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Full Version: [RELEASE] Movie Set Artwork Automator
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I run a latest Gotham/head build.

My Video DB is "xbmc_video78".

Automator's setup for:
grep DATABASE.*= ./addons/script.moviesetart.frodo/lib/database.py

But, when I start XBMC, and exec Automator's "Update video database with latest movie set artwork", it fails with a dialog:

<class 'lib.mysql.connector.errors.ProgrammingError'> 1049 (42000): Unknown database 'xbmc_video75'

It appears to be attempting to connect to the Frodo-specified version, 75, rather than the correct v78 for Gotham.

Bug? or an additional/changed config required?
This add-on really should ditch the direct SQL in favour of JSON, certainly for Gotham. If this add-on is no longer supported maybe it's time for a fork.
(2014-04-05, 14:00)Cocotus Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-04-03, 13:46)andyd Wrote: [ -> ]I gave it a try and it doesn't seem to help. Unless I'm supposed to do something in order for the addon to scan? This is an example of a folder...

Alien Anthology \ Alien
Alien Anthology \ Aliens
Alien Anthology \ folder. jpg

The defaults should pick it up?
Don't know, personally I use single folder config (all movieset art in one seperate folder, where images are named like i.e. Alien Athology-poster.jpg, Alien Athology-fanart.jpg )

K thanks. I guess I'll wait for someone to comment that is using my setup. I'll set it manually for now
So no one uses my setup + gotham?
Hello Andy

This is my file set up


and this is how it looks, after I use the add on



This is just from a test installation I am running at the moment to work out the best set up for me

have you checked the add on setting to make sure the names match ?

Thanks! I switched to poster now they are all picked up. I thought folder would work but switched to poster after seeing your images. Thanks for that
(2014-04-06, 19:34)MilhouseVH Wrote: [ -> ]This add-on really should ditch the direct SQL in favour of JSON, certainly for Gotham. If this add-on is no longer supported maybe it's time for a fork.

I had always planned the direct DB implementation to be temporary until the JSON API supported updating movie set artwork. Thanks to your prod I checked and found that it went in late last year. So I have updated the script to use DB for Frodo and JSON for Gotham and above.

Sorry for the delay...
Excellent thanks trentf - will give it a test and report back! Smile

Edit: v0.2.2 works fine (on Gotham)! The database updates are a little slower than before (testing on a Raspberry Pi with remote MySQL on HP N36L) but that's to be expected with JSON - hopefully the performance of JSON database updates will improve significantly in the future (for instance, see discussion here). At least now this addon is more or less insulated from future database changes, great work!
I'm so very sorry.. I'm pretty new to this stuff (and old too Wink )...
Two questions:
1) Does this add-on work even if I'm using AEON NOX or other skins? My issue is that, when using the ShowCase style, when I first click into a collection, the very first thing displayed is the ugly back-folder icon, then my movies off to the side in their nice artwork. In the background is the aeon nox default background images. Will this add-on let me use a poster or fan art instead when I am focused on the back-folder?

2) How come this has to be downloaded and side-installed instead of being in the Add-On list in xbmc?
I use aeon nox and it works for me

Edit. I meant mx5

1) This addon works, yes - it correctly assigns set artwork to the media library. Whether "it works" with skin XYZ depends entirely on whether that skin is accessing artwork the way it should - if you have a problem with a skin contact the skin author. Always test with Confluence to rule in/out a skin problem.

2) This add-on isn't in the standard repository - would be nice if that could happen but also requires jumping through a lot of hoops so potentially a great deal more work for trentf.
Is there some tool that automatically groups my "set" movies into a common folder? That would make this much more useful for me, personally. At the moment, I just have one main movie folder that has all of my movies in it, with, for example, The Godfather and The Godfather II in separate folders and no parent "Godfather Collection" folder. It'd be great to find a tool that could automate the set grouping so that the set artwork downloader works!
@ ratzfftoya

you can just use one seperate folder for all of your movie set art work instead -


Besides this is not a downloader it uses the art that you have already down loaded. You can use something like tiny media manager etc to download your movieset art work (logo's at this time still need to be done manualy)

@tjoe this is with Nox 4.1.9



I see, interesting. Man, I wish set artwork could be scraped automatically. It's strange that Gotham scrapes enough metadata to understand that it belongs in a set, but doesn't grab the fanart, as well.
You're not going to have a ton of sets. You can get images from themoviedb.org for like 10 sets in less than 15 minutes
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