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I'm trying to embed a Dialog Popup Window, which I can open from my Home Screen and by pressing one of the Label Buttons, different Scripts will be executed.
The only thing I cant get working is, that there is no backgroundcolor. I created a custom-data.xml which I could open with following content:


<window id="2345" type="dialog">

When playing around with the backgroundcolor tag, there is no change on the dialog window background itself.

Then I tried the python version with the Dialog Class which would be nice because it looks like a "real" popup with a closing option in the corner. But here I didnt found a way to embed a label with an onclick attribute Big Grin


dialog = xbmcgui.Dialog()
ok = dialog.ok('Test', 'This is an test.')

Does somebody know, why I cant change the background color of the window?

Thanks in advance Smile!
I'm pretty sure colors have to be either named (in the colors file or one of the system names) or a hex code.  '0' is not a color.
(2020-06-25, 11:37)oytschi Wrote: When playing around with the backgroundcolor tag, there is no change on the dialog window background itself.
From the skinning manual:-

Specifies whether the window needs clearing prior to rendering, and if so which colour to use. Defaults to clearing to black. Set to 0 (or 0x00000000) to have no clearing at all. If your skin always renders opaque textures over the entire screen (eg using a backdrop image or multiple backdrop images) then setting the background color to 0 is the most optimal value and may improve performance significantly on slow GPUs.

Setting to 0 makes the window effectively transparent and you can see the previous window through it.

I think most skinners / skins just use a fullscreen image control to clear the screen

<control type="image">
I was tyring backgroundcolor attribute with 0xFFFFFFFF and 0xFF000000 but with the same result.
The idea with the black image as own control is a good idea. I'll give it a try thank you!
backgroundcolor tag only works for non-dialog windows. It won't work with a dialog, because dialogs by their nature have a transparent background since they are overlayed on top of the current window.

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