Site Down?
Hiya All,
Unable to get into the above site being reported as downHuhHuh?
iechyd da
Its the internet, shit happens. Wait some time, try again.
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#3 and the trac is down for me as well.

Somehow the forums are up though.
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The horror........
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Hang on I was only letting peeps know it was down and not complaining that it's down geeeeezzzz mun
(2014-04-20, 14:42)sheepybach Wrote: Hang on I was only letting peeps know it was down and not complaining that it's down geeeeezzzz mun

You added three question marks to the post which is why I think people thought you were asking a question.
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Google has nearly everything at any given time cached from the wiki. If it ever goes down you can do " search term" and then click on the cache link from the little arrow icon in the results.
Down again?
Is XBMC download down, Ikeep getting error message
RC1 has been released (so my Linux box told me), so it's possibly related. Try again later would be my suggestion.
Seems to happen every Sunday. Confused
wiki's down as well, as it appears to share the same IP address as, although the forums are on a different host (physical or CDN, I know not).
seems like hardware is failing on us yet again while the move to a new server isn't finished yet. You can still download RC1 using
Does this happen on a regular basis? Is the wiki expected to be back up today?
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