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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-12-06, 10:06)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-12-05, 16:02)gazzauk71 Wrote: Hi Milhouse.

Looking for some advice from you if at all possible, or anyone else on the forum. i've used the nightly builds right upto #1129 (Generic x86) on a X5/Z8300 Cherry Trail ex-Windows 10 Intel system. Generally working fine except for some long lock ups, which might have been from plexkodiconnect, since removed now that Plex have come through with their own Plex to Kodi offeringSmile. What I'd like is advice/view on is where do I go now with #1129? Can it be updated as time goes on, or is there another build that I can put over it whilst retaining addons/settings etc? if not I do understand that it was Dev and not maintained, however I don't want to make the mistake again and have to redo the setups etc. Any thoughts appreciated. I note that Openelec has not been developed for a few months, and Libreelec is back at end of October. I see the Libreelec works in GIT hub, but I'm unsure how to compile/collect any of those in order to create a USB boot image for Libreelec, or whether that would work over the top of #1129 ongoing... Maybe I'm asking too much? Really want to find a stable platform. Android and Beelink GT1 S912 I have, but collapses all of the time and is unreliable. MX3 too, however thats underpowered and lacks memory and is getting old, then there is my Intel Cheery trail, which seems the best option at the moment...

Assuming you don't want to continue with Kodi 18, you should upgrade to LibreELEC 8 alpha. 7.90.009 (alpha 9) will be available soon (sometime this week) and will be very similar to the #1129 build. No need for a disk image, just upgrade using the tar file.

Thanks for the response. Just checked, downloaded and updated to 7.90.009 this morning using the .TAR file in update folder. All working fine, checked out BBC Iplayer, Plex movies, audio etc, so far. Many thanks for the information.Assume that if I want to go to Kodi 18, then its back onto the nightly builds for that, updating what I have now with the image, without loss of settings etc? Cheers and Seasons Greetings!
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