Requests for support without information
There are a ton of posts like his one: . The poster is either a troll or they are using minimum effort to report a problem hoping that someone will either come back with a fix, or will set out in detail what is needed saving them the time to find out for themselves.

Whichever is the case, that's a flagrant abuse of people's time and is directing effort away from people genuinely trying to provide the information needed to solve their problem.

Where there's a reference or implication of a banned add-on, the moderators respond with something like this: or the terser message at the end of this thread: and the thread is moved to 'Garbage and Rule Violation'.

My suggestion is to create a forum called 'Insufficient information' or similar and that offending posts are moved directly there with a (copy-and-paste) post linking to the wiki article(s) explaining what they need to do and - at the same time - reminding people about banned add-ons. Like the 'Garbage' forum, the thread should - in my view - be closed automatically.

We could, of course, use the existing 'Garbage' forum, but I think that's a bit extreme for someone that might have a genuine problem.

Just a thought and apologies if it's been discussed before. I had a good look around and did some searching but didn't find anything.

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