Kodi 17 - Xperience1080 6.x

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Thanks a lot!
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(2017-02-07 10:41)xhaggi Wrote:  I've rewritten the entire widget stuff to use smart playlists and "Ongoing TV shows" selects seasons instead of episodes. That's the reason why you can't directly play an item.
Go into the folder "playlists" within the skin.experience1080 folder. There you'll find the playlist file "ongoing_tvshows.xsp".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="tvshows">
    <name>Ongoing tv shows</name>
    <rule field="inprogress" operator="true" />
    <order direction="descending">lastplayed</order>

As you can see, the type is "tvshows" and Kodi selects seasons instead of episodes. Feel free to change the type to "episodes" (see http://kodi.wiki/view/smart_playlists#Types).
I don't care which type we use. Let me know what you (I mean all of you) prefer and I'll change it to episode.

Same issue for me. The easy way to play a ongoing tv show was the main factor in the past for choosing Xperience.
When i switch the playlist type to episodes it will only show inprogress episodes. But id like to have the last unplayed episode of the tvshows i have in progress. As far as i know this isnt possible with the current Kodi SmartPlaylists correct? Any other way of getting back the previous behavior for ongoing tv shows?
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Xperience1080 now supports the AutoCompletion plugin for virtual keyboard.


After you've installed the plugin and type in something within the keyboard dialog you will get up to four suggestions.

[Image: 205pdsl.jpg]
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