Kodi 18 nighty problems
Here a Trak-Ticket with the same Problem in the LE9 Milhouse Builds:


Greets Gismo
(2017-11-29, 19:18)tehax Wrote: Since October i have issues to play my recorded tv .ts files for some (German) channels like NDR HD, WDR HD. Videos does not start (CU Lyric search for songtext!), while recorded .ts files from channels like 13th street HD plays very well. I halso have the issue that same German channels have jerking or studdering when viewing live. Because of the big file size i add Log into my Onedrive.
Hope the issues can be fixed.
Zip Log
With latest nightly windows issue and playing .ts streams are solved for me. Thank you guys.
But i have still issues with some German live tv channels and playing whose recorded videos as descibed before with jerking. I can see in the log some errors like:
ERROR: DXVA::CProcessorHD::GetInputView: cannot get decoder view.
at entry video item E:\Recorded TV\Wunderschön!...
On same windows system with v17.6 everything works flawless.
i still have video player issues in pvr tv. On some channels the video is jerky or ditherring. I tried every possible setting combination in kodi but nothing helps. No difference with dxva or software decoding or something else. It is not much and mainly visable at pan shots. With v17 everything plays flawless. I made a tv recording but when playing this ts file in youtube or other video player there is nothing to see.
Kodi Log
and Sample recording download
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