Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2019-04-23, 15:05)p750mmx Wrote: @Easy4Breezy, why would you choose for the separate cable connection? Your TV is max 1080p and doesn't support HDR, so there is no real reason to use two HDMI outputs, or is there and I'm missing something? 

Yes that's true, but we also have an HDR TV without 3D and sometimes i watch movies on this TV. It's also an AV with HDMI 1.4, so a similiar setup.
But i found out what you meant, it's working fine now Smile

Except that i can't get mvc3d to work with the newest kodi build and Windows 10 1809, it only works up to Windows 10 1703 and the old build.
TV: LG OLED 910V [1080p/passive 3D] [HDMI 1.4]
HTPC: Shuttle DH270 w Kaby Lake i3-7300/HD630 & Windows 10 x64 Education 1703 [1920x1080/60Hz]
AV: Yamaha RX-477 w 5.1 Canton setup [HD-audio passthrough] [HDMI 1.4]
Kodi: 20171208-6c414ad-msdk_mvc_wip-x86 [1920x1080/60Hz] MVC3D
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