@archie456 You can press Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen or use the Snipping Tool in the start menu.
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@archie456 where you able to figure out your issue? if it wasn't what we thought, please post your solution for others.
If someone's post helps you out, click the thank user button.
No unfortunately not, I'm open to any ideas that anyone has...
I've been struggling with this issue, and want to post the following in the hope that it might help someone, or at least give some ideas.

Thanks to posts #23, #24 in this thread for pointing me in the right general direction. In my case it was a combination of invalid file paths, and invalid database entries. setup is currently MP 1.15 running on Win10/32bit. my database is MSSQL2014 (Express Edition)
My clients are MX2 boxes running openelec with recent-ish versions of kodi (jarvis edition I think)

In MP I had changed all of the paths in TV Server Configuration/Recordings to UNC Paths, as described above. I also tried removing a space from the directory name in case that was the issues (changed Recorded TV to RecordedTV - but it wasn't the issue) however, I noticed even after I made that change, MP would keep putting the space back in, even though that directory with the space in it's name now no longer existed. weird.

At any rate, that didn't make any difference - as before, everything worked fine, except for the thumbnails. but upon checking the kodi log described above (post#23), I found it was still trying to connect to a local path, and not the unc, (I'm a DBA by profession) I went poking around the database (Recordings table) and I see that the filenames column is not updated with the UNC path - it still has the local path.

I tried updating the database manually, and while it fixes the thumbnails, kodi now displayed everything as a flat directory, and none of the titles would seems there's more to it than just this. (I've since had an afterthought that I may have run into case problems - windows doesn't care about case, but linux usually does, but that's just a thought, it may or may not have been a problem)

So, finally, I did this:
1. I created a new directory - I called it TVRecordings - and created a windows share for it. (\\servername\TVRecordings)
2. I moved my recordings from old directory to the new directory I just created and shared.
3. I truncated my recordings table in the database.
4. I reconfigured MP to use my new unc path - \\servername\TVRecordings
5. MP now presented me with a list of titles to be imported into my database - which I did successfully.

Voilla. it now works - thumbnails and all.
I guess the key thing if doing a fresh install is to create and use unc paths from the outset, particularly in these situations where server and client are on different boxes. MP seems to have a hard time "forgetting" original settings.

finally, I'm not saying you should poke around in the database and truncate tables, you can break things very easily if you're not careful. this is just what worked for me, but if you do, make a DB backup first.
Great stuff! I'll give that a go.

Can you give me a little more information about point 3 - truncating the recordings table - and how you did this?

3..Truncate - it simply means to delete the data from the table while maintaining the structure of table itself. In the case of MSSQL which I am using for my database, it's simply "truncate table dbo.recording"

If you're using something other than MS SQL the command may (will) vary slightly, you'll have to look it up, though it's all sql so it should be similar. also, take a look at your tables, see whats in there.

if you don't have a sql management tool HeidiSQL is free and multiplatform. it works with MSSQL, MySQL and others.

I dont recall what db platforms mediaportal supports.If you happen to be using mssql as I am, then microsofts SSMS is excellent, but of course it is specific to MSSQL...and I'm getting waaaaaay off topic now.

I stress again, make a backup first...deleting data from tables can break things and cause inconsistencies big time. test first on a test system if possible.

good luck !
OK, thanks for the info... I think that's a little beyond my abilities...

Now that you've found the bug, I'm wondering if you can submit a bug report, maybe the author can fix the issue sometime...(I'm happy to submit the bug if you don't want to, but you probably know more than me).

Thanks for your help.

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