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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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We do not offer support for VPN's. That is a 3rd party modification and outside the scope of this forum. Kodi does NOT need a VPN to operate.

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Hi there,

great forum here !!!!!!

My question:

Iám using Openvpn on Windows with a provider. When I turn Openvpn on and connect to a vpn (for example in Swiss), does it mean when I turn on Kodi, that it´s using the VPN in Swiss too ?

So there is no need for the URL Resolver or to use Openvpn in Kodi right ?

Hello @supkod

Unfortunately we provide no support for VPN's. That is a 3rd party modification outside the scope of this forum.

I would suggest contacting the Help Desk of your provider.

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Is there a good OpenVPN add-on available on Kodi?

Came across this one   https://brianhornsby.com/kodi_addons/openvpn   but it's not for Android.  

I'm looking for one to run with Kodi on Fire TV.
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I connected my firestick to purevpn, but wasn't able to stream via kodi addon because of geographical restriction.  I tried adding kodi vpn add-on for purevpn, but that is not allowing me to connect any country. 

Am i doing it correctly? Has anybody tried this before?
VPN is not an initial requirement for using Kodi, moved the thread to the Off-topic section.
Consider who you are paying for support in this scenario, compared to who you asked...

I often travel abroad and I would like to watch the Netflix from my contry through a VPN. But the playback aways fails when a try to use a VPN service. Is this a a intentional limitation added by the developers of the addon?


We provide no support for VPN's. Kodi does not need a VPN to work. If you are choosing to use a VPN, then that is a 3rd party modification and outside the scope of this forum.

I suggest you contact your VPN provider for assistance.

I am trying to setup a VPN client on my Kodi Box via Open VPN.  I already use a VPN provider called F-Secure their product is called FreedomVPN.
When I go to configure the VPN on Open VPN I have had to select the VPN Provider as "User Defined".  I am not sure what my username and password is as my desktop app just autologs me in.


Read the first post in the thread
I'm using libreelec with VPN manager. It uses up and down scripts to control Iptables. Does anyone know what id need to do so I can access kodi web server behind the VPN? I want to use the google home addon but port 8080 is needed. It works great without my VPN but the VPN stop connections to it. Anyone know what to do with the Iptables? Ive looked at guides on iptables but it seems a bit to over my head for me. Any information would be great sa this is doing my head in. Been stuck on it for weeks.

This is the default script that comes with openvpn manager:
iptables -F
iptables -A INPUT -i tun0 -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -i tun0 -j DROP

Also the address on my libreelec box is openvpn runs on the box.
VPN is not a required service for Kodi to work. Therefore, any discussions/threads on VPN will be moved the Off-topic section of this forum.
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