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Full Version: Picture Slideshow Screensaver
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nope that did not happen on my end as far as i recall.
Almost one year and no solution offered. I have confirmed all versions of Kodi 19.X have this bug and 20.x as well. I even tested Kodi 21.0 "Omega" Beta 2 which does the same.

Do I need to report this bug somewhere else?

(2023-12-28, 00:18)n326595 Wrote: [ -> ]Almost one year and no solution offered
You need to clarify what solution you need. It can't be what I reported as that was only last month, so which problem is it?
I tried to reply to a post I madeĀ #1,056 onĀ 2022-03-12, 18:42. I apologize for the confusion.

From what I can tell the label on the left is made up of the Title and Subject.
love the addon. can it be made to pause a slideshow? don;t post much here (thats how little trouble I have with kodi on 2 nvidia units over last 2.5 years) so unsure the protocol about asking for feature request stuff.
nope, such a thing is not possible. as soon as you press any key, kodi will exit the screensaver... just like you'd expect from a screensaver.