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(2019-05-01, 18:47)HeresJohnny Wrote: As far as I know, scraping of movies and tv shows uses a fast hash to determine if folder contents have changed. When Artwork Beef downloads new art to folders I imagine that hash changes. Does AB also calculate the new hash after the download is complete to help Kodi avoid a rescan of those folders since video items are unchanged? This would be especially important if AB is set to periodically download artwork in the background.
No, Artwork Beef doesn't recalculate a new hash. Why is this particularly important, though? AB running periodically will generally only change the content of a few folders at a time so won't have much of an impact.

(2019-05-03, 22:51)slowpoke115 Wrote: Just to be clear:

You are quite confused. "userdata/Thumbnails" is Kodi's internal artwork cache, and it should not be futzed with. If you really were mounting "userdata/Thumbnails" from an NFS share then you are introducing network paths where there should not be. Also see the wiki page on Kodi best practices for file organization.

I need more and detailed information to help you in general. Your faulty assumptions are not helpful, while a debug log is the single most helpful thing you could have given me.

(2019-05-04, 12:39)VelvetKevorkian Wrote: I set the artist information folder to thew same folder where the music is stored.
I'd suggest against doing that. The information folder is a separate option to satisfy the general motivation of your request: you want to store media files in different layout. The artist information folder is a consistent place for Kodi to find additional artwork and info about an artist without regard to media file layout.
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