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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-18, 14:25)popcornmix Wrote:
(2016-05-18, 14:11)ElectricPim Wrote: Interestingly (and a bit worrying) the famous 40mbps_birds.mkv movie plays much smoother on my RPI1 Kodi 15.2 (CPU ~ 100%) than on this latest build on a RPI3. Both playing from NFS-share.

It's simply not smooth on the RPI3, nor on WIFI nor on ethernet, can it be a network caching issue?

Pi1 will be using omxplayer. Does enabling omxplayer on Pi3 work better for you?

No, I have a Pi1 with HifiBerry so I use dvdplayer (mmal). (overclocked 800mhz)

It seems RPI3 uses WIFI only, when you plug in ethernet. You have to reboot before it uses ethernet. That partly explained my issue.

That said I tested more playing from:
USB stick:
RPI3 OMX - 100% smooth
RPI3 MMAL - first second stutters, smooth afterwards
RPI1 MMAL - 100% smooth

RPI3 MMAL - first second stutters, smooth afterwards
RPI1 MMAL - smooth no stutter in 1st second

WIFI + ethernet plugged but not at boot
RPI3 MMAL - sluggy, like only WIFI is used not ethernet, although it is connected, and i feels like worse performance then WIFI only.

RPI3 MMAL - not smooth in the end, WIFI isn't fast enough, I guess.

It seems you can't change wired to WIFI (vice versa) without reboot in Kodi 17.
Kodi hangs after disabling wifi or wired network and browsing maps. Empty screen, shortcuts not working. Can only reboot by ssh.

It seems WIFI + ethernet only works fine if you boot with both enabled.

Still my RPI1 doesn't stutter in the first second on MMAL, RPI3 does.
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