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Full Version: Music Helper App (Tools for Concerts & Audio)
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I'm not sure where to post this but since this will help users into Music Concert Videos and Audio I'll start in this Music sub-forum.

I've just about finished my 'Music Media Helper app' version 3.0 (Windows only) which contains a collection of useful Music file tools:

(Updated 2020-09-08) New Version 4.0.6 Released (new msi installer and auto check for updates)

Latest Docs (PDF) here with Installer download link in the doc: https://reva.blob.core.windows.net/mmh/M...tation.pdf

For those who want to go direct to click-once installer: https://reva.blob.core.windows.net/mmh4/publish.htm

The latest 4.0 installer is digitally signed to stop Norton Antivirus blocking the installer. If you have problems see the pdf on install

Direct link to the new installer: https://reva.blob.core.windows.net/mmh4/...taller.msi


Provides tools to more easily get Music Concerts into the Kodi Music Video Library including Kodi showing concerts track lists (each songs title):
- Split a Music Concert MKV file into chapters (individual files per song to more easily play specific songs & add to playlists). Create Kodi NFO files.
- Auto-renaming of Chapter files to their song titles from original MKV (Or copy & paste entire track list at once)
- Create Chapters in an MKV and MKA files that does not have Chapters or Edit existing chapter start times to correct misaligned.
- Creating NFO (xml data) files for Kodi to load the Concerts and Music Videos into the Kodi Music Video Library
- Ability to automatically download a Concert Videos 'Poster' (Cover art) and Fanart for the Artist - user selects desired image
- Automatic creation of all NFO (xml data) existing music video/concert  files for Kodi (recursive creation for all music video sub-folders)
- Merge MKV and FLAC into a new MKV files (batch mode)

Playlist Tools (M3U compatible with Kodi):
- Creating M3U playlist files for any collection of both audio and video files (including Music Concert videos/tracks)
- Drag & Drop reordering & add (Drag) files from folders to a specific position in a playlist
- Ability to copy all the song files in any playlist to another folder/disc
- Automatic creation of an M3U playlist for all Concerts (every concert song in original sequence) and option to copy those playlists to a Kodi userdata\playlist folder on completion.
- mka file support added in version 3.5.0

Media File Manager and Reporting:
- Tool to Scan all your Media files to create a catalog and report csv file or export directly to Excel for all media you have (Audio, music video and Movies/TV Series) - this also shows audio sample/bit rates and video resolution (if any video), size of the media and date last changed. Supports Kodi Music, TV Series and Movies.
- A dialog to selectively copy any/all of your media to another disc (and to show what's already/not already copied to that disk)

Audio Tools:
- Split an MKV/MKA to Chapters and create individual FLAC, WAV or M4A files (includes supports for lossless DTS-HDMA and Atmos/TrueHD at 24/96 or higher including multichannel) - Auto renaming and tagging of output files from a MusicBrainz search or manual data entry.
- Split MKV/MKA to Chapters and create individual MKA files (includes support for DTS-HDMA and Atmos/TrueHD) added in 3.5.0
- Create CUE files from tagged audio files (mka, FLAC) added in version 3.5.0
- A dialog to resample any audio file (e.g. 192kHz to 96kHz)
- Option to 'add silent centre channel' to Quad (4.0) audio, making the audio 5.0 - Useful for many modern AVRs that play Quad as Stereo!
- View and/or Analyze and Update ReplayGain (Flac only)
- View status of embedded cover art (recursive on all album folder) and/or automatically update embedded cover art (from folder.jpg or cover.jpg in album folder)
- Edit multichannel volume/gain (batch mode)
- Split multichannel audio files to mono files and Merge multiple mono files into multichannel files (batch mode)

This is a Windows Only app (at this stage)
Requires Microsoft .NET 4.8 (should already be installed on Windows 10, 8 and 7 PCs)

Some Images:
What you get in Kodi (Leia) Music Videos with Aeon Nox: Silvo skin for Concerts after splitting into chapters and creating nfo files and scanning source folder as 'Music Video':


Launcher screen (Updated with version 3.0 new default skin)

Add Chapters to MKV (manually or Import from text file):

Split MKV into Chapter Files with auto file renaming (Or copy tracklist from a website & paste from Clipboard)

Concert Video Image Scraping:

Playlist Editing (Audio):

Playlist Editing (Music Videos & Concerts):

Media File Manager/Reporting: (example for Music Videos):

Media File Manager/Reporting: (Sample for Audio):
I look forward to when this is released. I would love to be of assistance with beta testing. However, I won't have any time available for the next few weeks. If you still need testers after that, let me know. I don't have enough posts to PM...yet (I am working on being more involved in the forums and contributing code to Kodi and/or add-ons).
No problem kennywayne07. I've been using most the tools for sometime for my own music collection so I'm hoping most bugs are already squashed Smile. So I'm hoping I can release something fairly soon, depending on feedback from the beta users.

EDIT: I've just about finished the beta documentation. Beta testers have been sent download links too.

Anyone wanting to know more about this Music Media Helper app can view the  docs in first post
Hi, any chance I can get a look a thisHuh I need to have a sort out and this looks perfect for what I need!
Nice app! I can see the potential.

Don't forget the wiki guide for concerts I wrote recently.

(2016-10-21, 14:34)ziggy73701 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, any chance I can get a look a thisHuh I need to have a sort out and this looks perfect for what I need!

PM sent
(2016-10-21, 15:55)zag Wrote: [ -> ]Nice app! I can see the potential.

Don't forget the wiki guide for concerts I wrote recently.


Thanks zag. I had not seen that. Good write-up.

Once I release this Music Helper maybe you could add a link to it for those wanting to view concert songs?

Note for those using the Music Helper app (my first post):
I've taken a slightly different approach to Concerts than Zag's wiki. Since I want to see the Concert's song (track) list in Kodi and in my Kodi Remote Apps on my iPad, I set the Kodi Source as 'Music Videos' then Kodi treats the concert folders like it does for 'Music' where a Concert is like an 'Album' containing separate songs/tracks.

Also set the source to use the NFO files created by Music Helper as scraping from TMDB won't work since the video files will be concert track songs (and won't scrape)
I've updated the beta app today:

- Added a new tool to add chapters to MKV files that don't have chapters, including using text data for chapters from chapterdb.org (allows that text format to be used by the 'Split MKV' tool with this app)

- Splitting MKVs into individual files per chapter now automatically uses any chapter names found in the source MKV (the one chosen to split) for file names (can still be manually edited too)

- Added option to auto copy the Music Concert playlists created with the Batch Playlist Creation tool to a Kodi userdata folder when all playlists have been created.

- Fixed a few bugs and tidied up the UI where required.

Those forum members with the beta download link can resuse to download latest version. I also updated the PDF info (in previous link above)
very interested I have sent you a PM
I am also very very interested & I have sent you a PM Today.

Thank you
(2016-11-02, 00:07)tkgafs Wrote: [ -> ]very interested I have sent you a PM
(2016-11-02, 18:00)melons2 Wrote: [ -> ]I am also very very interested & I have sent you a PM Today.

Thank you

I just uploaded the latest beta and sent you both a PM with the download URL. Other beta users can download from the same links I sent earlier.

Media File Manager has new option to delete media sub-folders from the 'Destination Folder'
Added a new 'Batch Creation' option to Scrape Concert Videos in a semi-automated way (recursive scrape on all concert sub-folders)
Bugs squashed

The new Batch Tool dialog:
Hi HomerJau,

I would love to test your app as I have a reasonable collection of concert DVD's. I currently just have them ripped as one mkv file per concert, although I have added chapter titles to all of them to make it easier to navigate to specific songs. I've had a look at the tools to do manually what your app does (to a certain degree) but it is very tedious! I can see why you developed this app for your own use initially.

Any chance of letting me give it a whirl?

No probs apcol. I will send a link via PM shortly.

EDIT: I just uploaded another beta release (bug fixes and minor improvements)

This Music Helper will work well with your DVD convert mkv files.
Beta 5 just released.

- Added new Checkbox Option in the Media File Manager to generate a CSV file of every media file (song tracks) for Music (Audio) and Music Video
- Also for Music if the media file does not have and 'Album Artist' tag then use the 'Artist' tag
- A few performance improvements when scanning media files and copying/deleting files.
- Fixed bug when Copying TV Series seasons

For the beta testers, please use your previous download link (Just copy the new files over existing files)
Beta 8 just released.

- Fixed bug for non-tagged audio files
- If no 'Album Artist' tag use 'Artist' tag
- Always add 'Artist' to playlists songs if the playlist contains multiple artists
- If files are not tagged attempt to get Artist from the folder structure (Audio: \ARTIST\ALBUM\files Video: \ARTIST - ALBUM\files)

For the beta testers, please use your previous download link (Just copy the new files over existing files)
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