EPG and Recording question
I'm running a single system, combined frontend/backend Win7 with MediaPortal 1.10 as Live TV Backend and Kodi as the front end. Its working well, and the EPG guide is working, but there are 3 "Views" on the EPG page: Timeline, Now, Next, and Channel. "Channel" is blank, while the other three views have the correct program information. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the default skin (Confluence?)

Second question: Since I have a PVR backend, is there any indication that a show is recording? I thought there was a Red Circle thats shows up in the 10foot UI to indicate that a recording is happening in the background, but I don't see this anymore.

To answer your questions:
1. Channel view is only available with running live tv.
2. There seems to be some kind of a bug. It takes a while to show up the red circle for instant recordings (about 2 minutes here). For schedules it should be fine.
Thanks for the reply, I've been messing with getting this running for a while and so I wasn't sure if I was misremembering the indicators in Kodi or MediaPortal's frontend. I modified one of the skin files for the recorded TV page to show the file names so I could see the episode name/number, I wonder if that is the problem.

Thanks for the info on channel view, you are correct, if I have live TV on I can run through whats in the guide for that channel for however long I have EPG data. I think it would be a good feature to let you look through the guide in this way without a live channel, but whatever.

There is no mechanism in the TVServerKodi plugin yet that will send Kodi an update when the backend starts recording.
The red dot only appears when Kodi itself expects that a recording is started (based on the cached recording data).
So, yes it can be wrong or missing. Normally Kodi itself will refresh its timer list periodically and after such a refresh it will eventually show the red dot.
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