Anyone using MediaPortal with Krypton?
I've just installed Kodi 17/Krypton and am trying to get Live TV via the Media Portal 2 backend ... with no results. Here are the facts:

First and foremost, I turned off Defender's Real Time Monitoring.

Then I ran Media Portal 2 setup and it found 27 ATSC channels. I moved 8 of them to the left side as "official channels".

Under Addons >> My Addons, the MP PVR Client is listed and has a check mark.

I was able to add the YouTube Addon and can view YouTube videos. Likewise, I added the TED Addon and can view those.

I added the PVR Demo Client and can view the demos. All these things tell me Kodi 17 is installed and working.

But when I request Live TV, Kodi give the message (in the upper right): PVR Manager is starting: 0% ... and it stays at 0% forever.

Yet the MP2 Service Monitor shows it's running and "Connected to Server".

I'll mention that there are two settings that seem odd:
Under Storage, there's a listing for "S:\ 0 free"
On Sys Info, the PVR Service entry is not lit (grayed out)

It seems like one component of the MediaPortal 2 software isn't activated or running. But I don't know which.

Does anyone know of a simple test? Things seem so close to working.

Thanks in advance for any help.
wrong forum.
have installed tv server plugin?
I have been playing with MP some time ago, but it gave md all sorts of troubles so i switched to a paid alternative.
However i was planning to give it another try and i might do so if i get some free time (probably this weekend).
Will post any issues or other stuff i run into.
I use mediaportal with Freeview HD in the UK and so far it's worked perfectly. I had a similar issue at first, but I simply hadn't installed the kodi plugin for mediaportal as ED76 has suggested.
For future reference the PVR help section is here
Thread moved to the MediaPortal section
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Thanks for the responses.

I had installed the Spring of '16 release. Upon reading the Scintilla page on installation, I do not remember being asked about any plug-ins.

So I stopped the Server Service and tried to find and move the plugin, according to this step:
Copy the Release\TVServerKodi.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Plugins\SlimTv.Service3\Plugins

However, repeated searches could not locate the file. Yet all other components of MP2 seem to be there and working.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Is the dll available from an independent (of MP2) source?
It's on the scintalla page!
Thanks. I read right past that.
Quote: Download v1.13.100.137 (zip file with release DLL and debug executable): MediaPortal TVServer Kodi Server plugin for MP 2 Spring 16 (mirror 1) (mirror 2)

Here's the result, for anyone following:

[ image Sad ... sorry, forum doesn't seem to support uploaded image]

The new problem is in my next post.
Now Kodi's System Info screen shows "MediaPortal TV-Server".

But when I request a channel in Kodi (from the 27 listed), I get a MediaPotal PVR Client message "All cards are busy." on the Kodi screen.

I'll mention that the S:\ drive still reports "0 free space" ... and the port assigned to MP2 is 9596 ( maybe blocked by the Windows Firewall? Is that possible? )

And suggestions of what to try?
Forget about the "Dokan" S:\ drive!
Have you shared your timeshifting and recording folders with proper user access rights? Have you configured the Kodi plugin in TVServer? Have you configured the Kodi addon?
What you've listed sounds like good advice. But I'm lacking any details on how to proceed.

Have you shared your timeshifting and recording folders with proper user access rights? Where are they? What are proper rights?

Have you configured the Kodi plugin in TVServer? Where do I access the settings and what should the settings be?

Have you configured the Kodi addon? Same question: where and what settings?

I hope you can understand how these things are confusing from someone who has never seen them before. There are so many "pieces" involved in getting Live TV to work that I'm amazed that it has evolved to be this complicated. Is it due to MediaPortal being an odd (non-standard) choice? IOW, is there some mainstream way that would be easy. And by easy, I mean plug and play.

Thanks for your response.
Try the wiki
I'm afraid this is turning into a mess. In trying to configure the Server side of MP (MediaPortal 2 SetupTV, on my desktop), I get the following message after 10 seconds:

"Failed to start tvservice.System.Net.Sockets.SocketsException (0x80004005); No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

(Before trying it, I had stopped the MediaPortal Server task ... and disabled real-time monitoring in Defender ... both following a clear reboot.)

I recall running the server setup to add the plug in for Kodi ... I think.

Any ideas? ... anyone?
You should head over to the MediaPortal forum and ask for help to get a working and reliable TVServer before messing around with Kodi.
I had the same problem and was sure I had set up everything correctly and couldn't figure out why I was getting "PVR Manager is starting: 0%" All I needed to do was right click the mp2 service monitor in the taskbar and "stop service," wait a few seconds then "start service." Then it immediately worked.

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