Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
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google is your friend.

Thanks very much ,
but I could not understand if I can use powerdvd Menus or not with nuc6i3 ?

I see in your signature that you build HTPC that run 3D iso with 4k tv , in amazon have your HTPC to buy ?

- something about TV 4K and Receiver . because of simplink in lg my receiver turn on always when Tv turn on , and I cancel the sync in LG TV SETTINGS and it also insist to turn on , how to cancel that ? (I have denon 1200 receiver with uf850 LG 4k)


- power dvd has full menu support in windows on all hardware.

- i live in Canada and purchase my computer parts from NCIX,i have no experience with returning products to amazon.

- disable HDMI control on your AVR also might help

Hi, Thanks ,

about this "- power dvd has full menu support in windows on all hardware" - Movie78 say most of the menus on Powerdvd not works on Nuc6i5/3 - I am very confused .

- I would be happy if you can say what parts you buy and I buy from amazon to build the right PC that can do all I want .

- " disable HDMI control on your AVR also might help" - I try to disable "HDMI CONTROL" on DENON but not work.
I try disable Passthrough on receiver and this work ( I don't know the logic of this , Passthrough need to work when the Receiver turn off and the signal come through it instead when passthrough is on when my tv turn on the receiver turn on , I don't know why and I need this function If I want to plug in the future the Nuc )

- another thins : the next Nuc scull canyon :

why intel don't insert him 3D Function , in the specification that I give you link the feature lack in Graphics Specifications : "Intel InTru 3D Technology" , or they called it in a different name ?

Thanks very much .
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