Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Okay, I just did tests with my i3 NUC, my i5 laptop and Dell 3050 w/April 20 build...

No lip-sync errors in any of them! In fact, perfect! Yay!

Used my reliable 'Ant-Man' 3D ISO, the first 2 minutes, then chapter-skipping to other parts.

The key is to make sure 'Use fullscreen window' is enabled. Wasn't this the opposite some builds ago?! Anyway, as there are so many settings we need to make, and correctly, for 3D MVC and HD audio to work properly, that I've updated post #1 with a photo slideshow to make it (hopefully) crystal clear. Please have a look to see if I missed anything.

@afedchin, if you've been monitoring this thread, all I can say on behalf of everyone here is, a huge cпасибо man! Мы все очень ценим вашу неизменную работу по этому вопросу!

Only issue that's left to fix, in Kodi 17 overall, is getting bitstreaming support back for DD+.
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