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Release Embuary (Krypton + Leia)
Embuary skin

The skin is mainly targeted to Emby users (like me), who likes the simplicity of the WebGUI interface of Emby.

Demonstration video

watch gallery

Special features
  • Fully integrated automatically detection of Emby nodes and multiple library setups
  • Complete native integration of EmbyCon

Supported Kodi versions
  • Krypton (discontinued, but still available at my and the Emby repo)
  • Leia

Where to get it?
How to support me and the skin?
  • Help to translate the skin into your language!
    If you want to translate the skin to any other language, please check this link:
    Translate on TransiFex

  • Donations
    Free beer or money for the tip jar of my daughter is welcome and helps me to stay motivated Smile
    Please click here to donate

<import addon="script.embuary.helper" version="1.0.9"/>
<import addon="plugin.program.autocompletion" version="1.0.1"/>
<import addon="script.skinshortcuts" version="1.0.17"/>
<import addon="resource.images.weathericons.outline-hd" version="0.0.3"/>

Terms of use 
With the installation of the skin you agree that you don't use it in combination with blacklisted and illegal Kodi add-ons. I'm not associated with any available build and I don't give any support for it.

This is really promising!
Bigger Idea for bigger screenshot from me.
INTEL: Core i3 - HD 4400
KODI: 18.2 - Titan BINGIE
LIBRARY: Movies - TV Shows
OS: Windows 8 - iOS 12 & Android 8
Looks great!
Great! ;-)
This looks amazing
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Yep, this looks fantastic. Nod

I wonder how many complaints about font size you're going to get though Wink Tongue
Yep... but the only complaint that matters is from my wife Wink

As soon as I get the chance I will test it on my 47" and 55" devices.
Well this looks fricken awesome. Job well done, sualfred!
Looks great!
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I hope 21:9 will be supported as well :-p
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Really nice Smile
Hope it has emby integration by default since I am not the biggest fan of the current estuary hacks
(2017-08-19, 21:36)Klojum Wrote: I hope 21:9 will be supported as well :-p

To be honest, I did not took care of it. I have no 21:9 beamer/device available here.

(2017-08-19, 21:46)enen92 Wrote: Really nice Smile
Hope it has emby integration by default since I am not the biggest fan of the current estuary hacks

I use the Emby For Kodi db replacement and not EmbyCon. So it works out of the box.
But I already had some words with null_pointer and there will be something like a "EmbyCon" mode in some way.

When it's ready I can translate to Spanish (transifex or any other means), and of course, provide testing results. Thank you for your great work!


Transifex as usual, thanks. I will let you and all other helping people know when it's ready to be translated.
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