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Full Version: XBNE - Metadata/artwork editor for the video database
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A data editor for Movies in XBMC:
V21.0.0 available.
- Frodo/Gotham compatible
- TAGs management
- DiscArt,ClearArt,...management + FanartTV.
- SQLite & MySQL Database management
- Passion-XBMC, TheMovieDB, ImDB Scrapers
- Actors Thumbs
- Search trailer on YouTube & Trailer Addict
- Automatic rename file or/and Path
- Xtreamer compatible
- Boxee & MyMovies.xml compatible
- Automatic research of files moved.
- Network synchronization management
- Customizable renaming
- XBMC remote by HTTP
- Sets management
- BookMarks management
- Export HTML list and / or Movies with choice of model (with HTML tags)
- Management Play Count and Last Played individually or in mass.
- Import/Export Excel File
- Resizing Thumbs
- Resizing Fanarts
- Extract picture of movie with black & blur detection
- Stacked files management
- ExtraThumbs, ExtraFanarts, DiscArt management
- Automatic moving of the files in a single path
- Database connection XBMC through the HTML server (For XBOX)

Now in English and French
Install Downloads

Edit directly XBMC Video DataBase: Advantages: all changes to the data of a film, summaries, genre, label, fanarts ... are passed directly into XBMC without having to reload the film.
Reads and writes files Nfo.
Download info and Fanart at TheMovieDb.org and / or Cine-Passion.
Management Genre (edit / delete / image)
Artists Management (edit / delete / image)
Management of video files (rename / search / move)
Management & research Trailers (trailers)
Automatically checks for new videos
Download (scraper) of information in mass
Wow cool. I'll have to tinker with this when I get off work. Don't have xbmc here. Oo
Wow, awesome!

Thanks for making this!
Xbox Compatible?
I don't now, I developed with Windev for Windows.
The databases should be the same, but for seamless xbox compatablity you would need ftp support.
This looks promising, but for the love of everything that's holy get help from the community on the English translation. (The right mouse button menus aren't even translated btw.)
Sounds great am downloading this now and test it later tonight thanksSmile
The 5.03 is online: some corrections and better English syntax, I hope Big Grin
AHH YEAH!!! I've been waiting for something like this. You are the man, Vincent!!! Thanks so much.
excellent finally a way to add actors to a movies nfo without having to open it in a text editor and type everything in.
trying it out now ill let you know how it goes Smile

doesn't seem to work for me in either win xp 32 or vista 32.
i can view info but it will not allow me to modify anything and unfortunately i cant read french so the tutorials posted aren't of much help Sad
normally, XBNE goes with xp and Vista, I would make an English tutorial as soon as I would have a little spare time.
Great application works fine on windows xp pro sp3 though some parts still need translation from french to english. But on the whole it works well and is far more flexible than any other media manager i have tried, thanks for this and i hope you continue improving itSmile
Btw, all it installs to my start menu is an unnamed pdf in french (no program shortcut).
"Multiple Editions" = Edit multiple items. (multiple editions means something different entirely)
Same with:
"Multiple Research", should be something like: Scan for new
Since = from in the context you are using:
Load info from nfo files
Load info from the XBMC database
Recover= Download?
Skip the "the" in the various options
"Force the recovery of the Tumbs and Fanarts" should be something along the lines of Force download of thumbs and fanart

Right mouse menu items are still not translated.

"Use to you XBMC"?
Thanks a lot for your corrections.. I will upload them in the next version.
V5.05 available, some corrections…