Using NextPVR with HD PVR Rocket? Setting Up "HDMI Channel"?
TLDR: How do I setup an "HDMI Channel" in NextPVR with an HD PVR Rocket?

I've been searching for the better part of an hour...about to be driven crazy by what I would think is a very straightforward setup.  I have zero experience with modern PVR server; the last time I used a capture card was Windows XP MCE, and both XBMC and WMC simply detected the stream and I moved on with my life.  Easy Peasy...anyways...

I just purchased a Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket.  This device has no IR blaster.  All over Kodi and NextPVR forums, I see various posts implying the Rocket works fine with NextPVR...I've even seen sub3 post about it.  However, I have been unable to find out HOW to make it work...reading the NextPVR wiki and various forums has gotten me nowhere.

So far, the best I can find is a quote from sub3 here:
(2017-01-30, 23:04)sub3 Wrote: With NextPVR, you can setup a "HDMI" channel to represent an HDMI input on a Hauppauge capture device. If you use a Hauppauge Rocket, NextPVR will be able to work around the HDCP, without the need for extra hardware. If you're using another HDMI capture device, you'll probably need one of the HDMI splitters that remove the HDCP.

After that you can watch the "HDMI" channel in Kodi, or NextPVR itself, and see the output of your set top box.

That said, you've indicated you're not going to use an IR blaster, so this setup is going to be useless for recording etc, since the PVR software will have no way to change channels on the set top box when it needs to.

Whenever I try and scan channels, I get nothing of course.  And I cannot find a way to add a channel manually...short of maybe editing some config file somewhere.

Essentially, I just want to be able to see the current stream in Kodi and I do not want or care to use DVR functionality or change channels.  How do I setup an "HDMI channel" as sub3 notes?
Backend support is provided on the NextPVR forum when appropriate logs are provided.

Note that IR blasters don't have to be on the device, external blasters are available.  Hopefully you aren't using this for game capture as there will be a noticeable lag.

The instructions you quote above were really for NextPVR v4, which was a bit different. It had an 'add channel' button where you could manually setup a channel. 

NextPVR v5 doesn't have such a button. You could still create such a channel if you needed to, but you'd need to make a fake xmltv file, with a single channel listed (called something like 'HDMI'). You could them import channels, and point it at this xmltv file, and it'd cause the application to create an HDMI channel. Without setting up a blaster, it'll always just give you a copy of whatever was coming over HDMI. As Martin said, you can expect a few seconds delay. (which is fine for people recording from set top boxes to watch later, but shitty if you're trying to watch live game play or something like that...look for other software solution for that type of setup)

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Using NextPVR with HD PVR Rocket? Setting Up "HDMI Channel"?0
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