Ability to see unscraped items in Video Library
I've searched and searched the forum for this, and can't find a prior request for this functionality. At the back of my mind however, I'm sure that I recall reading about this recently. Feel free to let rip with your collective scorn if I am indeed a time-waster on this occasion!

My wife and young child are oblivious to the difference between File and Library mode, and they enjoy the convenience of running in library mode at all times. If however I add some new content to my NAS, it wont show up in the Library if it's not already been added to TVDB or TMDB. From their perspective, the newly added content simply isn't available unless I'm on hand to 'magic it up' by jumping into File mode.

Even when I add the entry to TMDB or TVDB myself, it takes a while before the respective APIs will provide the necessary data. TMDB for instance can take up-to four days before the data filters down to the API.

Having said all that, I'm keen to understand if there's any demand (myself excluded) for an ability to view videos that failed to scrape successfully whilst in Library mode. Simply showing them under the Title or Flattened view by their filename would suffice. Appending something like "(unmatched)" to the end of the filename may help even further, as it would allow us to identify and resolve failed-scrapes without needing to trawl through the Debug Log.

Interested in others thoughts, so I can raise a formal Feature Request on Trac (a patch would be well beyond my abilities I'm afraid) or crawl back under my rock if it's already been discussed or is not considered desirable by the wider community.

Thanks for reading this far!

I'd love this functionality. I run in file mode exclusively for the reason you stated... wife and son wouldn't be able to figure it out otherwise. Of course he's only 2, but it still applies with her. Wink
I'm with you on this. The larger your library is, the harder it is to keep track of stuff thats not scraped.
subjet have been talked in this forum 2 days ago.
ppic Wrote:subjet have been talked in this forum 2 days ago.

wow. very informative.
that would be really nice.
i have allways some tv-shows, which aren't available at tvdb.com.
ie. shows from discovery channel can't be scraped.
so i can "fake" them (by using folder.jpg and a tv-show without thumbs) or use the filemode.

the DB should, as you said, use the folder and filenam, if it can't be scraped.
and if the season is known, but the episod isn't, than just the filename.
Good idea. Maybe another way to do this is inside the file view:
put a label on the file that are not in the library, that way you can manually add it if you like or go create the movie or show in the right website.
This would prevent the library to show files without any information or poster.
azido Wrote:wow. very informative.

sorry, I was going for a walk, seems that video mod will dissapear and will be a librairy node.

I repost there when I find it Wink

is it better?

edit: my mistake, subject wasn't really the same, but info is correct: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=61258
If you look at Jonathan's ideas for a library rewrite you should find something to this effect (no ETA).
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Thanks guys. I'll not bother cluttering up Trac with a formal Feature Request then, as it sounds like it already forms part of the teams future aspirations.
Fergus Wrote:Thanks guys. I'll not bother cluttering up Trac with a formal Feature Request then, as it sounds like it already forms part of the teams future aspirations.

FYI, There is actually an existing trac for this: Tongue

I know this is an old request and there is a trac for this, but i cant believe this is not available yet. It seems crazy to me that we have to rely on there being an entry in one of the tv scraping sites to have an episode show up in our library. What does it hurt to show a tv show that has a correct series name and episode and season with our correctly tagged media?

Am i missing something here that makes this so difficult for the developers to enable this? Please forgive me if there is a good reason why or there is a solution available. I searched periodically throughout the years and have not seen much other than the acknowledgement of the issue.
I do not understand why this is not implemented after 8 years. Huge demand from all users including myself.
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