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Full Version: Unnamed/Sports Center - Sports for Kodi
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Ahh nice!

Now lets hope the league tables add up Big Grin

Other sports are definitly a work in progress for league tables, every sport is different
Just updated it to version 0.0.17 on the repository. League tables are implemented for league "plotview" (the screenshot I posted above).
The full tables I think I'll implement in a different dialog since it seems you have this data for different seasons and this also allows me better control over different sports.
Calendar dialog is also made but still the python stuff to finish Smile

Still cant get it to install for some reason from the Repo. gets to 100% downloading then just dissapears.

Also get a addon structure incorrect if I try to install from zip from github.

Twitter and the module install fine.

EDIT: Ahh works now I installed the feedparser add-on dependency manually

EDIT2: Wow! how much work!! Smile Only small comment is on the fixtures screen, maybe surround the date and time in brackets like this "14 MAR (2 Days)". Oh and change text for "Latest Match" and "Next Matches" to "Latest Events" and "Next Event"
Yeah lately for some reason there are a lot of users reporting they can't get some dependencies that are on the official repository. Probably high server load I don't know
This is working for me Smile but it will not run on the default Skin. Also i am using this on the Latest OpenElec verion
It will at some point. Its WIP.
any chance this will work in Aeon Nox by Phil65?
Livescores dialog is almost done. Here an example with the liverpool game:


Still the controlprogress missing, seeking help with that here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=221497
And also the threads to update the information on screen

Hope that in the future we can also get this info from the bbc livescores addon since the data it gets is much better than this one.
(2015-03-15, 22:21)francovilar Wrote: [ -> ]any chance this will work in Aeon Nox by Phil65?

Couldn't even find that skin. Found the github and tried to install it but it gives a dependency error. It looks that the skin is WIP.
Since it is based on nox I guess that's fairly easy to port but I'm not really interested to port this to skins that are not in the official repository. If the skin is concluded, ask the developer to submit it to the repo.
It is so hard to install/find that the motivation to port anything to it just vanishes.
But aeon nox is originally developed by phil65 at least i think so
(2015-03-17, 23:30)redglory Wrote: [ -> ]But aeon nox is originally developed by phil65 at least i think so

Yap I think he is the original developer of aeon nox (4?) or in other words, the original aeon nox. But I couldn't find the skin (usable) for helix. I guess It can be installed if you install other 3 or 4 dependencies but this hassle drastically reduces the userbase.
I'd get the main features stable before looking at any other skins. It takes away development time from the cool features Smile
What you guys think of the concept? Anything you'd change?





Looks awesome, only thing I might change is the date format and spectator format.

Date: 14 March 2015
Spectators: 42,000

Its just personal preference though.
Hum, should be fairly easy to do that Smile I'll do that and then move to the line-ups
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