Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-08-29, 21:22)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-08-29, 19:43)cscott1 Wrote: Here is a short video I made of some bugs I didn't check to see see if they were reported already so may be some repeats.


Looks like you missed my post from earlier today where I covered a few things from your video. See here:


1. But more on the clearlogos, regarding the current clearlogo size, it's not the length that's the problem, it's the height. The (max) length is bang-on the same length as Netflix. However,  inorder to get that length right, the height had to increase to keep the aspect ratio properly. I was never happy with this solution but then again, I was never happy with the vanilla size of the logos as they were too small.  Kodi/Artwork Beef scraped logos are a completely different aspect ratio to Netlfix's wider logos that also utilise specific artwork that fits the aspect ratio.  

This is also the reason why the Netflix clearlogo you sourced online was far too big and also something I only noticed recently as per my last post while using the Netflix add-on.

I have fixed this on my setup by making the clearlogos smaller again. By the way, making them smaller again will absolutely not match Netflix. You either match their height, or you match their length, you can't do both with Kodi scraped clearlogos. Unless you somehow try and source all their clearlogos, making them smaller again will not help you get close to Netflix.

Or you do what I am doing now, which is editing a lot of my clearlogo's from the standard aspect ratio Kodi scrapers use to Netflix aspect ratio and then increasing the size of the artwork (where it allows to be increased without messing up the aspect ratio).

You don't have to do this, the changes I made recently make the clearlogos a bit better than vanilla bingie but you'd always have to accept they still won't be anywhere near close to matching Netflix.  

2. I covered the diffuse menu coincidently in my last post.  It will be up the Achilles if he wants to include both the clearlogo and diffuse menu changes I've made.

3. Regarding the static slim menu staying on screen with the red indicator, I agree and I've been meaning to look into this.  Might be be beyond what I'm personally capable of though, we'll see.  You also missed a bug with the red indicator line not being aligned under the icon. I even noticed it happen in your video.  I've already fixed this.

4. You mentioned the font too, this is so much closer to Netflix's font than vanilla but feel free to revert back to vanilla font. I labelled it "original" and you can switch through the interface settings.  You can also try out another font, Gothic which was an older Netflix font.  It still needs some fixing but it's there to try out.

5. The fixed widget's changing height position, I could have sworn Achilles fixed this.  I haven't noticed it on mine but then again I'm not working with the exact same xmls and I don't have as many widgets. Not sure about that.

6. Regarding the MPAA on details row, if your comfortable in the XML's I can point you how to revert them from Icons back to text and flagbox. Just let me know.  I mainly changed these to match the UK Netflix which have the icons you can probably notice in any of the pictures in the post I linked to. I also provided an option for US too so you can actually have your US coloured icons by going to settings>library settings>media codecs and selecting coloured icons.

6. Don't remember what else you mentioned, maybe it would be easier to put some points in a post and hopefully Achilles can help.

If possible it would awesome to have an option for the UK version of the ratings and the grey box US version like the US version of Netflix as a skin setting would be really nice so us US users don't have to dig into the code. I always mess something up.
Running Leia Titan Bingie Mod skin on Nvidia Shield to Vizio 50in HD TV in living room. Same setup on Xiaomi Mi boxes in my bedroom and home gym. Same setup in camper with a 24in tv, Google Pixel 3a Android 10 cell phone. Kodi and Plex Server Dell Inspirion 5575 Ryzen 5 HTPC Windows 10 with 5TB external HDD

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