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Full Version: Universal Scraper for Music Albums
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Can someone point me in the right direction? I just want to change the directory that music extrafanart, etc is downloaded to. I don't want it in the same folder as my music. Thanks!
The Universal Album scraper does not save actual image files anywhere, and it does not fetch URLs for artist extrafanart either.

If you have  extrafanart folders and image files mixed in with your music it will be the result of one of the artwork addons such as cdart or the skin helper service used by some skins. They may have settings that allow you you locate the art elsewhere, or they may not, but first you need to find which addon downloaded the images.
Thanks DaveBlake. Will look into that.
Hi @olympia

Now @DaveBlake's music artwork PRs have been merged, is there any chance of adding the new artwork to this scraper from TADB?

I guess its probably best to have them as options and disabled by default so not to waste peoples bandwidth who are not on the latest version.

Album Discart: strAlbumCDart
Album Back: strAlbumThumbBack
Artist Spine: strAlbumSpine


Image  Image  Image
I have a problem that some of my albums are not identified by this scraper.
Example: Manfred Mann's Earth Band / Leftovers

The query issued to musicbrainz is:

10:35:55.640 T:1564 DEBUG: Thread MusicInfoScraper start, auto delete: false
10:35:55.640 T:1564 DEBUG: ADDON::CScraper::FindAlbum: Searching for 'Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Leftovers' using Universal Album Scraper scraper (path: 'C:\Users\JoScha\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\metadata.album.universal', content: 'albums', version: '2.7.3')
10:35:55.641 T:1564 DEBUG: scraper: CreateAlbumSearchUrl returned <url>http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/?fmt=xml&query=release:%22Leftovers%22%20AND%20(artistname:%22Manfred%20Mann%27s%20Earth%20Band%22%20OR%20artist:%22Manfred%20Mann%27s%20Earth%20Band%22)</url>
10:35:55.642 T:1564 DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x2560644b480) http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/?fmt...20Band%22)
10:35:55.691 T:1564 DEBUG: CScraperUrl::Get: Using "UTF-8" charset for XML "http://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/?fmt=xml&query=release:%22Leftovers%22%20AND%20(artistname:%22Manfred%20Mann%27s%20Earth%20Band%22%20OR%20artist:%22Manfred%20Mann%27s%20Earth%20Band%22)"
10:35:55.694 T:1564 DEBUG: scraper: GetAlbumSearchResults returned <results sorted="yes"></results>
10:35:55.694 T:1564 DEBUG: Thread MusicInfoScraper 1564 terminating

No info is found. The album exists here as CD1 of the 40th anniversary release: https://musicbrainz.org/release/325c347b...449a7c6996
Unfortunately, "Leftovers" doesn't have a separate release ID, so it's correctly not identified as a release. Now my question, would it be possible to extend search to disc titles of releases, maybe as an additional option in settings (field: %discsubtitle%)?

If I query for "Manfred Mann's Earth Band / 40th Anniversary", no results are returned as well...

Looks like there a weird kind of aposthrophe used in the band's name.
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (musicbrainz)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (what one would expect)
Maybe this could be normalized in queries?
@HeresJohnny the Universal Album Scraper is designed to attempt to match an album in Kodi with a release in Musicbrainz database, it is not going to be able to find an album/release called "Leftovers". Now I totally understand why you have tagged a disc set as individual albums, Kodi's support of music disc sets is very limited, but inability to scrape is a price for that.

However you may have also tripped over an issue with looking up "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" because of the appostrophe, or it simply could be your music file tagging need adjusting.

All of this look up by name difficulties would of course go away if the musc files were tagged with Musicbrainz ID tags (just saying).
Those damn "word 97" apostorphes drive me crazy, but the musicbrainz developers did state that as long as the scraping software uses the correct character encoding it should match correctly.

I'm not sure if Kodi does this though.

On the AudioDB we changed all the apostrophes to normal ones Smile
I have massive problems to scrape album information and cover art. For eksampel Beatles compilation albums (red and blue album). I can find them on all music and the audio db. In previous version, it was possible to find them manually from the list, if the titles in the library didn’t match entries in the online providers (allmusic.com ans theaudiodb.com).

Can you provide a Debug Log which captures you scraping that album. Thanks.
(2018-08-13, 01:04)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]@Ipaddle

Can you provide a Debug Log which captures you scraping that album. Thanks.
I will do that. Thank you.
(2018-08-13, 01:04)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]@Ipaddle

Can you provide a Debug Log which captures you scraping that album. Thanks.


Here log: http://ix.io/1k6f
Thanks @Ipaddle that helps.

I believe @olympia is looking into the issue.

v17 - metadata.album.universal-2.7.4
v18 - metadata.album.universal-3.0.0
are now available.

You can...

1. Wait upto 24 hours for your repository and add-on to update automatically, assuming you have not disabled these settings
2. Force a repository update from the left sideblade menu and select Check for updates. You may need to wait until the update reaches the servers in your part of the world.
3. Download and install from zip from the following links...
Thanks @olympia

That should fix the issue you were experiencing.

Let us know if it is now working correctly.
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