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Full Version: WeTek Hub - 24p HD Netflix - HD Kodi Audio - 10bit HEVC - Lollipop - 4K
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We keep our fingers crossed. Many of us (play2 owners) can't wait for something new for play2 from @WeTek. Hub owners can play with new MM from some time and now with new great @Ricardo rom based on it
(2017-05-17, 10:44)Vlaves Wrote: [ -> ]Finally Android TV ROM 2.0 has been released for the Hub Smile Smile

Here are some of the major points in this release:
  • Added back the HDMI-CEC language option to HDMI-CEC settings and disabled it by default No more automatically switching to Korean
  • HD audio passthrough works correctly in apps like Netflix, Plex etc
  • DTS-HD is automatically downgraded to DTS if your AVR doesn't support it (except in Kodi)
  • Dolby Digital Plus is automatically downgraded to Dolby Digital if your AVR doesn't support it (except in Kodi) This way, people can still enjoy Netflix in 5.1 without a supported AVR
  • Improved playback in Kodi and other apps that change the refresh rate
  • Don't do HDMI renegotiation everytime we switch channels on "Live Channels" or skip a video in SPMC wth Amcodec
  • Xiaomi Mix Box remote works out of the box, including the power button (mic doesn't work yet)

Thanks ricardopvz also from here for this great work you have done Smile

MOD Edit - had to correct the Android spelling in the title, it was hurting my brain reading !

Looking forward to trying this, thanks!
@masterchief , it's 2 weeks after you wrote soon very soon for MM for play2 and still nothing? Any Eta? Hub owners can play with MM and @Ricardo Atv mod from long time

Final tests being made Wink

I would like to launch it today, but i Can't Big Grin

You can always send me link for test :-) Now I back from work and I can play with it little bit :-)
Does android running suffer from the 1 gb memory of this box?
@wrxtasy I have recently purchased and flashed LibreElec 8.0.2 to sdcard but it appears auto resolution switching is not working. Have you or anyone else got this problem? Refresh rate is switching fine.
It will be something obvious like....

Trying to play a 50 or 60fps 4K video file when you have accidentally connected the Hub to a HDMI 1.x4 Port on your 4K TV / AVR.

HDMI 1.4 is limited to [email protected], so when you try to play a 50/60fps 4K video file it will output at 1080p only and you will get no Auto Resolution switching. This annoyance has caught me out more than once Wink

Go into Kodi Settings > System > Display > Resolution and try and set 3840x2160p 50 or 60Hz.

Some other HDMI connected devices may be interfering with the HDMI EDID handshake as well.
Thanks @wrxtasy.

I already have the resolution on Kodi set to 3840x2160p 60hz and my TV is showing the same.

Problem is when I play a 1080p file, I would expect it to auto switch the resolution down and let the TV upscale to 4k but the TV still reports 3840x2160p and only the refresh rate is changed 30fps.
You have it a bit backwards for optimal picture quality.

Leave the Kodi interface resolution set at 1080p 50/60Hz

Let your 4K TV do the 1080p > 4K upscaling when you play 720/1080p video. The TV will produce better quality upscaled picture outputs using it's superior upscaling Hardware vs the Hub.

Then when you play actual 4K video, LibreELEC will Autoswitch the TV Resolution so 4K video is actually output at 4K. Stop video and you are back at Kodi's 1080p graphic user interface.

Kodi will not Auto switch to a lower resolution, ever, on any device.
(2017-06-01, 13:27)wrxtasy Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi will not Auto switch to a lower resolution, ever, on any device.

^^^^ That explains it then Smile

I don't think I have seen this point mentioned anywhere on all the forum posts I have read, or it simply didn't sink in Tongue
New update for WeTek HUB

WeOS 3.1

Here's the changelog:

- improved DRM playback
- improved 4K playback
- improved Auto refresh rate system for Kodi
- Update WeOSLauncher
- Update WeTekSetupWizard

- Update Kodi to 17.3
- Update Aptoide
- Update Google Apps
- Update file manager

On WeTek Hub to be able to update, please head up to We.Update and start downloading the new update!

I can't find the option to disable Automatic Refresh Rate switching in WeOS 3.1, has this been removed?
It's done automatically by Android 6

(2017-07-04, 11:18)MasterChief117 Wrote: [ -> ]It's done automatically by Android 6

Thanks for confirming MasterChief. Unfortunately it didn't do a very good job of it for me & I had to switch to ricardopvz's Android TV v2.2 ROM, which is working fine. WeOS refresh rate switching was all over the shop & practically unusable in apps other than Kodi. But switching the ROM has solved it Smile