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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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No, Kodi and KoRe work just fine on their own. If there is other or outside software/hardware involved, it's basically "not our problem".
As per VPN policy, this thread will be moved to the Off-topic section of our forum.
That’s a question for your VPN provider, not us.
There are a lot of users with this concern.. but mostly are those who are getting into unofficial addons. There are thousands of repos which are giving away unofficial addons. Hence the concern to use a vpn with it. TV Addon guy started this whole fiasco. Read it on a lot of websites including some of the removed that people should use a vpn irrespective of using official addons or not. Using a VPN is a security measure and it does not always means users are about to / or is doing something "fishy" that requires a vpn. 

Main concern to use a vpn with kodi is to unlock geo-locked content mostly. 

I used to use a vpn with my kodi setup initially when I didn't know much about official and unofficial addons. Then I came to this forum, talked to different guys here, read a lot of stuff and it cleared my head. Though, I am using a vpn with different streaming devices but it does not necessarily means I am doing something unlawful. 

People are curious about kodi and the use of vpn with it. 

Read tweets, check facebook groups.. this concern is everywhere.
@Harley Ben - this is a friendly warning - we do not allow advertising or promotion of VPNs here, such as the link you included. See the VPN policy (wiki) for details.

In any case this entire thread is redundant and has been closed.
Hi all
not too sure where to paste this, so please no flames if the wrong place
up to a few months ago I was using kodi on ubuntu 16 on a ARM SBC
I started to find that more and more when starting a plugin , both official and un official 
you could select what you wanted to watch and the dreaded demux failure would occur, often after a few attempts it would eventaully play.
I'm in the UK and the use of a VPN is solely to get around geolocation restrictions in the USA..
This got really bad and I updated the OS to ubuntu18.04 and Kodi17.6, and been pulling my hair out.
I have now identified the problem, but not sure if there is a solution.
I use ipvanish and have tried servers in Atlanta, Chicago and New York, if I turn the VPN off I can use stream from Crackle and other addons
If I use a UK server sometimes I still get a problem.
Even with a fresh install today with just kodi on the wee computer turning the VPN on to a USA server allows streams on the wnbc addon, but they stall after a few seconds, 
but with VPN on I get demux failure on nearly everything.
So is this a ipvanish thing , or over zealous blocking of streams going to vpn servers.
With the vpn on to the USA even trying to update the ubuntu system fails to download.
, that shouldn't happen as its just a secure tunnel from A to B
Is anyone else seeing this 
(2018-10-01, 19:59)Richard-g8jvm Wrote: [ -> ]so please no flames if the wrong place
Sorry, but it is in the wrong place as per our VPN policy (wiki) which you should read.
This thread will be moved to the Off-Topic section of our forum, where only technical talk will be allowed.
Should you have a problem with internet access and need VPN to circumvent certain situations, then you are out of luck on this forum.
Problem still exists? Same here, Win10, Kodi 18, VPN Manager, IPVanish. Opensubtitle IP blackout?
Our current VPN policy (wiki) applies now - as Kodi doesn't need. a VPN to operate, we do not support such usage here.

Thread moved to off topic
On retropie using kodi 17.6 if you connect with WiFi with a vpn up address is hidden. But if you use an ethernet cable your real IP address is displayed in system information. Please help to fix this problem.
We are not a VPN support forum: VPN_policy (wiki)

Moved to offtopic
I just purchased a VPN to use with Kodi. I'm hearing different ways of setting this up. Can I just install this on my laptop that is running Kodi?
I don't think you can talk about VPN's on the Kodi forums. Also, you are not in the correct forum section.
Thanks for the update. I didn't know this was a rule.
(2019-01-12, 18:26)tomcu Wrote: [ -> ]I just purchased a VPN to use with Kodi.
Please note our VPN policy (wiki).
Thread moved to the 'Off-topic' section for now.
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