XBOX Thanks for the Xbox One port!
Dunno where to post this, if it's in the wrong forum I apologize on beforehand.

I just would like to thank the kind developers of Kodi for the Xbox One port. Recently yet another Raspberry Pi fried and has serious video playback issues now. Instead of having to spend $50 to ship a new Pi and a proper power supply I now use my Xbox One S as my Mediacenter. Works like a charm w/ NFS network shares and USB drives. Installation was a no-brainer via the Xbox "store" (or whatever it's called). I don't think that I have to thank Microsoft for porting this to the XB1 so: thanks guys!


P.S. Even multi channel audio output works. My DTS capable receiver "receives" Kodi's audio as DTS, just like in games. I tested w/ an image of a DVD of Pink FLoyd's album "Dark side of the moon" (Immersion box set) and the quadraphonic version of the song "Money". That song has some very distinct multi-channel sound effects at the beginning that indeed "travel around" 4 speakers.
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