Hi everyone,

I wanted to talk about PeerTube. It's still in alpha, but yet functional tentative of having a federated and decentralized video platform, with the following features:
  • Self-hosted
  • Federated: an instance can reference videos from other instances at will
  • Peer-to-peer streaming: viewed videos are streamed from the server and using webtorrent
It's kind of Mastodon, but for videos.

PeerTube is currently developed by one developer, and it needs … support. Of course, a lot of you can help without money, by reporting bugs, testing, translating, requesting helpful features. But for other, there is a donation ongoing on KissKissBankBank.

I don't know if PeerTube will grow really big. But it's interesting for Kodi as a new source of videos, with the possibility of re-streaming videos to others.

Last words: this might sounds like an off-topic, and/or an advertisement. Honestly, I read the rule, and it might be completely irrelevant, and even disturbing. If a moderator find it completely out of scope, don't hesitate to delete this.
Let's put it into the off topic section as people may be interested in it.

But it's not (yet) something directly related to Kodi.
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(2018-06-21, 18:15)DarrenHill Wrote: But it's not (yet) something directly related to Kodi.

Until now
Librelec 8.2.1 with kodi 17.6 on RPI 3 kernel 4.9.59.
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