC.tv forum requesting the addition of support in the base LibreELEC build (or better yet, create a Pull Request with patch). That way everyone building or using a LibreELEC derived system "wins".

Additional Testing Notes:
  1. Build references

    When reporting issues, refer to builds using only the published build codes, ie. #0215, #0216 etc. The build code is visible on the boot screen, and by typing "lsb_release".

    Do NOT use any other reference, as these are often meaningless. For instance, the LibreELEC github revision identifier, 20272, 20281 etc. can be used by more than one build if nothing changes in LibreELEC between successive builds meaning such references could identify multiple builds, rendering it useless as a unique reference.

    Anyone using the wrong reference will be ignored by me, possibly others, as I'm just not interested in working out which build you may or may not be referring to.

  2. Usage information

    Starting with build #0529(2014), very limited usage information will be collected during the first boot of each newly installed build. The information collected is: build# and build type (Generic). No IP or personal information is collected!

    If you wish to opt out of data collection, run the following command:
    touch /storage/.config/milhouse.dnt
    The purpose of this data collection is really just to get an idea of how much testing is being carried out and on what hardware, and would otherwise be achieved via non-opt out server logs if such logs were available (which they're not).

  3. (Intentionally left blank)

  4. Builds since early Dec 2014 include crashlog support

    In the event of a crash, the file /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog_<ccyymmddhhmmss>.log will be created. The symbolic link "/storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log" will always point to the latest crashlog. Upload one of these files to a paste site and post details on the forum.

    Debug builds are occasionally uploaded to the debug folder. Debug builds will usually include more detailed crashlog information, but require a larger System partition (at least 384MB) and more RAM.

    Use the following command to upload the most recent crashlog:
    cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log | pastebinit

  5. Resizing partitions for debug-enabled builds (or undersized partitions that result in "CHECKING SIZE: FAILED" errors)

    The default FAT partitition created by a disk-image installation (prior to OpenELEC 6.0.1) is too small for a debug-enabled build (and even some of the more experimental non-debug builds depending on what features are included), and will need to be increased in size to 512MB using some of the free space allocated to the second ext4 partition.

    To resize the FAT and ext4 partitions of an existing installation:
    • Linux: use gparted to resize FAT/ext4 partitions
    • Windows: use MiniTool Partition Wizard. See this post for more details - unfortunately partition move/resize is not supported by MiniTool for ext4 filesystems so backup, delete/recreate ext4, then restore to resize the Storage partition
    • Windows: An alternative solution is to boot a Linux "LiveCD" and then use gparted

    Starting with OpenELEC 6.0.1 (and all LE release) disk image installations will now create a 512MB FAT partition although this will wipe all existing data - use the backup/restore procedure to save existing data.

  6. Amazon Prime / Netflix / inputstream.adaptive
    Amazon is working working (as of 03 July 2017)
    Netflix is currently working (as of 29 Jun 2017)

    These builds include the inputstream.adaptive addon, which is enabled by default.

    With inputstream.adaptive it is possible to view Netflix and Amazon Prime content.

    Amazon Prime addons (valid Amazon Prime account required):

    https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=331136 (Sandmann79)

    If the Amazon addons do not support the Inputstream Helper addon then you may have to install libwidevine manually - this is an unsupported method, contact the Amazon addon maintainers if it doesn't work:
    curl -Ls http://nmacleod.com/public/libreelec/getwidevine.sh | bash

    Netflix addon (valid Netflix account required):

    The Netflix addon with Inputstream Helper can be installed from the Kodi 19 Netflix repository - once the repository is installed you can install the Netflix addon, and when a video is watched if the libwidevine library needs to be installed you will be prompted to do so.

    Netflix support: https://github.com/CastagnaIT/plugin.video.netflix

  7. LibreELEC Settings add-on Development Updates
    For these builds, enter a URL into a Custom Channel, selecting from the following URLs based on your hardware:
    RPi Zero/RPi1: http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi
    RPi2/RPi3:     http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi2
    Generic (x86): http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/Generic
    then select "Milhouse-9.80" as the Update Channel (for builds prior to 22-Jun-2019, use the "Milhouse-9.1" Update Channel).

  8. Clean builds - what are they?
    There are two ways to build LE: a "clean" build, where everything (every package) is built from scratch - this takes 2.5 to 3 hours - or there's an "incremental" build where only the packages that have changed from the last build are re-built - this is much quicker, usually 10-15 minutes depending on the number of packages that have changed.

    Obviously "incremental" builds are the preferred method since they're so much quicker, however there are consequences when packages have inter-dependencies and only some of those packages are changed (and thus rebuilt) which may result in unpredictable results at run-time. For this reason, every now and again it's a good idea to "clean build". Also, when there are a large number of core packages being updated/bumped it's also a good idea to "clean build" since the likelihood/risk of inter-dependency is so much greater.

    I'll sometimes make a point of mentioning in the build highlights when a build is of the "clean build" variety, mainly so that I remember this if/when I come back to this build for any reason in another 6 months time... Note that I won't always do this as I'll sometimes forget to mention it, so the lack of any reference to "clean build" should not be taken as confirmation that the build is incremental.

  9. Uploading debug logs
    Without a debug log there's often no way to investigate a problem, and you can expect your bug report to be ignored as a result. This is the easiest way to upload a debug log:
    1. Enable debug logging. If this is not possible in the GUI (because Kodi is crashing) then add the following to /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:
    2. Reboot, so that debug logging is in effect from the very start of Kodi
    3. Reproduce the problem
    4. Using ssh connect to LibreELEC (username: root, password: libreelec)
    5. Execute the command:
      cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | pastebinit
      then paste the resulting url to the forum

    Debug logging is enabled in Settings > System Settings > Logging > Enable debug log. Sometimes component-specific logging may be useful depending on the issue.

    Do NOT upload the log itself to the forum! Always us a pastebin-type site (or dropbox/googledrive if you have to compress the log).

  10. Game Emulators
    Access games via Internet Archive ROM Launcher (IARL):
    1. Download Zach Morris Repo and install from zip (don't use "Install from zip file" Home screen widget - use Add-ons > Add-on browser > Install from zip file)
    2. Install from repository > Zach Morris Add-ons > Game add-ons > Game providers > Internet Archive ROM Launcher
    3. Within IARL, install emulators, launch games etc.

  11. Odds and sods
    1. A selection of addons are available here
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0331, 31-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.6.0 kernel; updated sorting improvements (Fixes RPi sorting issues))
  • #0330, 30-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (xorg-server-1.20.8; Fix repeatedly installing/uninstalling addons (PR17579); re-enable OnMouseOver select)
  • #0329, 29-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (libcec: probe new devices)
  • #0328, 28-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post ([addons][vfs] cleanup, "C" interface fix, documentation rework; libcec: update to latest dev snapshot)
  • #0327, 27-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (PVR updates)
  • #0326, 26-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (openssl-1.1.1e; curl-7.69.1; sqlite-3.31.1; alphanumeric sorting improvements; new, Live, Finale and Premiere for EPG, Recordings and Timers; Support displaying recording sizes for PVR and being able to sort by them; PVR API 6.3.0)
  • #0325, 25-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.13 kernel; PVR updates; [Music]Store song bitrate, samplerate and channels in library for filtering; adjust mouse and gesture handling)
  • #0324, 24-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (LE Settings add-on: Fixes for Python API changes; fix shutdown issue introduced by PR:17456)
  • #0323, 23-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.11 kernel; Python API cleanup)
  • #0322, 22-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] add watched count to grouped recordings list)
  • #0321, 21-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Re-introduce "input.enablejoystick" setting; [addons][videocodec][inputstream][demux] minor addon related changes)
  • #0320, 20-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post ([Music]Sorting with limits in database rather than memory)
  • #0319, 19-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-20.0.2; [Fix]Wake from screensaver on PlayFile(); increase commbreakautowait and commbreakautowind max seconds to 60)
  • #0318, 18-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0317, 17-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Update PVR API 6.2.0; [Matrix] fix seek problems (vfs.rar); remove support for 'XBMC.' prefixed built-in commands)
  • #0316, 17-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (gcc: update to gcc-9.3.0; alsa-lib: use hda_intel driver on Intel boards with a DSP; USBCECAdapterDetection: Only scan tty (libcec))
  • #0315, 15-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (bluez: update to bluez-5.54; USBCECAdapterDetection: Limit scan to USB subsystem (libcec))
  • #0314, 14-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0313, 13-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.9 kernel; systemd: add RemainAfterExit=yes to our oneshot systemd services; implement range check in URIUtils::resolvePath)
  • #0312, 12-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (enable Marvell SDIO and USB WiFi support as module; [posix] remove XFileUtils; [JSON-RPC][video] Support double precision in bookmarks; [Estuary] hide remaining time when fullscreen-info is displayed)
  • #0311, 11-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Container only refreshes with player announcement if media window active; texturePacker: fix for 32-bit systems; changed: Move filecache buffering logic from CDVDInputStreamFile to CFile)
  • #0310, 10-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (fixed: trim platform string prior to split)
  • #0309, 09-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Bump addon version to 9.80.3 - new repo being populated; updated amdgpu vega10/12/20 firmware)
  • #0308, 08-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Access Shoutcast data in non-cached stream readers (kodi); enable seeking while paused (pvr.nextpvr))
  • #0307, 07-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0306, 06-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (systemd: update to systemd-245; dav1d: update to dav1d-0.6.0; mesa: update to mesa-20.0.1)
  • #0305, 05-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.8 kernel; dav1d: update to dav1d-0.5.2)
  • #0304, 04-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0303, 03-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.12.0; kodi: bump various LE addons to 3.0.0 ABI; [Estuary] Info dialog cosmetics; [estuary] display playcount/lastplayed in musicinfo dialog)
  • #0302, 02-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (change season/episode infolabels for specials)
  • #0301, 01-Mar-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.7 kernel; [python] set abi to 3.0.0; fix enum formatting again)
  • #0229, 29-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-440.64; inputstream.ffmpegdirect updated)
  • #0228, 28-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0227, 27-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (vfs.rar updated)
  • #0226, 26-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (PVR updates)
  • #0225, 25-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.6 kernel)
  • #0224, 24-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (More PVR platform tweaks)
  • #0223, 23-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (PVR addon CI changes)
  • #0222, 22-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (linux: initramfs: use initramfs config file(s) and directory structure; ALSA: update to 1.2.2)
  • #0221, 21-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Added kernel regulator fix)
  • #0220, 20-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post ([addons] move binary addon interface functions to own files / cleanups)
  • #0219, 19-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.5 kernel; mesa-20.0.0; packages: various updates (Q1 2020))
  • #0218, 18-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Drop PR13409; working driver-select add-on)
  • #0217, 17-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Fixes for `dvb-latest` add-on; connman/wireguard updates; [subtitles] decode html escape characters)
  • #0216, 16-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.4 kernel)
  • #0215, 15-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Re-enable crazycat and dvb-latest drivers; updated system cacert.pem (sync with kodi); [xbmc] Turn DllLibCurl into a proper curl wrapper)
  • #0214, 14-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0213, 14-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (curl-7.68.0; mesa-19.3.4; install inputstream.ffmpegdirect this time; Python3: Fix year2038 cookiejar incompatibility on 32-bit platforms)
  • #0212, 13-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (libffi-3.3, cmake-3.16.4; new addon: inputstream-ffmpegdirect)
  • #0211, 11-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.3 kernel)
  • #0210, 11-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (add "autoremove" support to the build system; enable support for BPF IR decoders)
  • #0209, 09-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Updated gdb-9.1; [guiinfo] DisplayAfterSeek should not return True if playback is paused)
  • #0208, 08-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (kodi: Limit build host to SSE4 capable for VAAPI; kodi: PVR EPG fixes)
  • #0207, 07-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Drop MT76x0E support; ncurses: also include dumb terminfo in fallbacks; prevent VideoSync from setting up in Destructor)
  • #0206, 06-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (util-linux-2.35.1; add MediaTek mt7610 firmware)
  • #0205, 05-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.2 kernel; glibc-2.31; binutils-2.34; gnutls-3.6.12; nettle-3.5.1)
  • #0204, 04-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.1 kernel; updated AMD GPU navi10 firmware to 19.50)
  • #0203, 03-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia-440.59; AMD Renoir/Raven2 19.50 GPU firmware)
  • #0202, 03-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (Kodi UHD BluRay fixes; kodi Addon cmake fixes)
  • #0201, 01-Feb-2020: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: update to 4.2.2-Matrix-Alpha1; [Estuary] fix navigation in video info dialog)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0131, 31-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.5.0 kernel)
  • #0130, 31-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0129, 29-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (packages: bump devel packages; [posix] network: split into platform specific files)
  • #0128, 29-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.11.6; mesa: update to mesa-19.3.3; intel media-driver: update and include in build; inputstream fixes; [addons] cleanup, prevent C++ from addon in Kodi, fix addon CStructHdl)
  • #0127, 27-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post ([Estuary] remove support for addons that have not been updated to py3)
  • #0126, 27-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.15 kernel; python3: install lib2to3; samba: stop mangling username and password; ssh password: fix Python3 issues)
  • #0125, 25-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Fix performance issue when downloading updates; config/graphic: allow using the new intel gallium iris driver)
  • #0124, 24-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (wireguard: add initial support for WireGuard VPNs; Python: update to Python3-3.7.6 and various related packages)
  • #0123, 23-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (LE Settings: Add custom regdom option; RTL8192EU: update to RTL8192EU-83b5aff; [url] skip parsing username:password@ for udp/rtp streams)
  • #0122, 22-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Update iwlwifi-firmware and kernel-firmware)
  • #0121, 21-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.11.5)
  • #0120, 20-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Initial support for setting wireless regulatory domain - LE Settings to follow)
  • #0119, 19-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (build: add load average limit to reduce CPU overcommitment; inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0118, 18-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.13 kernel; fixed: Seeking with FileCache could lockup due to terminated thread)
  • #0117, 17-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (libva: update to libva-2.6.1; fixed: File cache logic for reading from source; [Estuary] various metadata & meda flag fixes; skip comments in .edl files)
  • #0116, 16-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] EPG Memory optimizations/Performance improvements)
  • #0115, 15-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.12 kernel; update X.Org packages including xorg-server-1.20.7; open-vm-tools-stable-11.0.5; SysfsUtils: cleanup and improve interface according to the documentation)
  • #0114, 14-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (util-linux-2.34)
  • #0113, 13-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post ([pvr] Support for starting EPG entries as live)
  • #0112, 12-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Fix python crash when aborting script; fix playback of bus encryption enabled bluray discs; fix crash in libcdio)
  • #0111, 11-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Nothing today)
  • #0110, 11-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (make: update to v4.3; kernel-overlays: move volatile runtime data to /run)
  • #0109, 09-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.10 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.3.2)
  • #0108, 08-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post ([videoplayer] Fix GetItemsToScan scan in sub-directories)
  • #0107, 07-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Update AMD GPU microcode to 19.50; fix pastekodi; [PVR] Improve performance of TriggerRecordingUpdate/TriggerTimerUpdate)
  • #0106, 06-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.8 kernel; LibreELEC-settings: update to LibreELEC-settings-12ba57a)
  • #0105, 05-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Drop parallel package; [PVR] EPG grid container: fix regression after 2791691...)
  • #0104, 04-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0103, 03-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (buildsystem: switch to dynamic scheduler; EPG grid fixes)
  • #0102, 02-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (LinuxRendererGL: Fix useage of glTexImage3D format was not valid; [videodb] use UpdateUniqueIDs() instead of AddUniqueIDs() in VideoDatabase::SetDetailsForMovie(); PVR grid fixes)
  • #0101, 01-Jan-2020: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1231, 31-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors; Happy new year everybody, and thanks for all your help this past year!)
  • #1230, 30-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post ([VideoPlayer] Fix 'Resume from' functionality with audio only MPEG-TS streams; fixed: Caching of small files (fixes regression of #17042) (updated))
  • #1229, 29-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Caching of small files (fixes regression of #17042) (updated); resume paused ActiveAE stream while draining to avoid playback lapse)
  • #1228, 28-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Caching of small files (updated))
  • #1227, 27-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Caching of small files (fixes regression of #17042))
  • #1226, 26-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix cosmetic style issues introduced by TrueHD fix; [platform][input] Fix keyboard layouts sort order.)
  • #1225, 25-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (libva/libva-utils: update to 2.6.0; config/multithread: dump build stats; fixed: Chunk size logic for file cache; improve video database clean performance; [videolibrary] Add setting movie set information folder)
  • #1224, 24-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1223, 23-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia-legacy: update to xf86-video-nvidia-legacy-340.108)
  • #1222, 22-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Calling SetCommonOptions() once should be 'nough; fixed: When seeking m_bRetry must be updated)
  • #1221, 21-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.6 kernel; [python] Fix unicode decode errors (PR:16863))
  • #1220, 20-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.zattoo improvements)
  • #1219, 19-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix broken ALSA on Nvidia after 5.4.3; expat: update to expat-2.2.9; improve update section titles (service.libreelec.settings))
  • #1218, 18-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.5 kernel; latest AMD Zen 2019-12-18 microcode; various build cleanups & fixes; llvm: fix cross compilation issues; mesa: update to mesa-19.3.1; changed: By default enable filecache for all remote filesystems)
  • #1217, 17-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (image: add /etc/environment; changed: Move filecache buffering logic from CDVDInputStreamFile to CFile)
  • #1216, 16-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.11.4; [PVR] Recordings window: added support for ToggleWatched action)
  • #1215, 15-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (options: support per-buildsystem options)
  • #1214, 14-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Settings] CSettingInt: support pure string based labels; libinput: libinput 1.14.3 & xf86-input-libinput 0.29.0; p7zip: needs helping hand with cross-compiling)
  • #1213, 13-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.3 kernel; cmake: update to cmake-3.16.0; mesa: update to mesa-19.3.0)
  • #1212, 12-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-440.44)
  • #1211, 11-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1210, 10-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.11.3; systemd: enable utmp support; kodi: use system cacert.pem)
  • #1209, 09-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (lirc: add dependency on alsa-lib; AESinkAudioTrack: Implement timestamp method for delay; ProfileManager: Fall back to master profile if profile.xml not loadable / parseable)
  • #1208, 08-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (AESinkAudioTrack: Fine-grain forced blocking depending on period_time and buffer)
  • #1207, 07-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (json-rpc: code fixes to audio/subtitle flags properties)
  • #1206, 06-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (JSON-RPC added 'flag' property to GetPropertyValue concerning audio/subtitle; intel-vaapi-driver: update to intel-vaapi-driver-2.4.0)
  • #1205, 05-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.2 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.2.7; fix parse of filter rules for boolean fields into SQL query)
  • #1204, 04-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (ADDON_VERSION bump to 9.80.2; iptables-1.8.4/libnftnl-1.1.5; Pillow-6.2.1; fix tiff build with respect to Python3; include readelf)
  • #1203, 03-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1202, 02-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.teleboy and pvr.zattoo updates)
  • #1201, 01-Dec-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add o2.cz BT remote config)
  • #1130, 30-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (systemd: update to v244; busybox: update to busybox-1.31.1; alsa-lib 1.2.2 update)
  • #1129, 29-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.1 kernel)
  • #1128, 28-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Visualizations] Prevent NULL/zero-length packets from being processed)
  • #1127, 27-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.4.0 kernel (crazycat & dvb-latest currently disabled))
  • #1126, 26-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (kodi: music multi-disc box sets (MyMusic database version 73))
  • #1125, 25-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.13 kernel; nss & nspr: update to nss-3.47.1 / nspr-4.23)
  • #1124, 24-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (linux: Generic: enable pin control for all Intel systems / add Gemini Lake I2C timing patch)
  • #1123, 23-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (kodi: PVR and AESinkAudioTrack buffer fixes)
  • #1122, 22-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa-19.2.6; use new evrepeat tool to configure input repeat settings of non-rc-core devices; [PVR] Guide window: Memory optimizations/Performance improvements)
  • #1121, 21-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post ([addons] bump xbmc.python dependency; revert "Revert "Reusepython"" - fix GIL related issues)
  • #1120, 20-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.12 kernel; updated packages: zstd, dav1d, curl, sqlite, libidn2, tvheadend42, ffmpegx, libvpx, x265, aom, comskip; mesa: update to mesa-19.2.5; LibreELEC Settings addon: Bluetooth improvements)
  • #1119, 19-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (update to xf86-video-intel-f006926; kodi: DTSHD-MA vs. DTSHD-HR)
  • #1118, 18-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (alsa-lib 1.2.1 update; pulseaudio: don't enable network audio support for everyone by default)
  • #1117, 17-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (VideoLibrary: check boolean option values)
  • #1116, 16-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 20191115 Intel ucode; init: don't mount nfs shares with soft option by default)
  • #1115, 15-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (disable connman when using kernel ip config / netboot; systemd: prevent unmounting storage via umount.target)
  • #1114, 14-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (Intel-ucode 20191113; mesa-19.2.4; WinSystem: Allow ALSA+PULSE in parallel; avahi: set root user as default for published sftp)
  • #1113, 13-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (AESinkPulse: Implement Hotplug monitor; AESinkAudioTrack: Try to aim 200 ms buffer and 50 ms periods)
  • #1112, 12-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.11 kernel with intel-ucode-20191112; [Estuary] rework DialogMusicInfo.xml; fix add-on setting references)
  • #1111, 11-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Extension matching in FileDirectoryFactory was broken)
  • #1110, 10-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.10 kernel)
  • #1109, 09-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1108, 08-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (kodi: CPU info + sysinfo fixes)
  • #1107, 07-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-19.2.3)
  • #1106, 06-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.9 kernel)
  • #1105, 05-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-430.64)
  • #1104, 04-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.iptvsimple - switch from RapidXML to Pugixml; LibreELEC-settings: updated for Python3)
  • #1103, 03-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1102, 02-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.waipu updates)
  • #1101, 01-Nov-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1031, 31-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (bluez: update to bluez-5.52)
  • #1030, 31-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (CCpuInfo split, rework, and cleanup (temporarily reverted))
  • #1029, 30-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.8 kernel; mesa-19.2.2; drop whitelist v2)
  • #1028, 28-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.7 kernel with latest AMD ZEN microcode; Python-3.7.5; samba-4.11.1)
  • #1012, 12-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (dav1d: updated to 0.5.0)
  • #1011, 12-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post ([ImgBot] Optimize images (Rebased))
  • #1010, 10-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post ([settings] add some missing functionality required for add-on settings; [skin.estuary/pvr] fixes)
  • #1009, 09-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-19.2.1; avahi: remove disallow-other-stacks=yes)
  • #1008, 08-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.5 kernel; AdvancedSettings: Fix arttype return; WIP - [remote] Allow longpress mod for remote keymaps)
  • #1007, 07-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #1006, 06-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (Drop PR3883)
  • #1005, 05-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.4 kernel; AdvancedSettings - Cleanup not used values)
  • #1004, 04-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg-tools: update ffmpegx and opus)
  • #1003, 03-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix livetv issues caused by PR16658; add mesa fix for old Intel GPUs (eg. Ivy Bridge))
  • #1002, 02-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (connman: ignore kernel-managed netdev and improve resolv.conf handling)
  • #1001, 01-Oct-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.2 kernel)
  • #0930, 30-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0929, 29-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (libglvnd-1.2.0; xorgproto-2019.1; add OpenGL_GL_PREFERENCE to target config)
  • #0928, 28-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Reduce size of LLVM libs)
  • #0927, 27-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fold glu bump into mesa PR; [pvr][dialogs][Estuary][keymaps] Rework Guide window's navigation controls; fix thumb loading on info dialogs)
  • #0926, 27-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (amdgpu ucode and firmware 19.30; glu: update to glu-9.0.1; [pvr] support group specific channel numbering and option to start group number locally from 1)
  • #0925, 25-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia/xf86-video-nvidia-legacy: use toolchain linker; mesa: update to mesa-19.2.0)
  • #0924, 24-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (kernel-firmware: update to kernel-firmware-20190923; udev: fix systemd-243 warnings)
  • #0923, 23-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Updated RTL8812AU with 5.3 policy fix; llvm-9.0.0; open-vm-tools-11.0.0; pulseaudio-13.0; [Log] Use Thread ID instead NativeHandle for logging)
  • #0922, 22-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR][guiinfo][Estuary] New GUI info label Listitem.IsPremiere)
  • #0921, 22-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.1 kernel; init: fsck: wait for devices and unhide messages)
  • #0920, 21-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (bluez: update to bluez-5.51; dosfstools/e2fsprogs: update to latest; kodi: Cmake cpp14)
  • #0919, 19-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post ([addons] fix addon version.h, do not give nullptr as string; [Estuary][PVR] DialogPVRInfo: Add support for 'first aired' and 'rating')
  • #0918, 18-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (intel-ucode: update to intel-ucode-20190918; systemd: use upstream method to enable and configure debug shell; [binary addons] use VERSION_MIN instead VERSION)
  • #0917, 17-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.3.0 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.1.7)
  • #0916, 16-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (busybox: cleanup persistent log setup when debugging is enabled)
  • #0915, 15-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix: we must close all open modal dialogs before we can activate the PVR search window)
  • #0914, 14-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix crash in Jsonrpc)
  • #0913, 13-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (init: mount squashfs early)
  • #0912, 12-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add pastekodi/pastecrash scripts; eventlircd: adding new rule for iMON Panel, Knob and Mouse; [pvr/videoplayer] fix commercial skip)
  • #0911, 11-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-430.50)
  • #0910, 10-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0909, 09-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (fix filesystem corruption on reboot/shutdown)
  • #0908, 08-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0907, 08-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (LibreELEC Settings updates (sort channels, future RPi4 firmware updater))
  • #0906, 07-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.13 kernel; meson-0.51.2; mesa-19.1.6; systemd-243; freetype-2.10.1)
  • #0905, 05-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0904, 04-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0903, 03-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.9.13; graphic: use GLVND to dispatch graphic API calls; libvdpau: updated to v1.3; PVR/Inputstream.Adaptive version bumps)
  • #0902, 02-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0901, 01-Sep-2019: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive: switch to Matrix branch; [PVR] Fix deadlock on PVR shutdown)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0831, 31-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix EPG segfault introduced in #0826 (thanks Øyvind))
  • #0830, 30-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.11 kernel)
  • #0829, 29-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (PVR genre changes; PVR iptvsimple: Support multiple credits elements (etc))
  • #0828e, 28-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesonbuild: update to 0.51.2; squashfs-tools: updated to git 6edf624)
  • #0827, 27-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.9.12)
  • #0826, 26-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add support for HDR static Metadata)
  • #0825, 25-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.10 kernel; implement VP9 HDR static metadata using Inputstream api version 2.0.9)
  • #0824, 24-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (tinyxml2: update to tinyxml2-7.1.0; iwlwifi-firmware iwlwifi-fw-2019-08-23)
  • #0823, 23-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (fixed: Use exact matching for protocol in file+dir factories; various addons - update CMakeLists.txt to 3.5; mesa: update to mesa-19.1.5)
  • #0822, 22-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0821, 21-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix Missing text when sorting from inside addon (Label2))
  • #0820, 20-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([contextmenumanager] Move 'Add/Remove favourite' to new context menu system; fix PlayMedia builtin for playlists (.strm) and "artists" smart playlists)
  • #0819, 19-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (getedid, pvr fixes)
  • #0818, 18-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([fix] python crashes after #16448; fix Thumbloaders now icon is in art map)
  • #0817, 17-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi Python-related fixes (seem to be causing crash loops))
  • #0816, 16-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.9 kernel; peripheral.joystick, vfs.libarchive, vfs.rar, vfs.sftp: switch to Matrix branch)
  • #0815, 16-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (gcc: update to gcc-9.2.0)
  • #0814, 14-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Allow HiDPI font configuration)
  • #0813, 13-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([le10] use a larger console font on HiDPI displays)
  • #0812, 12-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([cmake] heisenbug: try copying files via external process, so we can catch it's return code)
  • #0811, 11-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([addons] change the use of CBinaryAddonBase)
  • #0810, 10-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post ([json-rpc] Fix thumb loader after PR16444)
  • #0809, 09-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.8 kernel; ffmpeg-4.0.4-Leia-18.4; cmake: updated to v3.15.2; [music] Fix thumb loader after #16444)
  • #0808, 09-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (update to glibc-2.30; expat-2.2.7; zstd-1.4.2; mesa-19.1.4; add pvr.sledovanitv.cz)
  • #0807, 07-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (curl: update to curl-7.65.3)
  • #0806, 07-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.7 kernel; dav1d: updated to 0.4.0; [addons] change binary interface (webbrowser required parts))
  • #0805, 05-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (libavformat/rtspdec: Don't send teardown if rtsp_hd_out is null; [VideoPlayer] Fix TS resume point, related to PR16314; [addons] fix repo addon install)
  • #0804, 04-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.6 kernel)
  • #0803, 04-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (cmake: updated to v3.15.1 / clean up; busybox: add 'xpad' to SUSPEND_MODULES; support custom modules; fix CShoutcastFile's stream's tag info)
  • #0802, 02-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (libbluray: update to 1.1.2)
  • #0801, 01-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0731, 31-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.5 kernel)
  • #0730, 30-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-430.40; p8-platform: switch to correct repo, update to p8-platform-cee64e9; fixed: Using absolute paths in combination with hosts in URLs caused double slashes)
  • #0729, 29-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (bzip2: update to 1.0.8)
  • #0728, 28-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.4 kernel; cleanup initramfs and config)
  • #0727, 27-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix + sign HTTP folder; [PlaylistPlayer] Do not attempt to further resolve plugin paths for failing entries)
  • #0726, 27-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.3 kernel; ffmpeg: move v4l2 patches to v4l2 patch dir)
  • #0725, 25-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0724, 24-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post ([fix] prevent context leak)
  • #0723, 23-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-19.1.3; [PVR] Add progress bar to reminders announcement dialog; [PVR] Fix CPVRChannelGroupInternal ctor - fixes #16386.)
  • #0722, 22-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.2 kernel; updated Intel wifi firmware)
  • #0721, 21-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (zstd: update to 1.4.1; llvm: update to llvm-8.0.1 / updated PKG_URL)
  • #0720, 20-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Enable latest crazycat and dvb-latest kernel DVB drivers)
  • #0719, 20-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (cleanup: curl, edid-decode; [addons] remove cpluff)
  • #0718, 19-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.1 kernel; linux: adjust kernel configs to support IWD; CORE_SYSTEM_NAME + platform defines)
  • #0717, 17-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0716, 16-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Replace iterator usage with ranged for where trivial)
  • #0715, 15-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0714, 14-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.2.0 kernel (crazycat & dvb-latest drivers currently disabled); [PVR] Refactor and fix channel paths)
  • #0713, 13-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0712, 12-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: Properly propagate playback errors)
  • #0711, 11-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add Steam controller support in mainline kernels; Qualcomm/Dragonboard and NXP/iMX6 support)
  • #0710, 10-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.17 kernel; build kodi with cmake-make not ninja)
  • #0709, 09-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa-19.1.2; xf86-video-nvidia-430.34; systemd: eat up RDRAND values seen on AMD cpus; [PVR][Estuary] Generate thumbnail picture for channel groups.)
  • #0708, 08-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Tvheadend related updates (x265, x264, libvpx, comskip, aom))
  • #0707, 07-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0706, 06-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (libdrm: update to libdrm-2.4.99)
  • #0705, 05-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (libX11: update to 1.6.8 and crosscompile fixes; libva: update to libva-2.5.0; grub: update to grub-2.04)
  • #0704, 04-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Include /dev/nvme* for automounting m.2 devices)
  • #0703, 04-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.16 kernel; samba-4.9.11; lirc: fix missing irman driver, include Debian patches; changed: Delete stream details when video info is refreshed)
  • #0702, 02-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.9.10; revert "changed: Improve handling of internet filesystems (http/https) on LANs")
  • #0701, 01-Jul-2019: Generic -- Release post (Screenshot rework and split up; fix PAPlayer to do passthrough for TrueHD)
  • #0630, 30-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (kodi: temp fix stream details are being lost once playback ends; Extvlcopt support matrix (pvr.iptvsimple))
  • #0629, 29-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] PVRRecordings: Prevent concurrent calls to video database)
  • #0628, 28-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (LinuxRendererGLES: fixed memory leak, fixed segfault when NV12 textur)
  • #0627, 27-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Drop old kernel patches)
  • #0626, 26-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Add persian language keyboard)
  • #0625, 25-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.15 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.1.1)
  • #0624, 24-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0623, 23-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (No changes!)
  • #0622, 22-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.14 kernel; distro: bump OS_VERSION/ADDON_VERSION to 9.80/9.80.0; backend channel numbers api matrix & undelete/trashcan (pvr.vuplus))
  • #0621, 21-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0620, 20-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New addon: pvr.freebox)
  • #0619, 19-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.12 kernel; samba: update to samba-4.9.9)
  • #0618, 18-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (dvb-firmware: update to 1.4.0)
  • #0617, 17-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.11 kernel (fix SACK Panic vulnerability))
  • #0616, 16-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Std thread (PR13721): Try again, hopefully fixing all issues this time!)
  • #0615b, 15-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New kernel 5.1.10; curl: shift to gnutls; fix memory leak after commit 887b739; drop PR13721)
  • #0614, 14-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0613, 13-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (packages: more bumps (only a few); mesa: disable assert() to make AMD VDPAU work)
  • #0612, 12-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (busybox: update to busybox-1.31.0; separate and organize DPMS support)
  • #0611, 11-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.9 kernel; mesa: update to mesa-19.1.0; Std thread; [webdav] allow http2)
  • #0610, 10-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-430.26; procps-ng: free from busybox doesn't match top; MemUtils: breakup into platform specific files; Require OpenSSL 1.0.2 and manage thread ids consistently on all platforms.)
  • #0609, 09-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.8 kernel; cleanup: Remove code related to kernels 3.14 and 3.10 on WiFi drivers.)
  • #0608, 08-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (heimdal: update to heimdal-7.7.0; openssl: update to openssl-1.1.1c)
  • #0607, 07-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (curl-7.65.1; inputstream.adaptive-2.3.21)
  • #0606, 06-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Amlogic: Remove Platform)
  • #0605, 05-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Downgrade fuse-exfat to 1.2.8 due to mounting issues; Revert kernel Bluetooth commit to fix PS3 pairing issues)
  • #0604, 04-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.7 kernel; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-430.14)
  • #0603, 03-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0602, 03-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (Enable latest Crazycat/DVB-Latest drivers; cmake-3.14.5, xorg-server-1.20.5)
  • #0601, 02-Jun-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.6 kernel; [PVR] Reminders: Add settings to control reminder popup auto-close behavior; clear focus-history)
  • #0531, 31-May-2019: Generic -- Release post ([Estuary] fix navigation in side menu)
  • #0530, 30-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (packages: mega bump - updates 63 packages)
  • #0529, 29-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (fix addon version issue with PR14908; resolution whitelist version 2; [PVR] Separate GUI from PVR core: remove CFileItem usage from core)
  • #0528, 28-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.5 kernel; [addons] remove cpluff; refactor of CFileCache)
  • #0524, 24-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (changed: Improve handling of internet filesystems (http/https) on LANs)
  • #0523, 23-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (cleanup initramfs build, drop support for kernel modules in initramfs; buildsystem: add "speed" flag for package building; glibc: raise minimum kernel supported to 4.4.0; curl: update to curl-7.65.0)
  • #0522, 23-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.4 kernel; linux: drop ati_remote.conf modprobe file; [interfaces] Fix crash on Kodi exit caused by double freed AsyncCallbackMessage)
  • #0521, 22-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-19.0.5; [PVR] CPVRGUIDirectory, CPVRTimersPath cleanup)
  • #0520, 20-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Subtitles opacity; inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0519, 19-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Build kodi and ffmpeg with -O2; [PVR] Separate GUI from PVR core: remove CFileItem usage from core: step 1: directory listings)
  • #0518, 18-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.3 kernel; libdrm: Update package to 2.4.98; [video] Add support for HEVC to CDVDDemuxClient::GetStreamCodecName.)
  • #0516, 16-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Latest Intel 20190514 microcode with ZombieLoad mitigations; add mt7662 firmware; [PVR] Prevent concurrent updates for all pvr windows)
  • #0515, 15-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.2 kernel; ffmpeg: shift to using gnutls; scripts/build: strip all executables in /usr; samba-4.9.8/heimdal-7.6.0)
  • #0514, 14-May-2019: Generic -- Release post ([cleanup][network] remove unused functions and variables)
  • #0513, 13-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (No changes)
  • #0512, 12-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1.1 kernel)
  • #0511, 11-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0510, 10-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0509, 10-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.1 kernel; inputstream.adaptive: Fix issue where 1080p means 720p; mesa: update to mesa-19.0.4; xf86-video-nvidia: update to 418.104)
  • #0508, 08-May-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix start/stop time for manual timers created via timer settings dialog)
  • #0507, 07-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0506, 06-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (image: add libidn2 to system image)
  • #0505, 05-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.13 kernel; [PVR] Fix and simplify store epg event to db on update from pvr addon)
  • #0504, 04-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.12 kernel; switch to zstd squashfs images; revert "VideoPlayerCodec: Ask Demuxer to seek for us")
  • #0503, 04-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (added: video info dialog for movie sets; remove 3:2 pullback from current check)
  • #0502b, 02-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.11 kernel, AMD 19.10 GPU firmware; generic, RPi: disable initrmafs compression; samba: update to samba-4.9.7)
  • #0501, 01-May-2019: Generic -- Release post (config/functions: add C++ compiler and linker flags to meson.conf; fixed: Resume bookmark would clear on player start failure)
  • #0430, 30-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (curl: update to curl-7.64.1; dav1d: updated to 0.3; use fanart to hide spoilers if available)
  • #0429, 29-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Rework epg db storage setting semantics. Default to 'do not store')
  • #0428, 29-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (pvr.vuplus: Settings levels and timer fallback epg)
  • #0427, 27-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.10 kernel; pvr.waipu 1.0.0; pvr.vuplus change reverted)
  • #0426, 26-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Fix scrollbar navigation back to list)
  • #0425, 25-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Matrix addon repository; videoPlayerCodec: Ask Demuxer to seek for us; mesa: update to mesa-19.0.3; cmake: update to cmake-3.14.3; [cmake] make sure CXX11 is also always set for addons)
  • #0424, 24-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Implement PVR addon API v6.0.0; switch to upstream kodi-pvr repo for pvr.vdr.vnsi; dav1d: updated to 0.2.2; qemu: update to qemu-4.0.0)
  • #0423, 23-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post ([settings] Fix media source path substitution.)
  • #0422, 22-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Minor)
  • #0421, 21-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (update to openssh-8.0p1, sqlite-3.28, valgrind-3.15.0, dtc-1.5.0; bump version code and addon api for v19 alpha1)
  • #0420, 20-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.9 kernel; [GBM] CRendererDRMPRIMEGLES improvements)
  • #0419, 19-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post ([interfaces] use fixed date string in PythonSwig.cpp)
  • #0418, 18-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Remove dead code for static libdvdnav)
  • #0417, 17-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (New 5.0.8 kernel; [guiinfo] Fix crash in CPlayerGUIInfo::GetContentRanges.; kodi: SIGTERM patch: do not delay shutdown; libpng: update to 1.6.37; zstd: update to 1.4.0)
  • #0416, 16-Apr-2019: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 19.0 alpha 1; [PVR] Feature: PVR Reminders; [guilib][guiinfo][video][Estuary] Feature: Seek dialog: Add EDL and chapter marker visualisation)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 4.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 5.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 6.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 7.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 8.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 9.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved 10.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
New LibreELEC.tv Leia build #0416: Generic
(Supercedes previous build)

SHA256 Checksum: 87d4d37d76ccaea993fc93a4aead1552424689ead4d9842981290860ad53757d (Generic)

# uname -a
Linux NUC 5.0.7 #1 SMP Tue Apr 16 21:53:56 BST 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse): devel-20190416214945-#0416-gebf5f72 [Build #0416]

# Kodi version
Kodi (19.0-ALPHA1 Git:5eb9516). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit

Based on tip of LibreELEC.tv master (ebf5f72, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (5eb9516, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. Kodi 19.0 alpha 1!
  2. [PVR] Feature: PVR Reminders
  3. [guilib][guiinfo][video][Estuary] Feature: Seek dialog: Add EDL and chapter marker visualisation.
Build Details:
  1. LibreELEC.tv:
    • fix Allwinner linux patch (PR:3426, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • Allwinner: Completely remove linux patch merged in 5.0.7 (PR:3427, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
  2. XBMC:
    • Bump to v19 alpha1 (PR:15920, 2 commits, 2 files changed)
    • [cmake] enable using ccache with xcode (PR:15886, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [Docs] Add xrefitems for v19 (python and skinning engine) (PR:15133, 1 commit, 3 files changed)
    • [darwin] properly split ios and osx code (PR:15863, 7 commits, 50 files changed)
    • [windows] videoPlayer: re-work rendering and decoding video on windows. (PR:15522, 8 commits, 35 files changed)
    • [PVR] Feature: PVR Reminders (PR:15467, 8 commits, 100 files changed)
    • [guilib][guiinfo][video][Estuary] Feature: Seek dialog: Add EDL and chapter marker visualisation. (PR:15767, 2 commits, 19 files changed)
    • [PVR] Inconsistencies in Guide/Channel/Recordings Info Dialogs (PR:15648, 1 commit, 4 files changed)
    • Add addon settingslevel button (PR:15796, 2 commits, 4 files changed)
    • [Kodi] Removed unused string (PR:14528, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [json-rpc][pvr] Recordings: add fields season, episode and showtitle (PR:15869, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • Improve default keyboardlayout (PR:15687, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
  3. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Added: [env] PR:3424 (perma): kodi (Generic/RPi/RockChip): update to kodi-18.2rc1-Leia
    • Added: [env] b077bf7: pvr.waipu: new package pvr.waipu-75fae57
    • Updated: [pkg] PR:14571 (perma): Remove ARB postfix from GL functions
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Sorry about this, not a good start - best to avoid #0416 as it includes a change that is causing a trivially easy crash - watch a video (streamed local or network nfs:// or smb://) then seek and Kodi will crash.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
(2019-04-17, 01:09)Milhouse Wrote: Sorry about this, not a good start - best to avoid #0416 as it includes a change that is causing a trivially easy crash - watch a video (streamed local or network nfs:// or smb://) then seek and Kodi will crash.

It's alpha, baby.
I assume none of the Kodi 18 skins will work on 19?
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