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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-07-18, 16:51)rudrood Wrote:
(2017-07-15, 11:35)qwerty0987654321 Wrote: Milhouse,

pls consider including in your build workaround patch
for issue , at least until it's fixed properly.

(2017-07-15, 19:27)Milhouse Wrote: I'd rather not include patches that aren't pushed (ie. don't exist as a pull request - if you do that, then you can have a conversation with the developers about the fix), and I'm also not keen on patches that are hacks as that just results in even less support for these builds.

I will however include it in a one-off test build, then you can give feedback on the ticket or progress with a pull request.

Build #0714x: Generic

Sorry for the late reply, had some days off.
Build 0714x fixes the problems for me.
Can you tell me how to "progress with a pull request" as I found that trac tickets are not always working as I suspect (posted the same problem ( in May and no one responded).

Blush I asume you're very busy and I've no idea how much work is involved, but Is it possible to create just one more patched build now Libretro and Netflix are working for x86 and RPI2? Blush


Unfortunately, I don't have time to deal with pull req.
Feel free to apply patch and submit pull req.
For that you'd need clone repository and then clone your repo locally, apply patch to local repo, then push change to github and send pull request to from there.
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