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In pre 3.x releases, the renamer video format token would return 4k for 4k videos.  In 3.x, it returns 2160p.  Is there a way to revert this behavior and have it return 4k instead?
that has been changed upon a request to be uniform ( there is no way to switch that to the other way since we can either use 4k or 2160p. And our goal is to use a consistent style
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Sigh.  While understandable, I think your comment in that bug thread reflects how most people choose and use these nomenclatures.

Nobody calls their 4k content 2160p, even though that is technically what it is.  They call it 4k.  So I think most would want it reflected in the naming of any relevant files. 

In my case, I suppose it means downgrading back to 2.x.  3.x looks much nicer, but not sure I want to deal with having to rename all my new 4k titles manually.
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