Solved Help on specific texture path parsed with IMDB number and Label
Plz don't ask why, it's for testing for a new Artwork Project (see my other 4 Projects in Signature) but I have problems with the code so the whole thing now threatens to fall back into the water.

To parse a a label direct with an actor is working fine with this code - we are only in dialogvideoinfo now:
Great thanks @manfeed for this:

            <control type="image" id="98764">
                <aspectratio align="center" aligny="center">keep</aspectratio>    
                <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="500" delay="0">Visible</animation>
                <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="500" delay="0">Hidden</animation>
                <visible>!Control.Hasfocus(149) + !Control.Hasfocus(160) + Container.Content(movies)</visible>                     

But now i want to make it also depentent on "in wich movie we are now" - the IMDB ID
Same actor but on Movie A is another Picture shown than on Movie B 

Tried the following:

This is the folder structure i want to use:
Scarlett Johannson is for the first code i posted - working
Arnold Schwarzenegger is for the second code i need your help.

As very often i have to say i have never learnd any coding ans stuff i understand very less and is very difficult with a pseudo dementia. Please don't blame me for that. And yes i know the link to the skinning manual.
But still some cool things have come here. I also had help I have to admit.

The goal is to parse artwork on a specefic actor on a specific movie.
It's for 3 purposes, i can use the collected Character Poster Sets and Character Art Project and a new GIF Project in a new way.
I'm pretty sure some people will like it.

Great thanks for your help!

Maybe one of the Kodi professionals or skinning pro's can solve my problem (@manfeed @Hitcher @ronie @sualfred @latts9923 @Angelinas )
Each info label needs to be separate - <texture>special://skin/chrissixgif/$INFO[Container(50).ListItem.IMDBNumber]/$INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label]/,.gif</texture>
Great thanks @Hitcher taking a look at it.

I saw you edited the code. I tried it that way.
Unfortunately nothing happens

also @manfeed advice was similar
Unfortunately nothing happens

Any advice whats still going wrong?
I created a textbox to show IMDB ID (ListItem.IMDBNumber) that it is really equal to the foldername. It is equal i am sure.
I saw on some threads that IMDB gets a falsification with an "xx" as prefix but it's not a problem for the skinning engine, more for python stuff i think 
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(2020-01-25, 21:59)chrissix Wrote: it's for testing for a new Artwork Project
I like your actress png addon, my wife hate it, i love it, and also use some of the character poster set (marvel) cause @latts9923 both implemented, but i'm curios, what is your new stuff about?
(2020-01-25, 22:58)Captain_Pike Wrote: but i'm curios, what is your new stuff about?
It's not very welcome to announce stuff which maybe will be never see the daylight.
First i need help to get code problems solved or maybe it even can't be solved and is impossible...
But you can take a short look on concept in this post.
Needs to be:

special://skin/ is basefolder of skin. Your folder is inside media.
Debug Log should be your friend in such cases.
kodi will complain in the log if it fails to load an image,
it'll also tell you the full path of the image that failed, so you can double check if the path is correct.

another tip is to put the entire path in a label control, that way you can see on screen if the path you're trying to construct makes any sense.

in regard to some of the examples above, the correct way to format a label is this: $INFO[label, prefix, postfix]
so placing ,.gif outside of the $INFO[] tag makes no sense.
using ,.gif as a prefix also makes no sense.
Do not PM or e-mail Team-Kodi members directly asking for support.
Always read the Forum rules, Kodi online-manual, FAQ, Help and Search the forum before posting.
(2020-01-26, 00:20)ronie Wrote: in regard to some of the examples above, the correct way to format a label is this: $INFO[label, prefix, postfix]
so placing ,.gif outside of the $INFO[] tag makes no sense.
using ,.gif as a prefix also makes no sense.
@ronie great thanks for the advice, have the skinning wiki open and going now deeper into this.
Please forgive such guys as me who loves kodi and wants to create some stuff but have too less skill or brain mass to ever understand all syntax and semantic.

@jurialmunkey i was struggling for hours and this simple stuff have solved it. Great thanks! This was exaclty what i want to achieve!
I have creating 3 strings with a toggle button
-> actor movie role dependent only (role)
-> actor movie role independent only (actor)
-> actor movie role first, if not there then movie role independent as fallback. (both)

From the last string look at the testing example its working really fine:
First movie (Raw Deal) no role gif is there so its falling back to main actor gif.
Second movie (Commando) and third movie (Terminator 1) a role gif is there so it's showing this.

Great thanks! Much appreciated!

Now i can go further!

Unfortunately GIF is only supported in skin textures and artwork types, not in resources (addons).
(As far as i know only these 3 types of images in kodi exist)
Providing as artwork types is no option so i have now work further to treat as skin textures.
If i would provide a pack the users have always to copy it into the skin folder. It's now strict skin dependent.
I am open to any suggestion of how to store on a independent location.
Cause i have the base code know i can port it also to my other actor dependent project, Character Poster Sets and Character Art.

I keep up to date on the progress and if i become struggles with further coding.
Many thanks for the help!
@chrissix - You could make a folder where each frame of the animation is a png, then use a multiimage control to animate them. That's how the animated weather icon resources work.

- Tom Cruise
---/ tt123345678
------/ 01.png
------/ 02.png
------/ 03.png
------/ 04.png
------/ etc.

<control type="multiimage">

Change <timeperimage> to change speed of animation.
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