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Full Version: [RELEASE] Movieplayer.it scraper for Movies new version (Italian)
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Wellcome to the Movieplayer.it scraper for movies thread.

This scraper is able to download all the movies informations it can find on the movieplayer.it site, including:

- posters
- fanarts from wallpapers, promotionals and scene pictures
- actors thumbs
- plot (trama)
- tagline (tema)
- outline (sintesi)
- premiered
- rating and votes
- trailer
- director and writer
- genre
- year

and also form other sites:

- TMDB posters and fanarts
- MPAA, studio and ratings from IMDb

With the recent XBMC Dharma builds, the scraper has become and addon that can be downloaded and updated directly from xbmc, but for quicker updates and for older versions of xbmc you can find download links at the bottom of this post.
You'll need to paste the content of the zip in the scraper folder "metadata.movieplayer.it" in your xbmc (the position of the folder depends if you are using xbmc as portable or not).

09/07/2011 - Almost completely rewritten: Bing is now the default search engine, all the infos by default are taken from movieplayer.it the user will enable the other features.
Many, many fixes.....
07/03/2011 - Fixed Google search results.
13/02/2011 - Fixed studio's logos retrieving only one studio from imdb.
25/10/2010 - Fixed Trailers (it was deleted by mistake)
23/10/2010 - Adjusted the MP search, but Google engine is better and more reliable as it doesn't need the exact movie name. So Google is the default again and we don't hammer MP site either. Fixed the .nfo url too (tnx to Spiff)
14/10/2010 - Finally added the movieplayer.it own search (they removed the base64 encoding). Added one option in settings for Google search and another one to get just one or more Posters from MP. Added Polish Translation. The version bump now to 1.1.0
28/08/2010 - Reduced Movieplayer fanarts to just the ones in the summary page to improve speed, not anymore wallpaper, foto di scena etc, because they are in the summary too.
27/08/2010 - Modified the search string to have more and better results from google (yep it finds more movies now!!)
10/08/2010 - Created git repo for both movieplayer scrapers, and fixed some minor things for Dharma
29/07/2010 - Fixed Plot because of another site code change.
20/07/2010 - Small optmizations for better results; slightly mods to plot, tagline and outline; some small fixes for Xbmc Dharma
18/07/2010 - Updated to match the latest changes to the site (again)
21/04/2010 - Updated to match the latest changes to the site
05/03/2010 - Added Fanart collector and fixed Actors bug
04/01/2010 - Improved the Google search adding the "Year" to the "CreateSearchUrl" and "sorted=yes" to the "GetSearchResults"
02/01/2010 - Removed "Cimi's" search and left only the Google one.
04/12/2009 - Fixed TMDB Fanarts and Thumbs broken due to Camelot beta changes in "common" folder
20/11/2009 - Added option to retreive up to 4 pages of results from mp.it it' will take longer obviously.
17/11/2009 - Added staright MP search (tnx Cimi for the great help), still possible to use Google search enabling it in the scraper settings.
16/11/2009 - cleanup of results title names for future XBMC filtering of duplicated entries (r24674 )
15/11/2009 - fixed "outline" problem with the Rapier skin, it actually contain the plot and not the curiosity anymore.
14/11/2009 - changed search url with myown google custom search to have more results
12/11/2009 - changed method to retrieve the IMDb ID and the so the MPAA, studio, rating and Fanart
09/11/2009 - added scraping of MPAA, studio, and ratings from IMDb (enabled by default, if disabled it will retrieve thos from movieplayer.it but the datas will probably be unusable by skins that use MPAA and studo icons)
04/11/2009 - added download of TMDB Posters and Fanarts and fixed their selection in settings

Enjoy. Smile

Download the up to date movieplayer scraper for movies from Git Repository

or the older version for xbmc 9.11 Mediafire folder

Link to TV Show scraper thread

and TV Shows Git Repository download link

...and for last if you'd like to buy me a beer Tongue ...
work like a charm.
Now ill go on test on it!!
This is really nice !
Only thing off, this resource provides odd-low resolution, 4:3 fanarts (which look so bad in xbmc)

Is there a way to get data from movieplayer.it AND cover-art and fan-art from other resources, like imdb ?
Here you go a new version that download Posters and Fanarts from TMDB (check first post).
I'm still working on it so for now you need to disable Fanarts from movieplayer.it in the settings and enable the TMDB one to get it to work properly.
Enjoy Smile
Ok I got them fixed now Smile
This is great news ! I'm going to try later today !

ps: is this going for your tv-series scraper too ?
Tried it !

Worked GREAT with "Apocalypto" (italian and original title are the same), italian informations, hi-quality arts from TMDB...
you're getting there, man !

Did not work as intended for "Angeli e Demoni" (original title is Angels & Demons)

I did a few tests, my guess is
- if a file has the italian title, fanart won't be find on TMDB
- if a file has the original title, it won't be found on movieplayer.it

The solution I'd suggest (if technically possible) is:
1 - search movieplayer.it for the file title
2 - (get data, art, etc)
3 - get the original title value (try search for "Angeli e Demoni": on the right, the original title is provided).
4 - get the year
5 - search TMDB for the original title and year found in step 3+4 (to reduce false positives)

This should be all the MAGIC we may ever need for the ultimate italian scraper.
What do you think ?
It already search for the original title, the year is not used yet, anyway the problem with Angels & Demons is the & that was missunderstanded by google, i got it fixed now using urlencode="1" Tongue
The initial search is also improved now having just one result per search.
Link in first post is updated.
Ok I got the search for Original Title + Year working and this time it search directly on Imdb.com (we don't need google anymore to look into Imdb).
We need to find out which site is better for our (italian) searches between Imdb.com and Imdb.it
I'll try it in a few minutes !

BTW ...
Quote:notice that TMDB Posters will be the last in the list and they will be in english, for Fanarts you'll have to choose between TMDB or movieplayer source as they cannot be added sequentially like for Posters (xbmc limitation), so I suggest you to use movieplayer for italian movies and TMDB for all the rest.

1 - Would you consider to write to XBMC developers to ask for a solution to that limitation ?
2 - Is it technically possible to add a prefix (HQ) to the art fetched from TMDB (high quality) in order to help newbies to realize how the scraper works ?

I think those two points could move the scraper forward to an official merge with xbmc itself... which would be great
Tried it !

By far the best added value for xbmc italian users !

Apart from my above 1 and 2 points, I've noticed it's missing the studio info (New Line Cinema, etc)
Not really something I can't live without, but maybe it's good to add (to make it easier to be added in default xbmc scrapers)
The studio info should be already in there, which movie is missing it for you?
I still have also to fix Ratings and Votes because i missunderstood how they work, movieplayer.it use them differently from Imdb.
If you find more problems let me know, tnx for your replies anyway Smile
Glad to help!

About Studio icons,
A couple of examples:

Angeli e Demoni and Apocalypto - no Studio icon showed (with IMDB scraper it works)
Animanera - Studio Icon showed (Medusa)

Can't wait for your latest fixes and on-par renewed TV Shows scraper...
I'm waiting this to completely re-organize my library Nod
This is what i got in PM3-HD for Angeli e Demoni:

As you see I got Sony Pictures as result for Studio, I didn't even know there was the possibility to retrieve the icon of the studio, what skin are you using?

About the Tv scraper, it's not so easy as i thought because Fanarts for tv series are available only on tvdb.com and that is something completely new for me.
Just one note about tvdb.com, is that it already have the possibility to retrieve the infos in italian and the language override option for banners is working great too; the only small issue with tvdb is that it doesn't find all the series because of the italian title.
I'm using Aeon Showmix. Alaska too.

Both have the ability to show the studio icon.
Later I'll see if - in the informations screen at least - the studio information is retrieved as text.
If so, the next step would be: how show the studio icon, given the studio information ?

I've tried your suggestion for TV shows... that's quite satisfactory. Thank you for the hint!
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