Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
@movie78 or anyone else, is Launcher4Kodi working for you as expected? For me, for initial boot-up, even from my D34010WYK NUC completely powered off, it works fine going right into Kodi. But, if I power off using my Harmony Ultimate, the NUC doesn't really seem turned off... the blue power light stays on.

Then, next time when I power on via remote, I get no picture and have to physically turn the NUC off by holding the power button down for 2-3 secs, then press to power it back up. At this point, Windows tries to auto-repair itself as PC wasn't shut down properly.

I'm wondering if I should set Kodi's shutdown function to 'Suspend' instead of 'Power off system'. Latter doesn't seem to be working, at least w/these MVC builds. Or, maybe the issue has something to do with the IR function for power for D34010WYK in Harmony's database.
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