Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
When there's no MVC support, resort to poems ... maybe that's why most poets were drunks and depressives Wink.

On that note, added a short user notice + poem to @afedchin combo at top of post #1 Smile.

(2016-04-18, 21:25)Martijn Wrote: That's where you are wrong. There's still kodi without users. Devs are users as well and they will keep using it.
An artist is still an artist even if no one is looking.
A tree still makes a sound when it falls even though no one is around to hear it.
True, but what's the point to Kodi then? Why share dev work in the first place, even have this forum? Do the helpful wikis and YouTube videos you guys do? Obviously you do care about and appreciate community involvement. And, once you do let loose your work into the wild, there will be feedback, good and bad. Just ignore the bad apples, enjoy the ripe and tasty ones Smile.
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