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(2017-06-20 10:14)jurialmunkey Wrote:  @Alanon - re: Caching. You are missing a condition for this in Includes_Furniture.xml for Furniture_TopBar. Prior to Krypton when the video was caching it would pause so it didn't need a separate condition, but in Krypton it doesn't set Player.Paused when caching and so needs its own condition - i.e. Player.Caching

In line 1397 & 1421 you need to add a condition for Player.Caching with the other player conditions. You might also need to add something similar to the seekbar in Includes_Window.xml


<visible>[Window.IsVisible(home) + ![Control.HasFocus(9001) | Control.HasFocus(9101)]] | [Window.IsVisible(DialogSeekBar.xml) + [Player.Caching | Player.Seeking | Player.DisplayAfterSeek | Player.Paused | Player.Forwarding | Player.Rewinding | Player.ShowInfo | Window.IsVisible(DialogFullScreenInfo.xml) | Window.IsVisible(musicosd) | Window.IsVisible(videoosd)]] | Window.IsVisible(DialogBusy.xml) | ![Window.IsVisible(home) | Window.IsVisible(DialogSeekBar.xml)] | Window.IsVisible(script-script.extendedinfo-DialogVideoInfo.xml) | Window.IsVisible(script-script.extendedinfo-DialogInfo.xml)</visible>

Many thanks to the both of you! That's exactly what I was looking for. Now the top bar pops down and displays Cache 0% in the top left when it's buffering. @jurialmunkey: I've been watching your development of Fuse Neue, and I'm very impressed by the design and the way the user interface works. You are truely a master in the art of skinning.
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(2017-06-20 21:33)Alanon Wrote:  @jurialmunkey: Wow, amazing catch! I swear, it's like you have all the code in your head!

Hahaha. After 3.5 years of working on a skin you get pretty familiar with the code! Seriously though, I remembered being stumped by this for quite a while after the switch to krypton and originally I just thought it was a weird quirk with my setup (because it was working in Jarvis)
-- I could see that you were going down the same road, so I thought I would save you some trouble! Wink
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Just a heads up for the 2.4 update:

1. The music library has been overhauled, the artwork provider is now Skin Helper. For that to work, Library/Artist/logo.png; and Library/Artist/Album/disc.png have to be used.

2. The skin now supports Artwork Beef as the artwork handler, you can find its documentation, methods and quirks explained in the add-on thread. The main advantage of this add-on is in its automatic management of movie set artwork and full TMDb support. On the other hand, there are no movie thumbs, and there are other specificities. Either way, Artwork Downloader is still fully supported, this is just an additional option.

3. To remove a bug, the backup/restore now calls the add-on directly, so there will be a different interface, with a few more clicks, but overall I like it better.

4. The update contains a lot of fixes, some of which might have introduced new ones. So be on the lookout.

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