S W A N (wip, tease)
will be an customizable Skin and (hopefully) ready when KODI Matrix will be in a stable Version.

It's in early progress, which means that just a few basics are ready and skin files aren't ready to share to public.

Feauterette plans....

- define BackgroundImage + OverlayImage Fallbacks (+  define tint)
- support for animated artwotk (animatedposter, animatedfanart)
- define nearly every colory (BackgroundImageTint , OverlayImageTint , Plot , Flags , Icons , label , header , misc info labels,.... )
- animate backround
- monochrome flags ( + define tint)
- support monochrome studio logos (resource.images.studios.white , +  define tint )
- support coloured studio logos (resource.images.studios.coloured)
- use (optional) special ratings  (rottentomatoes, metacritic, imdb, tmdb, tvdb)

- fully customizable widgets (limit to 30 widgets atm )
- define path/content , layout , limit , sortorder , sortdirection
- choose beteen (3-4) Home Layouts, which get unique setting (eg. artwork and label alignment)
- define HOME BackgroundImage + HOME OverlayImage
- define ALL HOME COLORS (BackgroundImageTint , OverlayImageTint, InfoLabel like Plot,Flags,Icons )

- 5- ?  View Types , with unique Settings

Video of early state (testing, settings,bg,widgets)

Some Screens of early state

watch gallery

Huge thanks to the Team KODI for providing and maintain the skinning wiki and helping out here in the Forum and special thanks to  @sualfred  for making the embuary.helper script which is used as a skin dependencie and helping out by questions here (espeacially making Custom Widget Options) possible.
Sorry for Typos & wrong Spelling
Wow, I love to trying this one!
INTEL: Core i3 - HD 4400
KODI: 18.3
LIBRARY: Movies - TV Shows
OS: Windows 8 - iOS 12 & Android 8
(2019-10-10, 20:47)3500 Wrote: Wow, I love to trying this one!
(2019-10-10, 20:09)ontap Wrote: Mouthwatering.


Currently it's more a 'ugly duckling', if not an hatched swanegg.

As soon i get over other needed files, i'll publish a link for testing.
Is there a Netflix view type and osd in this skin?
(2019-10-12, 23:45)Butta97 Wrote: Is there a Netflix view type and osd in this skin?

The plan is to have Netflix Style Layouts like below included chooseable View Types.

3 in 1 (Video Snippet Titan MOD)

OSD and VideoInfo just maybe.
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