Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-18, 01:21)hdmkv Wrote:
(2016-04-18, 00:57)Statikk Wrote: Lip sync would get way out of sync and video would drop frames. Put up any kind of osd and it's absolutely perfect. Makes me thing this dn2820 has plenty of power to handle it. The cpu usage never passes mid 30s and it can apparently play flawlessly. I'm really looking forward to the next build!
+1. CPU doesn't seem to be a factor, especially when a supposedly 'rubbish' Celeron J1800 doesn't have issue, while an i3 does, at least w/April 13 build.

And, @feathers, I'd be very curious how your J1900 performs.

(2016-04-18, 01:01)dukester Wrote: i dont think anything you can buy will fix it.. i can say at this point i woud pay anything for a RPi 4 with 2GB of ram HEVC support and a 2ghz cpu.

these lip sync errors are not mvc related im starting to think. i installed a recent main branch nightly and many non-3D iso and mkv files with HD audio were out of sync.. sometimes, sometimes the sync is perfect. its random here.

for me True HD is worse that DTS HD.

i have better "sync" with the 3D builds from afedchin here for what its worth.

currently still testing the 0411 build as its working best for me, 0413 results in a bunch of issues with connections, scrapers, pvr addons.. etc etc. so i stayed at 0411. 0325 was decent too iirc.
Me too. But, Pi3 just came out, so Pi4 won't be for a year at least. And, I'm still not expecting HD audio bitstreaming in Pi4 either.

As the lip-sync error hasn't crept up in all builds and/or h/w combinations, at least to a level where it's noticeable w/o instruments like @wesk05 uses, I think devs will figure it out (or I pray they will). I'm not aware of this issue being present in Jarvis Windows build, is it? I only really started paying attention to Windows again for Kodi use after MVC was added.

no clue about jarvis, hadnt installed kodi on windows before mvc testing in a very long time.

im going to install and do some testing, if i get any out of sync ill post a log to the windows sub forum
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