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Full Version: [RELEASE] myTV - TV Guide Script (with pluginsnew script)
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ok. this started of as a simple idea "i'll recreate a sky style tv guide for xbmc ..." which, probably cos its only my 3rd ever script, took me longer than i imagined.

it was originally written to just use data from bleb.org, but inspired by the modular approach demonstrated by scripts such as ooba and flexibrowser, i rewrote it to allow the data to be collected from any source by the use of your own data source module.

as it happens i prefer the data that comes from radiotimes, but i've included both bleb and radiotimes datasources modules, with the package defaulting to using radiotimes.

this script displays the collected data in sky timeline horizontal bar layout, but also allows direct navigation by using 3 lists. channel / day / time.

theres usage instruction in a readme file in the package (and in script header). the readme also gives details on how to write a datasource module. if you've got a site that you'd like me to have a ago at writting a datasource module for, let me know, i might just do it for you.

hopfully, its releativly bug-free (does such a thing exist?), but if its not i can blame my beta tester mates for that Wink. mail me i'll endevour to put things right.

so, if you've read this far, you can find it at
xbmcscripts (once made available by the site hosts - sometime over the weekend maybe?).


ps. please use v1.01 (when added to site)
great script. well done :thumbsup:
brilliant script.

hope you don`t mind i`ve changed the colour scheme to match the default skin.


thanks b4tm4n.
looks cool - will have to give it a go !
does it match the pm3 skin ?
i think so, what do you think ?
yes - it does, sorry ;-) missed that.

could only get version 1 from xbmc scripts, and am getting some random hangs (nothing in error logs unfo.) - but its a really cool all in one script, rather than having to run things on the host gateway eg..

just some ideas... :bowdown: - after a 1st look...

how about an autostart script that checks if online, and background dowloads the tv listings ?, it might just be that i was using for the 1st time tho.. (or just background downloading when running ?)

the program info is really cool - but how about it appearing in a standard dialog box ? - i guess it depends on skin etc..

well, i think tomorrow i'll be changing my homescreen to get this to run from the menu rather than go through scripts Smile

cool script !! congrats !!
i've no objection to anyone creating their own skin. i can understand trying to maintain the pmiii look n feel, but i just wanted to throw a bit of colour in, which is why i took the orange theme (as per the radiotimes site).
the blue buttons are obviously from the sky bars, if anything you might want to brighten up the 'focus' button to make it more distinctive.

not sure what the norm is for releasing alternative skins. should i include it as part of the default mytv package. or do they get seperate releases, then ppl can take their pick ?

anyway. glad you liked the script. i'm hoping to add some new features when i get back from holiday. eg interactive channel manager and some other stuff.
the  'focus' button looks alot better on screen when its flashing.

look forward to new features when you get back.

cheers b4tm4n.
wow man looks great!! im at work right now so i cant test it on my box, couple questions for ya though. is this a uk tv script only? or will this work for us yanks too Smile if not i was wondering if you could add support for zap2it.


first you put in your zip then you select your provider. that way you get the correct listings if you have cable or satelite etc etc.

if you can access the tv listings from the site (html scrape or xml ...) then it should be ok for you.

give me a valid zip code so i can have a look at the site.

do you know if it offers xml etc ?
im pretty sure it has xml. here is my zip for ya Wink 95928 if you could get this to work that would be great. it would take care of everyone in the states. we have zero tv guide scripts (except for the xml tvguide). like i said a menu that would allow you to input your zip then pick from a list of local providers would be soo damn cool :kickass:
whats your provider ?
directv Cool
ok, as a registered user of the direct data feeds that zap2it provides, and there are already python functions that will fetch the data, its just a matter of interpretting the data into channels and programmes.

i'm going on holiday for a couple of weeks so it'll have to wait, but if anyone a way of interpretting the xml data already, please let me know.
just a question before trying it and try to add a french tv program ;
is there a reason for hard setting your home path for the script ?
because i use the os.getcwd() command to get the actual path where the script launch...

ok, now i'm going to try it and to adapt a french data source.
see ya