[WIP] Quartz 5 (Krypton support)
(2017-10-20, 09:12)mediumdry Wrote: Since quartz is nicely minimal, how hard would it be to take the PVR part from another skin and simplifying it? If I understand correctly, it works more or less like html where you'd go to another page. That would make something like that quite feasible, but I'm not a developer. The other parts that are needed are a home menu entry with links to channels, guide, recordings. The shelf should auto populate the last watched channels.

I'd love to help, but would need someone to guide me, given my noob status. Alternatively, how difficult would it be to outsource this? I mean, pay some developers in a low wage country to work on this. Is it easy to get up to speed for someone familiar with xml?

By the way dynaflash, are you running on the ATV1 OS? I mean, something like OSMC (https://osmc.tv/) has newer versions, not? Might be something to look into.

I am running Soli's custom build specifically for the ATV1 with CHD. Best I have ever tried (and tried them all, including my own ground up build). OSMC afaik never did support the CHD for Krypton though they thought it did, I tried it and it was just decoding on the meager cpu, not using the chd at all. From what I understand from Sam and Soli, Krypton's player changed to much to use the chd driver that exists. So Jarvis is pretty much it, plus Jarvis vs Krypton uses less resources on the same machine from my empirical testing on an old lappy.

Anyway, got the home screen sorted (sort of) though the animation code to move left to right is pretty foreign to me and isn't commented anywhere at all. So it's kind of fly by the seat of your pants as it were if your new to the code. Spending a lot of time trying to suss and comment the code so it can be referred back to easier.

To test I have the tv channels and guide slapped in there from confluence for now, which of course looks like a train wreck as most of the supporting code isn't there and it's 720p for jarvis but it shows up and it works. Those intermediate screens will be the slowest. Full screen broadcast video is easy as I've already been through and modified the full screen video osd for additional movie and TV Show features so did as well for Live TV while I was in there a while ago, so that works really smooth. Basically it's hammering out the home window behavior and those guide and epg screens.

As far as using other skins code, one of the reasons Quartz is so light is because it uses very few skin addons and widgets. Most of it is hard coded which is more work but very light and fast using few resources. Also makes it harder to just slap in another skins code if it relies on external skin addons.

Its like a web page in that it uses the xml language, however it's getting used to the kodi api etc which I gather changed a lot for pvr in Jarvis and apparently yet again for Krypton (hence the same skin not working in both versions of kodi).

Still if I can get it working for Jarvis first (which is my main concern) I or someone could see about porting it to >= krypton if it seems worth it. Had I not setup tvheadend on an old linux lappy for the giggles of it I wouldn't even have bothered with it. But it's pretty cool actually.

Once these Atv 1's I have die probably be a useful skin for a raspberry Pi or some other low spec cheap setup I'd replace them with.

I am moving ahead and hacking on this as I haven't seen much activity either here or on git, so I figure instead of waiting around might as well play with it and see what happens.

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