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Full Version: Rockchip RK3288 SoC based Android media players and XBMC experience?
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(2015-05-27, 18:12)hyperman Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-08-28, 08:21)dali211 Wrote: [ -> ]I also find an TV BOX of RK3288 on Amazon, wondering how about it's XBMC?


+1 on your question. Is it possible to get Kodi updated to 15.0 now?
You can get the SPMC 15 beta 1 it works better with rk3288 devices.
(2014-08-28, 08:21)dali211 Wrote: [ -> ]I also find an TV BOX of RK3288 on Amazon, wondering how about it's XBMC?


An RK3288 Ubox also from this brand. I have no idea on it
Is it worth buying a android TV box with a rk3288 chip
(2015-04-15, 22:08)albertstroh77 Wrote: [ -> ]I have read about the flash memory being a problem. I don't think that is my issue as all the movies are on the nas. Could be though and I have never ran a check on this devices memory. Maybe another thing to look into.

I have a few 3188 boxes that play fine, I still have hope this is more of a kodi issue that will be sorted.

On freaktab beebox reported that rk released new sdk to resolve stutter


But sincerly i don't trust rk as cloud media
Don't expect proper support for RK in Kodi unless they use MediaCodec
So if i get a box that has rk3288 chip what will I have to do to have it run kodi is it worth the trouble or should i just use a box like a neo x8h plus and not have to worry about it
you're better off with anything AMLogic. Minix for example as they provide good quality firmware.
does the x8h plus have good enough 4k support.. i just dont wanna get a box and find out i should of got a diffenernt setup then the minix
I was waiting on the x9 for the true 4k and because of the issues with the rk3288 its now a no go
I'm late on this thread; just wondering if anyone is using this for Kodi successfully. I want to get a unit that uses the RK3288 chipset, an android box that also has a camera built in (this one) so I can use it as my main media player in the living room but also I can skype/hangout with my family.

However I'm reading that Mpeg2 does not work well on the GPU and this is a problem. Also, not much support for Kodi on this chipset.
Currently my aFTV units are rock solid running Kodi, Netflix, and HD Homerun (in Kodi) and playback of Mpeg2 streams PVRed and not compressed...
If you want to buy an RK3288 device, don't buy the no-name ones - as they have no firmware updates, no support - and the CONS listed on the first post (especially like that one with the camera you linked too).
If you want a camera, just buy a USB camera - they should all work plug and play.

To have success with a no name box, it must have a large user base (for custom ROMs to make it work better - and unfortunately these devices DONT have any custom firmwares).
A classic example is the very well known RK3188 box "CS918" or "TR42" etc, right now, there is endless availability of custom ROMs and those units work great (thanks to the community). Though I dont recommend buying one of those now as theyre really outdated.

I bought a UGOOS RK3288 and the WiFi was TERRIBLE in Australia - even though they use the Broadcom AP6335 which is dual band and ac (i'll explain why i mention Australia next). UGOOS use the SPMC Kodi fork - which partially supports the RK video codecs - which means you can still use Kodi successfully and for my personal use, didnt find much drama. On the forums, i didnt see anyone complain about the UGOOS WiFi (but none of those people were from Australia - im guessing there is different or extra WiFi channels required). Another problem I had with the UGOOS RK3288, was that my air mouse was cutting out (like dropping frames for the air mouse on screen), I even tested a wireless keyboard and the keys would double press and do weird things. I finally found a forum post that said you need to plug the USB receiver into the OTG port for it to work properly.
I did that, and the issue was resolved. Were talking about UGOOS here, now imagine you buy that no name box with the camera. Expect atleast another 10 problems.

I then took the plunge via a recommendation on the whirlpool forums (its an Australian forum if you're wondering wtf is that lol), and I bought the Xmedex XTREME Plus device, which is based on the RK3288 (i have been hanging for the RK3288). Xmedex have their own fork of Kodi called "X-Media Center" based on 15.2. Before making my purchase, I asked them about Kodi, as this is why we all buy these media boxes. They assured me that X-Media Center is perfectly stable, with RK video decoding and hardware codecs configured. They mentioned 4K video patches and HD audio patches from RK, and that RK provided them with manufacturer source code to help them build X-Media Center to work properly on the RK3288, since Kodi itself does not support the RK3288 (not sure why).

Guess what? Bloody FANTASTIC. I use my NAS with Kodi, works perfectly. Ive streamed 1080P and even 4K with both Kodi and the stock video player with no stuttering and no frame drops. Ive streamed Live TV in Kodi with no problem. Ive streamed Dolby DTS without any problems. (but I did see one forum post say that a specific 4K video wasn't playing as it should - so Im guessing its compatible with MOST 4K videos, maybe not ALL - but who cares).
Last week I got a newsletter advising that Lollipop is on its way. Everything is just too good to be true. They use the same Broadcom AP6335 as UGOOS but my WiFi is excellent and full range. My wireless controllers all work in any USB port without the frame drop or double press like the UGOOS. All I can say, you want RK3288, you NEED the Xmedex XTREME hands down. All those saying get a MINIX or amlogic based device, all I can say to you is, this thing is atleast 4 times faster for loading things in Kodi and in general operation. Its a shame that RK and all the generic devices have POOR support for these devices, because the Xmedex is expensive, though worth every dollar.
It would help if RK start using MediaCodec, but we all know RK, everything is closed, and they are tough to work with.

Check out this review on youtube:

Its partially the reason of my purchase, and it shows 4K playback in Kodi (X-Media Center) - thank me later
Edit, whilst I lookup FilmOn's legal status.
(2016-03-03, 06:59)wrxtasy Wrote: [ -> ]Edit, whilst I lookup FilmOn's legal status.

FilmON is definitely legal, and has an official app in the Google Play Store.
Though the billionaire Alki David has been taken to court several times. They eventually geo-restricted the UK channels which were in question (BBC ITV etc) - so you cant watch them unless you are in the UK or under a VPN/proxy.
Must be a legal loop hole that FilmON is taking advantage of.
(those UK channels dont even show up on the website anymore if your IP is not in the UK). I guess that was the settlement agreement.

Though funny, Xmedex advertises the ability to stream from FilmON in X-Media Center, but it isn't actually pre-installed. The only addons pre-installed were the aussie catch up, ustvnow, karaoke, and soundcloud / radio. Pretty much all you can see in that YouTube clip above. Their advertising probably means that you CAN stream from FilmON (if you were to install it). Though it would be nice if they already had it pre-installed to save the hassle
Any info about the RK3299 and 3399? They do Hi10p for h264, and 4K HEVC.
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