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Release [beta] reFred - 1.2.0 Beta 1 released

it's ready to be shared and I need your help for bug fixes Smile

watch gallery

About the skin:
The skin was based on a dev reFocus Gotham version (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=191491) by Jeroen. I never did XBMC skinning before and had no idea what I'm doing there. All I wanted to do.. was to change the vertical home menu to horizontal but everything was gettin' out of control. The code base of reFocus was so damn clear and easy to understand that I moved on and on and on and now.... It's no reFocus anymore Smile I kept what I liked and improved it to fit the rest of the new layout, but there is still a lot of the reFocus left, which I hadn't change yet (still WIP).

To Jeroen: Thank you! I hope you won't hate me that I did so painful things to your work and castrated it Smile

Please let me know If you find layout glitches. The best way is to provide me screenshots with a detail explanation when and how the bug appears.

- Extract the archive to your addons folder
- Activate all the things in the skin setting menu (widgets, overlays, watched flag, background video playback ... ), because the most are disabled after the inital run atm.

Required Plugins:
- https://github.com/BigNoid/service.libra...a.provider
- https://github.com/unfledged/script.module.unidecode
- https://github.com/unfledged/script.skinshortcuts

Supported Plugins:
- YouTube
- Globalsearch
- ArtistSlideshow
- MetaActor
- Cinema Experience
- Advanced Launcher

GitHub: https://github.com/sualfred/skin.refred
Optional conditional weather fanarts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1511lpui2fkrw..._1080p.zip

Currently only English and German is fully supported.
Please help to translate it to other languages by using the transifex system (u will be noted in the credits Big Grin ):

1.2.0-beta1 available on GitHub

- Please do a local backup of your skin!
- Maybe you have to delete your guisettings.xml! (a backup won't hurt)
- Please be sure to have the latest skinshortcuts add-on installed

Change log:
Added: Positioning of home menu items
Added: Unlimited custom home menu items
Added: Overwriting backgrounds (single/multi images) for each main menu item, even if a widget is displayed (eg own artwork downloader slideshow for movies instead of the focused widget item)
Added: Custom positioning of available widgets (eg: Latest Movies can be displayed on multiple home items)
Added: Up to 10 custom widget groups
Changed: Widgets will be displayed even if the "currently playing" widget is active (only in classic home menu)
Changed: Much more userfriendly menu management for menus/custom widgets
Changed: PVR recording schedule information widget will be displayed even no recording is scheduled.
Removed: Widgets are centered by default. The option to display it in the top of the screen is removed. Was forced to it, because of animation and positioning issues with some new features and conditional situations. Sry, you have to deal with it Wink (only in classic home menu)
Removed: Widget based fanart slideshow for the menu thumbs (WMC like home menu)
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
Very nice reminds me a little bit of windows media center.

i'll let you know if i find any bugs

all the best with the skin Big Grin
Looks great, ill give it a shot!
Pretty slow on low-end machines like ATV2.
// GitHub // Repository

// USTV VoD (Video-on-Demand) / World News Live / MRT Play

From the screenshots it looks like a great mod of reFocus. Without trying to sound patronising, well done on such an excellent job.
Please read the online manual (wiki) & FAQ (wiki) before posting.

Skins: Estuary | Xperience1080
Opinion: Never purchase HTC products
Been using for the morning. Runs great.

1. Would like to be able to have home items open custom (playlist, straight to albums, etc)
2. Keep up the good work!
oh the same idea as me, but you have the talent to make a real modWink .. bravo. great job
I have not managed to do as well as you.
I'll try your mod Wink

Thank you for your work.
very nice looking skin
especially like the green scrollbars
awesome job
Thanks @all.

Sry, I just have highend hardware Tongue

A new version is online.

(see gallery)
- changed the OSD video dialogs for local movies/tvshows and PVR.
- added info panel to the info screen of video playback
- pvr osd panels are more TV like now -> higher WAF score
- fixed widgets bugs

Reuploaded another package with adjusted Channel OSD for PVR. I forgot to add it
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
(2014-04-26, 19:41)ScottyRads Wrote: Been using for the morning. Runs great.

1. Would like to be able to have home items open custom (playlist, straight to albums, etc)
2. Keep up the good work!

Your order was my command Tongue

(see gallery)
- fixed the "show fanart"/"blend fanart" issues while music playback
- thumbnails and background images for the home menu can be customized now (except for the automated parts like movies/tvshows..)
- added custom widget panel when the favourite menu button has focus (up to 8 items)
- added the option to create one own menu point and with its own widget panel (up to 8 items)

Please let me know if you find any issues on this.

16:00h: Another new package:
- Added fav widget support for live tv tab. WAF score increased! Tongue
- improved the mymenu run addon selection
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
I would like to change the recently added movie fanart in the main menu to a randomized rotation. Any help?


I like the additions, keeps getting better!

How can I turn off the fanart backgrounds on movies/tv/music. I dont use fanart and would like to remove it from the background all together.

(no need to make a fix or anything, just point me towards which xml i need to edit, i cant seem to find)
Maybe I will add this functionality in the future. But currently I'll get the other things done.
You will find the parts in the includeshome.xml.
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
- added 2 new viewtypes: LeftList/RightList.(see gallery)
They are available for Movies/TvShows/Episodes atm. The next build will make this viewtype also available for music.
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
congratulation, 2 beautiful new view. I wished also added the discarts, but I was not able to add to it with! Maybe you could help me understand how. I am a beginner; and I also Mod to refocus, as I like to see
Take a look into view_leftlist.xml and search for "discart". But dont wonder, there is still a lot of garbage inside that view file.
Embuary | Skin | Helper | Info | Repo | GitHub
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