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Full Version: [WIP] Glass
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Dear fmronan / mikebzh ; I know I am double posting but wasn't sure the other thread is active anymore hence posting here where you guys will have a better chance to review this , if not I will withdraw / delete the post with apologies .

Hello ! I have been trying my best to get this RSS working but am really stuck ,
I have installed 1- rss client background 1.0.6 via passion 2=rss client standalone 1.0.5 via passion, rss engine . Have used rss editor and have a working feed. here are the problems :
1- Rss Client opens up and displays feeds but cannot exit out of it , have to shut down xbmc.
2- how to get the RSS widgets ? unable to customise . I have tried in Aeon Nox GIT, Glass SVN, GlassNox ,unable to
3- pieh / fmronan Anyone who has got this working a step by step would be really appreciated PLEASE !
(2011-04-04, 23:04)fmronan Wrote: [ -> ]thanks very much I can stream radio now


script rssclient is in the last rev 144 of influence

fmronan could you please do us non tech guys a favour and do a step by step tutorial in how to get this working in glass / any skin , would really appreciate the effort.
thanks Tongue
any response ?
I don't use RSS Sad

I hope than Fmronan can do a little tuto.
thanks mike .. wait for fmronanSmile
thanks fmr , using the thread from passion..I have got some of it working, just need to get some custom feeds and check , thanks
thanks man will definitely try that,

Really loving the Skin -- it's totally cool. I am having two *minor* issues I was hoping to get some help with. When I start xbmc I get a totally black screen (I did turn off the preview movie) which goes away once I press an arrow key, or esc, or enter... How do I get rid of the black screen to get to the good stuff when XBMC starts? The other question is how do I use get a smart playlist to be used for auto playback. When I select the option I run into two problems - 1. any playlist I select doesn't get selected and two (as I am using linux) I can't navigate to the directory that smart playlist are stored. Is there a way to change the *default* directory to match up with that directory?

Thanks in advance,
I just installed Glass and I like it so far.

While "playing" with the skin menu options, I turned on the Tactical setting so now all I see is the digital clock and the current temp in the top left corner and the date in the top right.

I can hear clicking as I arrow around but I cant see the menu.

Can someone tell me how turn off the tactical setting?

Found it in guisettings.xml
It was tactile.. Edited the xml from true to false and it's back
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